How Big Is Your Sign?

By Ted, Washington

I was in a bit of a quandary during my morning contemplation which I did in the visitor parking lot at work today. I was hired recently to work at a tech job some 110 miles from home. I enjoy the work and the co-workers. But the 220 mile round-trip commute is very tiring and leaves little time at night to get anything done before going to bed.

But the real issue is not the low pay and high cost of the commute. It is something else inside me. So, I asked the Inner Master for a sign if I should stay with this job or leave it.

I got out of my car and began to head to a hiking trail on the ground of the company where I work. Upon entering the next parking lot, I heard crows calling in alarm mode. I saw three of them and two glided to a tall lamp post. The combination of the crows calling and the lamp post meant the Sound and Light.

I knew “The game was afoot” as Sherlock Holmes would say. But totally failed to get the waking dream message. Suddenly, one of the crows swooped off the lamp post and darted right at me cawing loudly. He narrowly missed me. Worse, he did this three more times until I was out of range. And then he and his buddy lit upon a nearby lamp post and cawed repeatedly at me until I was well out of range.

I did my walk and came back. I made it through the parking lot where I had been heckled by the crow. But I entered the parking lot of building 10, where I work, and the crow screamed at me again. Two more times as I headed to the entrance and the shelter of the overhanging roof. The crow was no fool and lit upon the upper corner of the building where he could see me. I decided to test the theory that the crow was actually trying his hardest to tell me something and stepped back into the parking lot lane.

He wasted little time in swooping down at me cawing with a vengeance. But I just did not understand what it was he was so intently trying to tell me. And I love the birds no matter what kind, especially crows.

Another symbol greeted me at the doorway as I was admitted into the building. A small, golden maple leaf lay upon the floor just inside the entrance. But what did it mean?

At the end of the day another hint came to me when my supervisor surprised me by saying it was 4:30 p.m. and time for me to go. But I had taken an hour lunch with him and so had to stay until 5:00 p.m. to get my 8 hours in. When I told him this, he said it was okay because I only took a half hour.

I wasted no time and left earlier than planned.

Suddenly all the symbols hit me as I drove home. The crows swoop when chasing something away from where it should not be. Wow! That woke me right up.

The golden leaf represented that the crow had given me a golden key of divine love. And my supervisor in letting me leave early was a sign telling me it was okay with him if I left this job earlier than expected.

I read in Michael Avery’s wonderful ECK book about waking dreams that the number 10 symbolized the completion of a cycle of life. I knew something was going on when I interviewed for the job and it was in building 10, where the tech lab was.

Because of all these loving symbols from the ECK, I know it is time to leave this job even after just two weeks. And it is likely time to leave the computer tech field.

Last week, my first week on the job, I asked for a symbol so big and easy to understand that even I would comprehend it. I wanted to know if I should try a writing project that had been opening within me for the past few years. I said if it is to be then make the symbol blue. And if it is a false nudge that moves me, then make the symbol red.

Upon returning from work last Tuesday I saw a mammoth billboard with a single sentence whose words were written in black except one, the word “BIG” which was blue and in block style capital letters. The sentence read “How BIG is your sign?”

I thank the Mahanta for sending the crows!


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