Molly and the Great Unmovable

DSC02149By Harold Klemp

For years my wife and I shared our home with a little dog named Molly.  Eventually she lost her sight and hearing, but she was still filled with love—and she was still every bit as stubborn as a puppy.

Molly’s goal was to understand the great unmovable, which happened to be our library bookcase.  We had set a protected area in the living room where she could walk around.  The walls were foam-padded but the front of the bookcase was not.  Yet Molly toddled along so slowly that she really couldn’t hurt herself.

As soon as she got up from her bed, she headed straight to the bookcase, and for some reason she proceeded to press against it with all her might.  We were not sure whether she wanted to shove it over or if she was trying to absorb all the wisdom she could from the books.

Her technique was to position her head against the front of the bookcase and push at it until she couldn’t push anymore.  Then she just stood there like a bull with his head against a wall.

But she was not ready to give up yet.

Walking around to the little space at the side of the bookcase, she’d brace herself against the wall and press her head against the enemy.  Then she’d push and push until she was practically standing on her head and rolled over on her side.

Every time Molly fell over, she got right up and began to walk around in tight little circles, just as we do when we’re trying to get a mental grasp on something beyond our comprehension.  Once she got her bearings again, she lined up for the next attack.

We all have lessons to learn in life.  It’s better to work smarter, not harder.  I think Molly’s lesson in this lifetime was to learn how to back up.  My wife and I can’t remember a time when she ever did.  I don’t think it was in her to do it.

Since animals are Soul, they too are learning spiritual lessons.  They too are on the journey home to God.

Excerpted from Animals Are Soul Too!

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