The Australian Schoolteacher

ECKANKAR, ECK Parable, Waking Dream, Holy SpiritBy Harold Klemp

A teacher in Australia had finished a particularly rough day with her students.  She taught French to children ages seven or eight.  Because it was hot they were unruly that day, and she couldn’t do anything to maintain order in the classroom.

A citywide train strike was on that week.  Instead of taking a ten-minute train ride home, after school let out that evening the teacher had to get on the bus and ride for several hours.  The buses were very overcrowded because of the strike, and there was no air conditioning.

Sitting near the front of the bus, the woman mulled over what had happened during the day.  Inwardly she seethed.  How difficult the children had been!  Her thoughts went round and round as she got angrier.

Suddenly the bus driver’s radio crackled as a communication came through.  Another driver was calling the command center.  “The needle on my heat gauge is going up and up,” he said.  “What do I do?”

The command center radioed back: “Is it in the yellow or the red zone of the heat gauge?”  Over the radio came the answer: “It’s in the red.”  “Well, slow down,” the voice said, “so the bus can cool off.”

The ECK, or Holy Spirit, was sending a message to the teacher through the Golden-tongued Wisdom: “Hey, cool down, take it easy.  The students were unruly because it was a hot day.  And you’re going to need more patience to get through the rest of it.”  She didn’t get the message, though.

A little bit later, the bus arrived at a corner.  The driver was driving pretty quickly, trying to make up time.  But three students were standing out in the street, so the bus had to slow down as it swung around the corner.  “Some people won’t move even if you drive over their toes,” the driver grumbled.  He stopped the bus and gestured to the students, who stepped back onto the curb.  Then the bus took off.

Again the ECK was telling her, “Give up your anger of the day.  Back off.  Let it go.  Leave it in the classroom; don’t carry it home with you.”  But she still couldn’t hear it.

When the bus driver put on his right-turn signal and began to make a right turn, a car came up on the right side and tried to squeeze past.  The driver of the bus and the driver of the car both stopped.  The bus driver leaned out the window.  “You’ve got to be joking,” he said to the driver of the car.  “Can’t you see the signal?”

Finally the ECK teacher got the message.  “You’ve got to be joking; can’t you see the signals?” the ECK was saying to her.

This is a very simple example of the waking dream.  This sort of experience goes on in your life every day.  These things pop up to help you through your day, through your life.  But you need the awareness to let you know when and how to listen.

Excerpted from Stories to Help You See God in Your Life, ECK Parables, Book 4.


6 Responses to The Australian Schoolteacher

  1. Bonny Audu says:

    These messages are very softly dropped into us. More reason to always try to be inline with the Holy Spirit moment to moment so that we can better receive these messages. Reading stories like this also confirm the presence of the Mahanta. Thanks you for this experience

  2. Johm Bassey says:

    Beautiful and wonderful ways we are taught by the ECK daily but we keep missing the point. We learn how to be the HU on moment to moment basic so that we can tap into this vast resources of the Holy Spirit.

  3. Brian Meek says:

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful story! It is always good to hear and see that we all our bound together by the ECK. Such love!

  4. Kirk Williams says:

    Very nice story that reminds me to look and be aware that the ECK is always trying to point to lessons in our waking dreams as well as our sleeping ones, I am grateful for this story as a good reminder of this truth.


  5. Peter Akpokodje says:

    Woah Harji. Such wisdom.

    My experience recently was a waking dream. I needed to submit a form and had to meet a deadline. In an effort to get to find an available express mail service on the campus of an institution, I saw two ECK youths having a discussion class. I waved at them from afar. It was an amphitheatre they were using and required one to climb to the top. After unsuccessfully achieving my goal, I thought to get outside the campus and try to achieve it though the time was limited. Again I saw the ECK youths and this time they were about 5. I climbed up to met them, shoke hands and told them next time as I was in a hurry though I was excited seeing them. Then off I went back to my car and tried to drive off quickly to achieve my goal. I was a bit tense and thought to cool down. So I took a deep breath and looked at my phone emails. There was this interesting email from my wife. It had been a hotel reservation she forwarded to me and it read, “Come back to us.” Geez!!! I finally caught the message and made a u-turn just outside the campus and joined the book discussion class on the ECK Booklet: Spiritual Wisdom on Karma and Reincarnation. I also realized there were other creative ways to achieve the goal, if need be.

    Now I had an insight from the experience that Soul comes into this life to achieve a set of goals. Those who have met the Mahanta in the past or are ready make an effort in this incarnation, this theatre of life, though the time is limited. The Master is always with the student of life giving help and blessings. But Soul’s goals take It on many other courses where it learns about karma and sometimes It comes around, checks the ECK programme which to me is in simple terms facing your true self in life, and says maybe some lifetimes later. But the call of Soul from the Mahanta is always there to all Souls… that was my Golden-tongued Wisdom in the waking dream, to come back home to the heavenly worlds on the fifth plane and beyond while aiming for Co-workership with God. One only has to yield. Thanks Z.

  6. Eugène Didier HOUNTON says:

    Très bonne leçon de vie et de l’esprit saint. Amour en ECK.

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