The Blizzard of a Lifetime

By Elisabeth, Austria

I found myself in a situation that forced me to confront my fear.

It had started snowing heavily in the morning. And when I was driving home from University in the evening, the snowstorm raged hard. Carefully, I started my way homewards on the icy roads.

The storm hit 100 km/h and the blowing snow intensified.

The road I had planned to take was closed by the police. I had to use the detour that would take me a bit longer. I slowly reached the next village and the next traffic jam—another car crash and another closed lane. The poor policemen looked like snowmen. I followed the second detour, crawling with my car towards the edge of the village.

Ahead of me was a longer part of the road that was completely exposed to the blizzard. Suddenly the cars jammed up again and I had to stop, a huge truck was in front of me. The snowstorm raged and the squalls made the truck sway heavily. Terrified, I watched it being shoved aside right into the heaps of snow on the side of the road. The driver tried to wriggle his vehicle out of the snow. But the more he floored the gas pedal the more his truck jack-knifed. An inner nudge prompted me to pass him. Otherwise, I would stall and presumably stay overnight in my car. I pushed the horn in order to warn the driver and carefully managed past this obstacle.

Then I realized that I had entered the worst part of the story.

Visibility was zero. The blizzard had built up white walls. And I could hardly recognize the edge of the road. As slow as a snail, I piloted my car. The howl of the storm was so loud that I couldn’t hear my radio any more. Then another truck that had been blown into the field beside the road, blocked my way again. Patiently, I waited to let the oncoming traffic pass by—one blurred headlight after the other. Due to the dense snowfall, I couldn’t even see the drivers’ faces.

All of a sudden a squall hit my car and started to move it across the road towards the snowbank. Horrified, I realized that my car would crash into the truck next to me.

Quickly I started to sing HU. Focusing on the HU, I imagined the storm being the powerful sound of the ECK. I imagined Wah Z, the inner form of the Living ECK Master, sitting on the passenger seat next to me. While singing the HU, I inwardly saw a vision similar to a navigation system: The roads leading home were shimmering in a bright blue light. This was confirmation from the Mahanta that I would be able to drive home safely without further severe troubles. I opened my eyes again and all of a sudden the storm calmed a little—just enough to stop my car.

Bravely, I drove my car past the crashed truck through the snowdrift. With the confidence that the Mahanta would guide me safely through the white hell, I managed to pass several crashed cars.

Half an hour later I reached my house safely.

This experience was a waking dream for me. The journey of Soul homewards is full of diversions and distractions (traffic jams). Locked in my car (my state of consciousness, my situation), I was fighting against the inclemency of life (the blizzard). It was only when I dedicated myself to the guidance of the Mahanta, I reached home (God) safely.

I am so grateful for this precious experience.


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