The Master’s Help with Health

By A chela, Washington

About two weeks ago, I had two TIA experiences–a harbinger of likelihood of having a stroke. Upon visiting my health care provider, I was truly shaken to find that my blood pressure was sky high. Before this, I had always had low blood pressure. Tests were taken and I was to await the results to see what the course of action would be. I was scared as it seemed I had no control over the situation.

In the interim, I was advised to have my blood pressure checked at the fire station several times a week. I had the nurse who lives next door check it the next day and it was even higher than before!

The day after that I drove to the fire station and a very nice young fireman checked it for me, and again it was even higher. He told me, as had my health care provider that stress is a major cause of high blood pressure. He asked me what I had been thinking as he was taking my blood pressure. I said, “I was wondering how high the numbers were going to be, of course.” He told me to think of something pleasant and he would take it again. I began to inwardly chant HU and focus on the Mahanta. He took my pressure again and said, “You’re on the right track. Whatever you are doing, keep doing it as it is dropping.”

Golden-tongued Wisdom, indeed. I knew in my head that my thoughts, repressed anger, etc., were not good for my health, but to have it so graphically demonstrated was something I apparently needed to literally have driven into my heart.

That night as I lay in bed, I began worrying and stressing about my health, knowing that as I was doing so I was probably raising my blood pressure. I turned it over to the Master and had the most amazing experience. I was telling the Master all about my worries and issues and was listening and he began to smile. The smile became a very big grin as I continued to fuss and pretty soon he was laughing. This took me aback, but I began to smile, too. I could feel the big smile on my physical body as I lay in bed. Pretty soon I was laughing, too.

But I continued to tell about my worries and soon I could see a whole group of ECK Masters there and they were all laughing. This was side-splitting, tears-down-the-cheeks, rolling-on-the-floor laughter. I hadn’t experienced this kind of laughter in years.

I realized then that by focusing on my stresses and worries, I was not enjoying or living life to the fullest and certainly couldn’t be a very effective channel of the ECK. The laughter brought me into the moment and into loving life. I am so very, very grateful for this loving experience. The Master showed me in a later contemplation that I have access to the Blue Light to help in healing.

By the way, the next morning my blood pressure had come down significantly from the day before.


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