How Dreams Can Help Us

John V Autumn_7By Harold Klemp

Q: How can our dreams help us?

A: Dreams are like a daily report card. They show how you are doing in your spiritual mission, even if you don’t know you have one. Dreams tell how you are getting on in your relationship with God and life.

There is a spiritual side to every experience or event, no matter how large or small, and whether or not it occurs in every day life or in a dream.

But—and this is a big but—few people have the spiritual eyes to see.

Most people are in a daze but don’t know it. They have hardly any idea about their life in the higher spiritual worlds while their body lies asleep at day’s end.


Excerpted from Youth Ask a Modern Prophet about Life, Love, and God.


6 Responses to How Dreams Can Help Us

  1. Carol Cameron says:

    Since I joined Eckankar in late 2001, I’ve relied on my dream journaling in all concerns. Can’t imagine going through life without the insights I receive this way. Feeling so blessed by that.

  2. Rick Boatright says:

    After working with my dream life for many years as an Eckist, I see as much symbolism in my waking experiences as I do in my dream experiences. There is a working continuity that serves as a common thread in all of life. Understanding that common thread helps me to grasp the underlying spiritual nature of life itself.

  3. Farideh fatahieh says:

    Very true, dreams guid us, once dear Mahanta not my dream showed me 3 sings to avoid and stop Bing a original with a person who I thought I like him, it helped me a lot and I some how with the help of Mahanta got through it. Thank you Mahanta

  4. Ntomchukwu Ukachukwu says:

    Dreams remain one of the most interesting element of life for me. Just as I prepare to get involved with life out here, I also prepare to get into the inner worlds where a good number of dreams take place. How do I do this? Each time I am going to sleep, which is the instrument for most dreams, I seat quietly to my self and try being conscious of the activities in the wider sphere of my life. This is a spiritual exercise. It increases my awareness level and alertness. Then I leave my physical body to rest while taking the field of activity over to the higher state, the dream state. I enjoy my dreams a lot.

  5. Helga Hoffmann says:

    Dreams have been my guide even before I became an ECKist. But now I know that it is God or the Mahanta who talks to me in my dreams.
    My dreams tell me everything, am I doing good or stand still. They help me to recognize my Karma and how to dissolve it in the dream state. How to serve the Mahanta in both the inner worlds and the physical world. Dreams are my gateway to the heavenly worlds.

  6. Peter Akpokodje says:

    Knowing that God loves me, always gladdens my heart. Sometimes life, the best school for Soul, seems unfair. But we only need the spiritual eye to see the grand play, the greater picture. And know that help is near.

    If one sees life as a school, then dreams can be the textbook which you can study to do better (i.e. live life more fully in service and love).

    Dreams guide my life and I am most grateful to have a Dream Master and Teacher. Thank you Mahanta.

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