My ECK Seminar Transformation

By Corey, Georgia

After returning from the 2015 ECK Springtime Seminar this year, I felt like a completely different person. I’ve never felt the Mahanta’s presence so closely, ever! I realized that all of the events that make up my day have been put there for a reason. Sure, I need a job so I can afford to live, but why this job? Why do I know these people? I had this new sense of knowingness that my only real purpose is to serve God. Every person, place, and thing that makes up my world here on this physical plane was put here in order to help me grow and so I would have the opportunity to help others grow.

I suddenly feel that when we have this understanding and are willing to allow God to work through us, we don’t need to do anything except go on about our daily lives knowing that every single thing we do throughout the day is for God in some way or another. Every single thing we do throughout the day is a part of a plan. All the events of our lives work toward some ultimate goal intended to help the whole find their way home to God.

My first night home from the seminar, I walked into my house and was greeted by my roommates and dog Anna. With the most overwhelming feeling of love I bent over to give Anna a hug. I spoke inwardly to the Mahanta saying, “Mahanta, I feel your love so strongly right now. Everyone should get to feel this way all the time! Do you think Anna feels this too? If not, can she? I don’t know if this is allowed, but if it is can you allow some of this feeling to flow through me to her?”

Then I felt it—the love flow, the flow of the ECK. Only a second had passed yet I felt like this was one of the strongest feelings I had ever shared with another Soul. My roommate was also close by, perhaps only one or two feet away. He suddenly said, “Corey! Can you move over? You’re making me burn up!”

I did not understand how he could feel my energy and I actually didn’t feel hot at all. I asked him what he was talking about and he explained that there was a heat radiating off my body. There was no question in his mind. Somehow, he was certain that I had become like a blast furnace—like what is used to melt steel. After a moment or two, he said I was causing him to sweat just by being in the room. He was so adamant that I was burning up, I asked him to touch my forehead and he agreed that my skin did not feel hot at all. I was certain he was sensing this love I felt, the ECK flow that I carried from this beautiful seminar.

My second day back I fell right into a deep conversation at work about inner guidance and HU with the office administrator. She was describing a form of inner guidance in her life that she had felt but did not know what to call it. She said that she wished there was a way to tap into this power intentionally instead of randomly experiencing it every so often. I told her that ECKANKAR teaches about inner guidance and there is actually a book written about this. She was eager to buy the book to start reading. She asked me, “Is this what that HU thing is all about?” I had previously told her about chanting HU and said, “Yes, when you sing HU on a consistent basis it raises your awareness so that you are able to recognize and understand what your inner guidance is trying to tell you. It’s always there trying to guide us but sometimes we just don’t know it.”

She was extremely inspired after this and she told me she wanted to start chanting HU on a daily basis. She had heard about HU from me during the last three years. Suddenly, we were able to have this in-depth conversation about it. I felt my consciousness flooded with love and awareness.

The weekend after the ECK Springtime Seminar, I am still feeling something that I cannot put into words. It’s not as strong as the day after I returned, yet I still get clear flashes of this awareness. The best way I can express it is that everything is the ECK.


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