Set Free

By Judith, United Kingdom

Many years ago my younger brother, who is an ECKist, introduced me to the love song of God, HU. At that time, I was very sick. When I slept I had fears of the encounters I had in the dream state. I’d be chased around with spears and arrows. Now, whenever I sang HU, I’d have a peaceful night sleep.

Then on my second month of doing the spiritual exercises, I asked a question which went like, I want to know if this is the right path for me to find God? Then went to sleep.

In my dream on the second night, I was entering a departure hall. Then I checked the time on the central screen and I saw boldly written in blue on golden, yellow background, “ECKANKAR ECKANKAR ECKANKAR.” A happiness day in my life! The day I was set free.

This experience taught me, when Soul is ready, the Master is always there to show each and every Soul the path to become Co-workers with God.


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  1. deanna strahl says:

    I just wanted to say that I recently purchased an Eckankar consecration book because the adult in me has been very emotional and angry at people and things close to me lately. I believe the Soul Plane is about self realization about becoming better as a humane being on this earth not just in the other worlds which of course, we all, as Eckists know exist. Anyway, about being free, I am hoping that after reading this booklet that the child, the parent, and the adult will be more free and I like this blog a lot!

    May the blessings be.

  2. Bi Veronica Ngwa says:

    Thanks so much for your enlightenment and advice Peter.
    I will go within as advised and possibly share my experience with all…after all we are here to learn and to share love.
    May the blessings be.

  3. Peter Akpokodje says:

    @ Bi Veronica Ngwa, Thank you for your post.

    In my opinion, the Dream Master is not the Master for the non-ECKist who has not given permission to the Master for dream guidance. It would be a violation of the spiritual law of non-interference. Now having said this, I expect naturally, people would ask others they know can be of help especially when their guards are dropped either here or in the dream world. As such, help can be given by the recognition of the true source of help.

    Much of the dream worlds is like a playground for Soul to gather experiences and work out karma i.e. bonds. The karma lords or distributors do not only guide the destiny of many here, but in the other inner lower worlds. The Mahanta has the ability to help Soul work off Its karma in dreams and to me is the best administrator for the love and grace bestowed. But I know that I still have to travel the adventuresome road.

    Someone once wrote that he saw a big giant scary machine. On a closer look, it was a windmill he saw in a dream/inner experience. The question is, can we accept truth for what it is? Are we ready to accept the truth of ourselves and why we are here?

    But the best answers I have come to realize are the ones you discover for yourself when you go to the temple within where truth originates. So I encourage you to ask the Mahanta or your inner guide with an open heart of love and curiosity and you never know, an inner experience or a knowingness may come your way.

  4. Moses B. Nduekhe says:

    Dreams are very important. They are a very useful resource for knowledge as well as wisdom. Getting very uncertain about the use of my personal word after taking a cartain level of ECK initiation. I wasn’t so sure it was just the right word. I felt i must have mistaken it for another returning to physical consciousness. I wasn’t using the ” WORD” since i had my doubts. Then the Dream.
    On the the inner plane i saw a little boy running towards me and haned me a tooth brush. On the face of the brush was written the personal “WORD” i picked up during the initiation rite which i wasn’t certain was the right word for me. I started using it henceforth. Thanks to The MAHANTA for that inner experience which turn out to be a very useful source of information.

    Moses N.



  6. Lucille Grooms says:

    Looking forward to answer about non eckist and dream master in posted ?

  7. Bi Veronica Ngwa says:

    According to the ECK teachings, dreams are soul´s visits to the heavenly worlds, and there is a Dream Master who weaves our dreams, I guess depending on our spiritual or karmic needs.
    My question is, is it the same dream master who weaves the dreams of non-ECKists? If No, who does? And if yes, of what use or significance are the nightmarish dreams some people, especially non-ECkists experience.
    Thanks for sharing your views about this and for enlightening those of us who still have night marish dreams even after knowing and using the beautiful prayer-´The HU´ for several years.

  8. Henry Koster says:

    Decades ago, when I first joined Eckankar, I experienced a few dreams I would have once called nightmares. However, it became apparent in the weeks following that certain karmic issues were playing out. The thing that amazed me at the time, having just learned of the sacred sound of HU was that the several life-threatening situations that I experienced in those dreams were dissolved instantly when, in the dream, I began to sing HU.
    Just as interesting was the fact that I would awaken, free from any stress or trauma. No shaking, or reliving it. The HU seemed to wrap up the incidents and seal them off. I was set free!

  9. Muana Kasongo says:

    I like this blog, and think it is a right place to share some spiritual experiences with chelas and seekers from all over the world.

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