Why Am I an ECKist?

By Nancy, Alberta, Canada

I am so grateful that my husband joined Eckankar in 1992. At the time I worried he was joining a cult, but my faith in his judgment and my love for him allowed me to let him follow his path. I read the books he purchased for nine years and by year six I knew that I would one day join.

In 2001 I had an inner experience and knew it was time.

I look back on the fourteen years since I began my journey in Eckankar and I am filled with gratitude for all that I have.

The inner peace I have found since joining Eckankar and the courage to face down the fears that held me back have allowed me to build a life built on a firm foundation. I now understand this life and the challenges in it were of my own making and in understanding this I am able to accept the difficulties with love and grace.

My gratitude is for the Inner Master and the many ECK Masters who guide me and have opened my eyes.

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  1. Linda says:

    Dear Children of God and Lovers of truth,

    I am an Eckist too and I’ve been for 32yrs. To me, finding Eckankar has been my greatest reward in this lifetime?.
    The path of ECK is a path that has taught me so much both physically and spiritually. It taught me total responsibility for all my actions, thoughts and utterances, because of the Law of Karma (action and reaction or cause and effect).
    The Law of reincarnation (birth and rebirth) also made a lot of sense to me, because as a child in primary school, far back in the 80s, I used to wonder why God that was nothing but unconditional Love, would create man and still create a bottomless pit of blazing fire in which Its beloved creations would return unless they were born again. No second chances? Yet in school, if a child failed, he was allowed to repeat, not condemned forever.
    As young as I was back then, I knew something wasn’t right. I used to ask that if I was created in God’s image why should I die, if God couldn’t die? God was always portrayed in negative characters I was told as a child were wrong, like; jealous, anger, attachment, etc. Yet God that was Love had these qualities. And I was also confused as a child why God should create everyone, yet have favorite – making It a highly partial God.

    It wasn’t until I found the path of Eckankar that all my questions were satisfactorily answered, because I came to know and appreciate God with other qualities, like wisdom, freedom, love and power. I then got better appreciation of myself as Soul; a divine spark of God, imperishable, indestructible and I share the qualities as my Creator.
    Freedom from spiritual granulation is another benefit I gained. I was open to as much practical knowledge of myself, my past incarnations, the inner world’s, dream world and soul travel experiences, etc as I was capable of assimilating, provided I gave back to others through love and service.
    It was the path of Eckankar that taught me to pay attention to both my outer and inner experiences and have absolute trust in my inner and outer Master; the Mahanta, the Living Eck Master.
    It was Eckankar that explained better to me the role of the Sugmad (God), the ECK (Holy Spirit) and the Godman (Mahanta) and their relationship with every soul in form.
    Eckankar is a very rich and interesting path. I have never regreted becoming an Eckist, because it made me a better person; both physically and spiritually. The interesting part of Eckankar is that you can test for yourself to know if the teachings are true or not through your amazing daily inner and outer experiences with the light and sound of God. You’ll then move from believe to knowledge.

    Talking about Eckankar and its benefits to me are inexhaustible.

  2. MOUYA Stanislas says:

    Traduction your comment in french.

    Je suis un chela de eck parce que je suis, Dieu m’aime, je suis la doctrine eck, les principes et la discipline eck, je suis l’√©tudiant permanent du MAHANTA,
    May blessing be.

  3. Iradukunda Oscar says:

    Hello! I’m a proud to be one of you, but it’s difficult for me because I’ve forget somewhere I can apply a conversation with others. So I try apply spirtuals exercises and reading your stories on internet, thanks.

  4. Nancy Hall says:

    Love is the reason I am an ECKist.

  5. Bi Veronica Ngwa says:

    I am an ECKist because I have agreed this life time to take total responsility of what I have caused for myself and other souls in the past.
    The path of ECKANKAR proved to me with no doubt in the early 2000s, through my personal experiences that It can help me do this, and then ride me straight and safely back home.
    The question as to WHEN; I am trying hard to do it the shortest time possible. But I wish it happens this life.
    The HOW of it; ECKANKAR has unlimited tools to help me and any other interested individual work with….HU SONG being the most wonderful one, good and free for all to try.
    Thank you Wah Z for this opportunity to know who I am and why I am here through the ECK Teachings.

  6. Paula Flint says:

    I am an ECKist because it answers every question I have ever had! In fact, it gives me answers to questions I don’t even know I have until after I see the answer! ECKANKAR walks it’s talk to the minutest degree. Sri Harold is an awesome Wayshower in the physical through seminars and in books. He is a masterful Wayshower in the dream state as well. It is impossible to adequately put my love for him into words, so I will simply spend the rest of my life demonstrating the truth it teaches.

  7. Peter Akpokodje says:

    I am an ECKist because (to me) it is the only part of divine love and total responsibility. There are other paths but only one which is most direct.

    Eckankar makes sense to me, even at a tender age when I would spend time asking our beloved neighbor questions or have thoughts of avoiding life’s responsibilities.

    I am grateful to my dad for following his inner nudge and the ECK book at his workplace toilet. Recently I told him how grateful I was he joined Eckankar in 1991 and he responded; we all agreed to be ECKists in this lifetime.

  8. Carol Cameron says:

    In the late 1990s I discovered the early discourses/teachings of Epictetus in a small book at my local bookstore. Thinking they were the most wonderful guide for living, I marveled at their insight and clarity. In 2001, I too, found the path of Eckankar via Linda Anderson’s book, 35 Golden Keys, another bookstore find. I became a member in short order. Later, I learned that Epictetus was an early Eck Master in Roman times. The teachings of Eckankar now guide my life. I’m so grateful…

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