A Karmic Cleansing

By Jacqueline, Australia

It all started a little over a year ago when out of so much frustration I applied for another job just for the sake of it. I should have known straight away that it was the ECK in play.

I knew the following day after I applied for the job that it was mine. My partner and I were driving somewhere and in huge letters a sign overhead read “Kiss your boss goodbye.” Funny thing was that he didn’t even see this huge sign. It was only meant for me.

Within two weeks I had secured this job and handed in notice. I thought that it was going to be a great job. I felt quite comfortable moving to a doctor’s surgery where I knew one of the doctors, and had heard many times from her how great the place was.

But from the first day I started, the office manager whom I had to work with did not want me there. She took an instant dislike to me and was determined to make it impossible for me to stay. I, on the other hand, had many lessons to learn but just didn’t know it at that time.

As the weeks passed, I started to see how one’s physical vibrations and attitudes affects everyone with whom you come into contact with. Especially those in close proximity. My behavior and attitudes from my previous jobs were now being reflected back to me through the office manager. In my mind it seemed to me to be magnified ten times worse. It was relentless.

It was getting increasingly more difficult but I would not allow myself to quit. Part of it truthfully was out of fear, but mainly because I knew that if I didn’t deal with this it would follow me to the next job. I was determined not to do that to myself.

Though I continued to do my spiritual exercises daily the situation did not change. I wrote my gratitude journal daily but still nothing. I was very much conscious of how this experience so far had made changes within me. I was more compassionate, loving, patient, and much more humble. What I wasn’t aware of at this time was that I had lost my faith and trust. Over the nine months with no resolution to this situation I had allowed it to almost vanish.

All came to a head at the end of the year when my stress reached such a high level that it manifested into the physical. I now had reached what I call “rock bottom.” I was physically sick and mentally struggling. I continued doing my spiritual exercises daily but my heart was no longer in it. After all these years in ECKANKAR the spiritual foundation I thought I had, was not there. I was not prepared for the spiritual winds that were now blowing, and believe me they were blowing!

A short time later, I was talking with my partner and he said something. In that moment everything changed. I didn’t like what he said and I started to seriously think about what I wanted spiritually. Did I want to be a Co-worker with God? Did I want to move spiritually forward or not? Where did I want to go spiritually? I made the decision that I wanted spiritually to move forward. I started doing my spiritual exercises more consciously and with more focus. Most of all I started doing them out of love with a different attitude.

Within a month the office manager handed in notice. I knew this was the ECK’s doing. I realized that in the months that nothing seemed to change, the Mahanta was resolving my karma. When I hit rock bottom and felt abandoned, that was my test.

I saw that through this year-long experience I had changed and become a more conscious, loving, and better human being because of it. I got a much deeper understanding of Soul and the personality that camouflages it. I learned that my faith and trust needed to be tested in order to strengthen that weakness within me.

I could now recognize what it felt like to be truly grateful and humble. All these things I could now add to my treasure chest knowing I now had the confidence I needed. I had felt the pain and learned so much. I could use this in a positive way.

Could the Mahanta have made these changes any other way? Honestly, no. Maybe it could have happened but how many lifetimes would it have taken?

I now understand even more the words “I am always with you.” It is up to me to recognize it.


17 Responses to A Karmic Cleansing

  1. Sarah Apau says:

    Jacqueline you are not on your own. I’ve been through similar situation. Total surrender and fully trust that The Mahanta is with you. Finding ECK in every situation help me to handle mine. It’s all about spiritual unfoldment and being a co worker with God.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Marcos Muledzera says:

    Jacqueline! You write with your heart and that comes very clearly. Very inspiring!

  3. Carol says:

    Thank you for sharing. What a perfect message. Inspiring me to totally change my attitude for doing the spiritual exercises to – hey let’s have fun and be loved!


    Sometimes it might seem as if the Mahanta has deserted you in times of need, but those times are when He is testing your Faith and Trust in the teachings of ECK.
    Thanks for such an amazing experience.

  5. Holy says:

    Dear Jacqueline, your story reminded me of the last 6 months. I seem to be fine tuning every aspect of my life. The Mahanta has given me many eye opening experiences to show me better ways of manifesting divine love for myself, family, and coworkers.
    Today, on the freeway while driving very slow in rush hour traffic my mind drifted wondering what would be my next volunteer community service adventure. I then saw a very large business truck drive past me with the words, “TEAM WORLDWIDE” Land, Sea and Air solutions.” painted on the back and side of the truck. I laughed and had a friend try and take a picture of the truck. I thought, I did sign up to volunteer at the ECK Worldwide Seminar in three weeks. I guess that will be my next volunteer adventure. Looking at the Land, Sea, and Air Solutions part of the message. I thought, the Mahanta’s talk does bring answers to many all around the world. In person, Via satellite, ad later on DVD.
    I love how we are never alone and that the Mahanta is always with us even when we are moving at a snails pace on the freeway contemplating, grin.

  6. Marcel Dangassa says:

    Thanks a lot Jacqueline! Your experience is so inspiring!

  7. Jackie says:

    From one Jacqueline to another: I loved your story.

  8. Margaret Murphy says:

    Thank you for sharing this story Jacqueline, it is so beautifully told. Also it reminds us of the importance of doing the spiritual exercises even when we think nothing is happening and to do it with greater focus and love. May the blessings be.

  9. Nureni Olaseni Adebesin says:

    Thank you for sharing this experience. It reminded me my own experience at my workplace some years back. It seems as the Spiritual Exercisesof ECK no longer worked even with the Initiate Reports. How wrong I was. The mills of the gods grinds slowly but steadily and surely. Triumph came physically and pink slip came to crown the joy assuring of the ever present presence of the Mahanta at all times. May the blessings be.

  10. Paul Ako says:

    Great revelation of Mahanta’s ever-present Love! Thank you Jacqueline for sharing.

  11. Karen says:

    Jacqueline, thanks for sharing your experience with us. It’s very much appreciated as I can relate to some of it too.
    Thanks again.
    May the Blessings Be!

  12. Zirrus says:

    I am going through a similar karmic cleansing, and had also grown lax in my spiritual exercises. This story opened my heart at a time that the Mahanta has been waiting for me to do so. Like a snake that sheds its skin, I am being renewed.

  13. Lawrence Odigwe Okpara says:

    Thanks for your honest appraisal of your experience. It has helped me understand mine better. What I think saved me was the question “What do I want for myself spiritually. Thanks once again.

  14. Kemi Ramsey says:

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this experience. Your deep honestly and love shine through and have given me much insight into some of my own challenges and attitudes about them. I have been saying “May the Blessings Be” for a number of years now, and yet I am just realizing how many blessings surround us in every moment and how grateful I am for the Mahanta’s patience, compassion and love.

  15. Tess says:

    Wonderfully told, inspiring story Jacqueline.
    Thankyou for sharing with us.
    Sometimes when I say to myself ‘May the blessings be… ‘ the next thought that comes to mind is ‘they already are’.
    All the best to you ☺

  16. Peter Akpokodje says:

    Thank you Jacqueline for taking the time to share.

    I recall some time ago complaining about a previous boss for a while. My twin brother would always refer me back to the Spiritual Exercises of ECK. Those were not the answers my mind wanted but when I did it with detachment and love, I felt uplifted and after a while I moved to another boss. Recently, I got to appreciate this former boss for he could tell me his view straight to my face in a candid way almost in black and white. I appreciated that feedback. And I recognize that the Mahanta, my inner guide, gives me the opportunity to resolve past and present karmic ties (even when my body is asleep).

    One thing I have learnt from your story is the value in recognizing that Spirit is already working in my best interest and the benefit of being committed in heart as Soul to the Spiritual Exercises of ECK. Now that makes it two things. 🙂

  17. Carol Cameron says:

    Jacqueline, I appreciate your sharing this very personal experience. It takes humility to really see and admit these sorts of truth. When I first stepped onto this path, I faced some similar challenges out in the workplace. An empty file cabinet sat near my office cubicle which I used to plug a gap which in turn gave me more privacy as I made sensitive phone calls in a hospice organization. It was some years later that I realized I was working those “files” of karma. When I left that job, I knew that I’d completed and returned those symbolic files and experiences to the file cabinet. The metaphor of hospice was also a clue. Your story really hit home! Thank you!

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