A Little Dog Helps During a Medical Situation

By Kathryn, Minnesota

Many animals have an uncanny way of knowing where they should go to get the help they need. Those with a higher consciousness even know where to go to give to those who need it.

Animals Are Soul Too!, by Harold Klemp, p. 138

A while back, I scheduled an elective medical procedure with a registered nurse (RN). As her medical office was being remodeled, she asked if I’d be willing to have the procedure done at her home office. When I arrived, she was outside, talking on her cellular phone. She gestured to me to follow her inside her home.

Once inside, I met her small, fluffy white ball of fur that seemed to think he was a huge guard dog! As I stood in her foyer waiting for her to finish her conversation, I noticed the dog skulking around her and growling at me.

While my attention shortly focused upon another matter, this little “tiger” attacked me from behind, his teeth gripping my pants leg! He seemed to be trying to pull me backwards towards the door, snarling all the while. Seeing this, the RN abruptly ended her telephone conversation and, with profuse apologies, came to my rescue. She could not understand why this gentle, friendly, caring little dog had behaved this way.

As we prepared for the procedure, the RN explained that she recently had returned from an out-of-state visit with a dying aunt. She, with her dog, had gone to care for her aunt during her last few days. This little dog had never met the aunt who was in a nursing home. She further explained that when she and her dog entered a gathering room in the nursing home, the dog ran directly to the aunt, jumped on the bed, and lay on her chest! With the exception of eating and going our for walks, the dog remained on the aunt’s chest until she translated (died). The RN felt it was uncanny the way her dog had protected this aunt; and, now, she felt the dog’s seemingly opposite behavior toward me was uncanny, too!

Nevertheless, we proceeded into the treatment room and began the procedure. Still growling, the dog remained restless outside the room. As I was given injections as part of the procedure, my body reacted and I experienced an allergic reaction: I became unconscious. I do not know how long I was unconscious, but when I regained consciousness, that little ball of fluff was lying on my chest with its anxious little face right in my face! The procedure could not take place. It took several hours for me to recover and during that recovery time, the dog stayed on my chest. Even after I was able to stand and move to a couch, it jumped on the couch and lay beside me!

In retrospect, I changed my perspective: Instead of attacking me, I believe this dog had sensed that I was in peril! I am very certain that he was attempting to pull me back, out the front door, to safety!

My lesson from this experience is a further awakening of my understanding about the connectedness of all creatures, things, and events—all connected by the golden thread of ECK. In the past, I have reached out and connected with animals; however, this experience was the first time an animal reached out to me! This little dog tried to help me; he recognized me as Soul, another divine spark of God. It was an incredible experience! I am grateful!


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