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ECKANKAR, Animals, Love, Divine SpiritBy Harold Klemp

A woman from Trinidad felt as if her life had gone to hell in a handbasket.  Her marriage had just broken up.  Then her son began using drugs.

Life was pretty hard, so much so that one day, while she was driving to work, tears began pouring down the woman’s cheeks.  She decided to pull the car off the road and just cry.

She pulled up beside a field where young horses were grazing.  Still crying, she got out of the car to enjoy their beauty.

Suddenly one of the horses stopped what he was doing and came galloping toward her.  He came right up to the fence where she was standing.  Then he raised his head and looked directly into her eyes.

An incredible stream of love flowed from the horse to her.

Once the woman understood the gift of love had been passed to her, the horse shook his head, snorted, and trotted back to the rest of the herd.

Animals had often been a means Divine Spirit used to bring love to this woman.  She recognized this was the blessing of the Holy Spirit bringing comfort to her.  It was a gift from the Mahanta.

The woman further realized there is no need to speak love with people, animals, or plants, but just be love.  If you are love, then the person or animal you love will know.

Excerpted from Animals Are Soul Too!

17 Responses to Look of Love

  1. Joseph Dada says:

    Soul as a spark of God is love, so that Soul in human, plants, and animals share that love together.

  2. Bonny Audu says:

    Mahanta’s love is always around and with us 24/7. Our duty is to try to be open to this wonderful love.
    It is easy to overlook this love when we are polarized somewhere else but ECK.
    Just sing the HU…

  3. Becky Osiah says:

    True, Love is all there is to live for!

  4. Peter Akpokodje says:

    @Kathi… Loved your story and the HU cattle experiment.

  5. Teresa says:

    Children and Animals ….the Lord’s greatest gift of unconditional love ….the origin’s begin deep in their souls ….they reach out to us with their eyes, and touch our hearts with pure love….I have gratefully been blessed through their eye’s……

  6. Karen says:

    Wow! A really beautiful story and the stories/experiences shared by all, but especially the one about the cat and squirrel.
    Many thanks to all for sharing.
    May the Blessings Be!

  7. Kathi says:

    One beautiful summer evening I went for a walk around our farm after doing my spiritual exercises. I was singing “HUUUUUU”, out loud as I walked along then I paused by a big pen a cattle. I wondered if any of the cattle, as soul, would recognize this love song to God, so I leaned on the fence and continued singing. The cattle turned towards me and watched me as I sang. None moved. Then, from the middle of the pen one animal pushed his way through the herd to stand right in front of me. He watched me as I sang and when he turned his head, I could see his ear tag number was 001. Number 1. I took this as a sign that this sound, this love song to God, was number one. Perhaps this animal did remember this sound from the other worlds. Perhaps he drawn to the love it conveys. The next evening I tried singing HU again to this pen of cattle, and again, this same animal came out to the front of the herd to look at me and listen to this sound of love.

  8. Anna says:

    Be love- that is beautiful! We are all Soul- so wonderful when we recognize Soul in each of us- animal, plant, or human 🙂 all a spark of God!
    Thank you!

  9. Paul Ako says:

    Again, the simplicity of Love! It requires humility to recognize It. Thank you Z

  10. Dawn says:

    One fall evening I was raking freshly mowed grass at my parent’s home in the country. I took each wheelbarrow full of the moist grass to the fence and tossed it over to the neighbor’s cattle. They all came to enjoy the feast. When I made my third trip to the fence, one of the steers looked in my eyes and held it’s gaze for a long time. The steady stream of love from his eyes filled my heart. What an amazing gift! Animals are wonderful channels for Divine love.

  11. Julie says:

    My husbands cat had passed—he was pure white. Not long after he passed my husband and I were talking in our lounge. I happened to look at a chair in the corner and I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was this pure black cat just laying under the chair. My husband couldn’t believe what he was seeing, that was his cats favorite place. The black cat sat up, looked at us, then lay down and went to sleep. When it woke he went into the dinning room looked out the window at the birds then rushed outside same as my husband’s cat. We had never seen the black cat before and it lives in the neighbourhood but has never come near us again.

  12. Holy says:

    In Harold Klemp’s Book, The Drumbeat of Time it reads, Mahanta Transcripts Bk 10,
    “Love is perhaps the most important thing that exists anywhere. Light, Sound, and love are all one and the same.
    I truly enjoyed the above story. I too have had many amazing experiences with horses growing up on a 750 acre ranch. Animals tend to know love so genuinely, they give it unconditionally, and when I listened to them while riding we avoided many unwanted situations.
    Today, I look back at all my teachers, or gift of Divine Love in my life and many of them were animals.

  13. Peter Akpokodje says:

    I most truly love this story and the responses. It is remarkable all the time I realize the extent the ECK (Holy Spirit) is working for us, for me, as I wade through experiences in life into higher states.
    Sometimes it can really get tough and even rough, but never is it meant to be everlasting or to make us forlorn. We learn to surf the waves of life with many trials and errors and yes there is an easy way. We can also sing HU ( to know why certain experiences come our way and not others. I have always wondered why certain dreams come at night and not others. Now I know a little bit more and must admit; wisdom is great but love is the greatest. The love that makes all things beautiful.

  14. Bi Veronica Ngwa says:

    Thank you Mahanta for the priceless and uncountable ways of giving us love.
    Thank you also for the ability to recognize and feel it.

  15. Moses B. Nduekhe says:

    Wow. What an interesting story. Divine Love can be experienced from unexpected quarters.
    I once visited a friend who had a cat and squirrel living happily in the same house with him. They ate from the same plate. This was strange that the cat never planned to use the squirrel for lunch.
    Often the squirrel would attempt crossing the road but the cat will always bring him back.
    They ran around the house together. Many people who heard about their show of love for each other were always dropping by to witness it.
    A few years after, the squirrel took ill and passed on. The cat was grief-stricken for months. Everyone in that neighbourhood that knew both of them could feel the absence of the squirrel.
    Both the cat and my friend were in pains when the squirrel passed on.
    This was a good demonstration of divine love by two unlikely animals. They are soul too and respected each others space.
    Thanks very much Wah Z for this story about the horse and the woman you have shared.

  16. Carol Cameron says:

    Several years back I had a wonderful and loving experience with a cat named William. When I stayed in his home for 18 months, we became fast friends. He slept w/me most nights. A small bunch of delicate flowers on their stems had been brought into the home and placed in a vase on the kitchen counter. One night William managed to withdraw a stem and bring it to my room. When I awoke the next morning I found it on my pillow! This is one of the most amazing and loving things I’ve ever seen a cat do beyond their more typical expressions of love and affection. If that’s not love, what is…

  17. Johanna Carter says:

    What a beautiful example of love in action. Our minds and thoughts are constantly on and looking for love or trying to explain it. The more that I study these teachings and work with the spiritual teacher – I recognize the gift of consciousness. Soul is, love is and that’s pretty much it. Once Soul experiences Divine love, that’s it. It knows is there. Animals are wonderful teachers of love in action!

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