The HU Works!

By Onoriode, United Kingdom

A friend of mine recently went through a very traumatic experience. She already suffers from anxiety. This was made worse when she was viciously attacked by two men. They stole some things from her purse like money and her phone.

She was badly shaken and did not leave the house for months—only to work and straight back.

After listening to her story, I empathized with her and shared the HU with her, saying this was the only thing I knew that could help her.

A few weeks later she sent me a text message saying “It worked . . . It worked, the HU worked.” She and her husband had just watched a program on TV called “Crime Watch” which reenacts crimes in the hope of catching the criminals. This brought back her terrifying ordeal. She began to cry uncontrollably. Her husband was unable to help. After a few hours, she finally remembered the HU. By the time she got to the fifth HU the crying had stopped and she felt a warm feeling of peace and love.


9 Responses to The HU Works!


    I must testify to the very fact that HU is a powerful mantra I have ever had.
    HU has killed fear in me and healed me of an ailment. HU is wonderful and I cannot do without singing HU everyday.
    May the blessing be!

  2. Agbessi Constance says:

    Le HU est vrai,très vrai.Il faut l’experimenter pour s”en convaincre.Merci MAHANTA pour ce beau cadeau à l’humanité

  3. Karen says:

    Yes, singing HU works. Whenever I feel anxious, worried or scared about anything; I sing HU for several minutes and a feeling of calm comes over me. Of course this is other than when doing the spiritual exercises.
    Thank you Wah Z.


    Yes it works, i woke up in the night with my wife bleeding seriously and she is seven months pregnant i sang HU with her and took her to hospital. cs was recommended and i kept singing my hu and at last she gave birth to a living baby boy, after the scan reveal a dead child. thank you wah z mtbb.

  5. Rory Grady says:

    It is comforting to be reminded through true stories and events that HU still works…and works…and works. Though it’s also easy to overlook its simplicity, singing HU is still enormously valuable to our spiritual well being and brings comfort when nothing else will. Thanks for that story. It was inspiring.

  6. Moses B. Nduekhe says:

    Yes it does. I feel so blessed to have found the path of ECK and have the opportunity of relating with The Mahanta, The Living ECK Master.
    HU? Yes it works. Singing HU with love and reverence brings about miracles.
    Thanks very much Wah Z for this special life time.
    HU works.

  7. Peter Akpokodje says:

    HU, the most beautiful prayer that helps me recognize God’s love for Soul, not fear, but boundless divine love.

    I sing it as often as I can recall.

  8. Moses B. Nduekhe says:

    I am grateful to Wah Z for this experience. Thanks Onoriode for sharing it. Anyone who has been on the path of ECK for any length of time knows that the HU works. I have had to share HU with my staff whose wife was an expectant mother. The EDD had been two months gone. The only option left was CS which was not going to come cheap. The husband had no money for CS.
    He was panicking.

    I asked if he would like to try something new to which he accepted. I taught him how to sing HU and suggested he should do it at home with the family if they give consent to it.
    He called and confirmed doing that with family for a few days and that the wife has also put to birth normally without going through CS. Divine Spirit does what it wills. The HU indeed works.
    Thanks Wah Z for your love and care.

    • Anne says:

      This is a great story. Thanks for sharing. HU helps during the hardest of our times. When we are about to fall down into a deep pit, the divine hand lifts us with love and gently places us in a safe place provided we sing HU and surrender to it.

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