The Two Collies

By Harold Klemp

One night a sales representative had a dream about two collies.  Her recollection of the dream was a bit garbled the next morning, but she dutifully wrote down as much of it as she could remember.  Then she went about her life as usual.

She was just sitting down to dinner the next day, when she heard a noise at the kitchen door.  There were two collies standing outside.

The woman recognized them immediately.  They were the collies in her dream.

If she hadn’t had that dream, she might have sent the dogs on their way, thinking that they were simply exploring the neighborhood and looking for a handout.

But because of the dream, she opened the door.  Both dogs greeted her like an old friend, and they seemed to be talking to her—trying to tell her something.  They nudged her and made moaning sounds.  But each refused all treats, food, and water.

The woman got a phone number off one collie’s dog tag and left a message for the owner to call her.

Then she grabbed a coat and boots and went outside to be with the collies.  They jumped and danced around her, showing complete love and trust.

So she took them for a walk.

Walking up and down the street, she hoped to run into the owner who might be looking for the lost pets.  She tried some commands on them.  “Heel!” she said.  They obediently fell into step with her.  “Stay!”  They stayed.  “Come!”  Of course, they came running up.

Well-trained dogs, she thought.

Later that day, the owner got her message and called to arrange pickup of his dogs.  The collies were delighted.  The larger collie began making noises like, “Woo Woo Woo!”

When the owner arrived, he explained that home was three or four miles away.  But he was confounded when she told him how they had obeyed her commands.  They’d never had training, he said.  The lost collies came to this woman’s door because they remembered her love from the dream world where they had already met.

Sometimes animals will seek us out because they need our help. They can sense if the person they approach is open to Divine Spirit, divine love. Animals are Soul. They may be following an inner nudge, or they may be acting on something they learned in the dream state.

Yes, animals dream too.

Excerpted from Animals Are Soul Too! 


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