The Way to Spiritual Freedom

By Harold Klemp

The way to spiritual freedom is really very easy. But first you’ve got to recognize that there is a need to have spiritual freedom. That’s a big step. Most people never come to that in a single lifetime. It never occurs to them that they don’t have spiritual freedom.

Once you come to the realization that you are without spiritual freedom, then comes the question of how you go about getting it.

In the teachings of ECK, we have a very pat answer: You do the Spiritual Exercises of ECK. The mainstay is to chant HU, an ancient name for God. You sing HU once or twice a day for ten or fifteen minutes to spiritualize your state of consciousness.

During the time you’re singing HU, you are saying to Divine Spirit, “I’ve opened myself to you. Give me the understanding and the wisdom to meet the waves of life, and the problems, troubles, and whatever else. Give me the strength to meet life.” This is basically all that we do when we do a Spiritual Exercise of ECK.

A short session where we meet with the Divine: that is a Spiritual Exercise of ECK.


Excerpted from The Call of Soul.


19 Responses to The Way to Spiritual Freedom

  1. Touch Of Gratitude says:

    I sing HU everyday and happiness with gratefulness comes to me. I feel connected.

  2. Januarius says:

    HU makes me feel that I am not alone, and makes me trust God the more.

  3. Samuel Ekpeyong says:

    HU is most powerful prayer. It help me with my job.

    Thanks Wah Z for this wonderful Gift.

  4. Sharzad says:

    When I sing HU I feel like I’m home. I feel safe and protected.

  5. Holly says:

    The HU is the most amazing gift. It has such healing qualities. Is it any wonder that our species name is Human, Part spirit, part matter.
    I shared HU with a coworker today. She said she had never heard such an uplifting calming word before. I gave her a HU cd and she thanked me. She saw a HU card on my table and asked if she could have it for her bulletin board at home. I grinned. I share the gift of HU with many people and now they are asking me for the HU cards, grin.
    Love always finds a way…

  6. Peter kwame forson says:

    Singing huuuuuu is like a magnet drawing good luck and success of life to you, all the universal spirit love you as you sing the huuuuuu, is a also a quick problem solver sing huuuuuu for your up keeping and makes me feel good and stand tall alone and also a respecter of all, huuuuuu is a is best solutions to live internal. Thank you Manhanta.

  7. Ebenezer Robertson says:

    HU, is really a powerful prayer.

  8. Bi Veronica Ngwa says:

    Honestly, with The HU I am complete!
    Without The HU, I am like an eagle without wings; a deflated ball; a night in the forest with no moonlight nor stars in the sky…..
    HU is Love; Love is Life!

  9. Bea says:

    HU helps me to keep my emotions from taking over.

  10. Huseina says:

    Fact: Can’t live without the HU! It’s everything to me.

  11. Stephen Akpan says:

    The spiritual exercises of ECK answers all questions in Gods way and in Gods time. It is my armour of strength.

  12. Angela Hano says:

    Ready !!! Learning!!! I am

  13. Kirk Williams says:

    If I may make a suggestion, download the “HU” App on your smartphone and connect you favorite ear buds, out on the HU song, sing along! and you will find that it makes doing your practice of spiritual exercises smooth!

    May the blessings be!

  14. Kirk Williams says:

    I sing HU everyday!
    After doing it everyday it becomes clear that you can’t go another minute without opening your heart.
    If you forget to do it…its ok, when you remember to do it its really ok!
    When it becomes a “Habit” then everything* is GREAT!

  15. Paul Finch says:

    This is a gift from the Mahanta to help us know who is ready for the ECK teachings: Those for whom “It never occurs …that they don’t have spiritual freedom” are perhaps not ready to join Eckankar, so relax, and don’t worry about that, but they might be ready for the HU (to help them with a problem) or for a kitchen table discussion on some area of life they are struggling with (and the ECK), or just for love and open heart listening. And we bring them one step closer, as they opportunity to serve brings us one step closer. Thanks, Mahanta, for an awareness of this new gift to help us in our vahana efforts.

  16. Debra Denn says:

    The Eck has been in my life a wonderful 44 years, every day and minute is better.

  17. Anna says:

    It is so important to do the spiritual exercises every day! This explains why clearly! Thank you-

  18. samuel says:

    Yes, the HU really works. It saves me from losing my job—HU is real.

  19. Moses B. Nduekhe says:

    Thanks very much Wah Z for this wonderful piece of reminder- the way to spiritual freedom. Thanks Goodness for having a Living ECK Master.
    The Mahanta simplify spiritual issues.
    Now I can understand what spiritual freedom truly means.
    What a way to remind us of the need to keep up with the spiritual exercises of ECK.
    Singing HU can be very relaxing and helpful in passing through life daily.
    In doing this (singing HU), apart from gaining spiritual freedom, we also gain wisdom as well as divine love.

    I am grateful to you Wah Z.

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