Life after Death

By Kathy, Virginia

Our family dog of almost nineteen years translated. Diggitty had been living with our son in northern California. This beautiful Soul gave our family so much love, joy, laughter and healing, and was such an integral part of our family. He brought our family through some dark times and helped my son go from being a troubled teen to a beautiful sensitive, loving Soul. The love this dog taught all of us to have, but most especially my son, was absolutely amazing.

In Diggitty’s later years, when his body wasn’t functioning as well, my son Travis spent much quality time with him and was very patient. When it was apparent Diggitty would translate very soon, Travis carried him to their favorite place, near his home, at the ocean and held Diggitty in his arms all day long. Diggitty translated early the next morning.

My son was having a lot of trouble coming to terms with the large hole that Diggy’s passing left in his life. During this time I went to our ECK center and there was a box of Sri Harold’s newest little book Spiritual Wisdom on Life after Death. I knew immediately that Travis and I needed one of these books to help us heal. And I bought one for each of us and mailed his off priority mail.

The day after Travis got and read the book he texted me to tell me he had had his first lucid dream with Diggitty.

It started with Diggy’s lifeless body and then the dog was racing around as vibrant and healthy as in his young days. Travis said that when he woke up he felt very happy. I cried tears of joy and gratitude to the Mahanta, the Inner Master, for such a wonderful dream experience to help him heal.


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  1. deanna strahl says:

    eck poem about my dog that translated one year ago yesterday

    Translation of her
    one year ago today
    with the winds of change
    she left with reason
    her protection, guidance and friendship
    I realize now
    was her part on earth
    as a symbol and sign
    of the wayshower
    a glittering silver tree
    dropping feathery drops of light
    by the river
    of her desire
    and her burdened spirit while in her last days
    before she left
    and in time I was happier with reason
    because she had become more than a friend
    she had become one with sugmad and god and eternity.

  2. joshua says:

    So very interesting, not yet an eckist, but I do really desire to be one. It gives me joy when I come across the teachings and books of Eckankar. May the blessings be!

  3. Mark Richardson says:

    Great stories and I love the topic. I’ve had 4 experiences of being in a conscious dream when family members have died. Loss is still sad, but it’s also beautiful because we still have that bond of love, and we know that Soul goes on…Here’s one of mine:

    My Dad translated 2 years ago. A few weeks after I was talking with him in the dream state, besides my Grandparents home. At the end of the dream there was a single pear hanging down from a tree over our heads. I looked for it’s meaning for a year when an offer to speak at a talk came up. The theme: Dream Guidance.

    Two weeks before the service I came across an article which said that in China the pear is a symbol of ‘Immortality” and “Separation”. To me it was a reminder that Soul (Dad) was immortal, and because of love we’d never be separate. This made a good story for the talk. Then the night before the talk I saw my father in the dream state. I realized that the meaning I received was also for him. ‘Dad, Dad, did you remember the pear dream a year ago?”. “Yes”. “That’s good Dad, your memory is better than it was the last 2 years you were here.” (He laughed). I mentioned the Chinese meaning and said to him “You are Soul. You are immortal, and in love we’re never separate”.

  4. David Sturm says:

    Of course, animals are soul too. And dogs seem to have a “special soul” about them. Unconditional love seems to be so easy for them. More of my friends have made connections with a new dog friend as they have had a spouse translate and are now living by themselves. The bond that these friends have with their new “souls” is wonderful to see. I have fond memories of my first dog “penny” from many years ago before I was in my teens. She was so special and full of love, and I still think of her fondly. We can all learn from our pets by observing the unconditional love they have for everyone.

  5. Moses B. Nduekhe says:

    Thanks very much Wah Z for your love and care. Thanks also Kathy for sharing this story.
    Love makes things beautiful. When Souls are bounded by love, there is no limit to where they can go. Key to the teachings of ECKANKAR is the MAHANTA. The MAHANTA knows when to open our eyes and ears to truth when needed as in the case of Diggity and Travis.
    Great story, I must say.
    Doing the spiritual exercises of ECK such as singing HU will help us recognize truth when we see one.
    Life is spiritually richer in ECK. Of course where else.
    Thanks very much Wah Z. Its a great way to start my day-singing HU

  6. michael best says:

    I too had a lucid dream of our dog “Muffin” a shepherd/huskyX she had a wonderful personality and it was hard for me to say goodbye when it was her time and in discomfort. It was about six months after she passed away that I had a lucid dream of her. The encounter was so real that when she saw me while I was in my ‘radiant’ body, and ran up to me as I crouched down to give her a hug. This hug was so real and she had a solid feeling about it, just as if she would have had in a physical body, I carry this memory very close to the surface because it is my personal experience of ‘soul travel’ that was meant just for me in my journey of discovery of ‘soul’ and “God”. My personal ‘truth’ of the existence of life after death.

  7. Bi Veronica Ngwa says:

    Thanks for your story Kathy.
    ECKANKAR, where else would I have been without you? There is always a door to knock unto for our spiritual needs. We just need to be spiritually alert; The HU Song will help open our spiritual eyes and ears to get to and knock open the right door in time of need.
    Thank you Wah Z for your ever present love, comfort and guidance.

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