Showing Charity

By Harold Klemp

I was driving into the parking lot of a local discount store when I suddenly saw a white Cadillac tailing me.  I wasn’t paying too much attention until the person in the Cadillac began honking the horn over and over.

The driveway was huge, but the Cadillac cruised right on my left rear fender.  The driver was upset.  She thought I had cut in front of her while driving into the parking lot.  She cruised on my bumper for a long time, then finally pulled around me, parked, and rushed into the store.

I don’t like to be pushed, so when she came out of the store, I went over to her and said, “You probably didn’t notice, but the freeway is over there.”  This was not the thing to say.  She batted my ears down.  When she left, I said, “That was really something.”  I could feel the waves of anger coming from her so strongly that I found myself shaking.

I wasn’t afraid; I felt pretty calm inside.  But sometimes when you’re around a very angry person these energies that are being thrown out are so strong you can almost reach out and touch them.

I went to a pay phone and called my wife, just to balance out.  “You won’t believe what I just ran into,” I said to her.  The two-minute call was just enough.

But I kept running into people like this, especially at the post office.  Our local post office has a tiny parking lot right off a busy street.  Sometimes you can’t drive into the parking lot right away, so you sit in the driveway or on the street.  Then, when you get into the parking lot, you often have to wait for a place.

One morning I was third in line, waiting for a place.  I was halfway into the parking lot, but part of my car was in the street, so I was nervously looking over my right shoulder, watching for fast traffic.

The woman in the front of the line didn’t see that there were two parking places available.  Car number two finally got tired of waiting and drove into one of the spots.  By now I figured the first car was waiting for someone inside the post office, so I took the second parking spot.  Immediately she began honking at me.

She got out of her car and stalked over.  I never realized a human being could scream so loud.  She was taller than me, and stood over me, huffing.  So I began apologizing.

“Excuse me,” I said, “I didn’t realize you weren’t waiting for someone.”

“It looked as if you were deliberately trying to edge me out,” she said.  “No, that wasn’t the case at all,” I said.  So she calmed down a little bit.

So often when I am on the calm end of things and someone else loses his temper, I have a chance to either be angry in turn or show some charity.  It’s hard to show charity to someone who just flattened your ears, but this is how we give love to those in our family of life.

Excerpted from Stories to Help You See God in Your Life, ECK Parables, Book 4. 

31 Responses to Showing Charity

  1. David Parker says:

    I don’t know how the Eck works for you, but for me It seems to have a wild sense of humor now and then. On specific days it seems the Eck decides it’s exam day and takes me for a ride down 9 miles of bad road to see how I do. I’ve long since learned early in the morning what days these exams are and quickly adjust my attitude to be ready for anything. I know the Eck isn’t going to hurt me, I know It is going to put me in any danger but still it’s going to stretch me a bit from a comfort zone to a new larger level of awareness. I say to the Eck on those mornings, “Ok, I’m ready, I know you are in my pocket so I’m ready for whatever you are about to throw at me!” I often remember what my mom use to fondly say to me when we went for a drive, she had great humor, she’d say, “Get in sit down strap in and shut up.” All with love, we’d both laught. I say that to the Eck on those days I’m extra prepared for some great lessons and then sit back for the ride.
    Like when we were kids, when the shoes started hurting we realized we were growing and it was time for new ones. For me, the Eck throws a few hard balls to keep me on my toes and gives me a few affirmations that what I’ve learned so far is true and works. Even in the wind of a storm I can stay balanced on my tip toe.

  2. Karen says:

    I always look forward to reading the stories and experiences of fellow ECKists. All are enjoyed and I learn a lot from them. Thanks to everyone for sharing. Also, I’m not alone on the receiving end of people’s unwarranted anger, and proud to say that I was able to “keep my cool” and respond quietly and calmly.

  3. Laure Marsh says:

    Thank you for your wonderful story Sri Harold. It helped me to realize that I am not the only one who feels other peoples emotions – they feel mine as well. I am going to make a conscious effort to always treat others as if they are you, the Mahanta the Living Eck Master.

  4. Bonny A says:

    Giving charity to people in this kind of situation or any situation of intense anger seduces stress. When we try to stay in the position of Soul situations are much more controlled.

    Thank you Z.

    With love.

  5. Sagadevan Kandiah says:

    As human beings on this earth, we are subjected to various tests. But as for me I have used the spiritual techniques, which your have provided in your various books, to overcome situations like the one you have mentioned in your letter. It works. Got to remember that we are a spark of the Divine and we too have all the attributes of the Divine. It is all about putting it in practice and believing in oneself. Cheers.

  6. Mangakane Theresa says:

    Thank you for the lesson, reminding me not to forget to practice the Mahanta’s presence in all situations I come across, either way, thanks Wah Z!!!

  7. JP Irung says:

    Thank you Harji. Your story helped me realise for the first time that if someone pushes you to anger, it’s only because he needs love. So no need to fall into anger. Just give love because wee are love. Thank you so much!

  8. Adekunle F says:

    I learned so much from this, Sri Harold: that one doesn’t meet fire with gas or else there will be a consuming explosion. Very useful lesson in family and the outer world . A very fine thread to tread between being a “people pleaser” and standing on one’s own principled ground. Yet Charity guides you to put forth the highest ethics. My understanding of all these. With Charity you always win. Thank you Master for another big lesson of life.

  9. Timothyray Laber says:

    Gratitude, Sri Harold, and your experiences are a wonder of reminders at the access all souls have in the presence of the Mahanta, The Living ECK Master when in need of a dose of compassion and acceptance.

    It is so easy to forget that we are all here to be tested and to have ample opportunity to witness our responses to others in need of more love. Every comment to Sri Harold’s experiences is one that urban dwellers have perhaps had their own version personally. And practice makes one more likely to consider all options before choosing which side to express.

    Blessings come to us via the ECK (Holy Spirit) and its instruments.

    I am so very grateful when I remember and can stop my own heat from adding to someone else’s burden of spiritual amnesia.

    Love, Love, Love; thank you, Sri Harold for all your love and for your willingness to be sharing the tests that even you are subjected to. Your gifts truly bless each of us.


    Love and love alone is the cornerstone of Life.
    Just keep extending your love to all Life forms.

  11. elaine voda says:

    I can identify with the parking lot experiences people wrote about. When the Mahanta is with us it reminds us to be open to the love and spirit the ECK sends to us. When talking to the person that is angry let the love flow through to them. They need the blessings.

    Old saying..Works Every Time!

  12. Kwaku Wood says:

    I agree. These are some of the things we do for love. (Charity and a lot more)

  13. Arlene Forbes of Texas says:

    Thanks Z, I had the same type things happen to me before and you are so right stay calm in sight of anger say a simple sorry it works. Love you for your wisdom.

  14. Marcelina McCool says:

    Thanks for this article that reminds me an expression I read earlier this week: “Sometimes, we feel like giving our piece of mind, but instead we give our piece of heart to someone.” And since I am receiving this message more than once in a short period of time, it must be important for me to keep it in my dealings with others.

  15. Macy M. says:

    Nice stories, lessons,experiences and wisdom combined. Thank You Wah Z.

  16. Edito A. Chy says:

    If this can happen to the Living ECK Master, so I won’t be surprised to know that this can also happen to anybody. It’s how we handle this negative situation that makes the difference.

    Thank you Sri Harold for the lessons.

  17. Johanna Carter says:

    What a beautiful story to illustrate charity and how it works, thank you! I can apply this principle to myself when I get upset or think people should be doing this or that. Instead of reacting I can give love to myself is a win – win.

  18. Patience Endoni says:

    Thank you Harji for this experience. It reminded of when I was in school two of my course mates had an argument and wanted to hit each other I came in between them to settle the dispute. I asked them to remember their environment (in the school premises) and pleaded with them to stop arguing. One of them out of anger pulled my hair for trying to stop the fight. This sounds ridiculous but I smiled and gently removed her hand from my hair. Then I took the other girl away. Another friend of ours was shocked at the way I responded. They all expected me to fight back or do something nasty. But at that time I just sent the girl love. And let her be. She later apologized. It is always good as conscious soul to neutralize our environment with love and then be patient. Thank you Harji

  19. Holly says:

    I have been paying off loads of physical karma over the past three years. I don’t usually get physical injuries but over the last three years I have had a major leg surgery, a few broken bones, sprains, had to live in a hotel for a month due to a gas leak, and just recently had a very serious hand injury.

    The wackiness started in a parking lot too like the other stories. Having a cast boot on my leg up to the knee. I had to wear shorts. It took me awhile to emerge from the car wearing the cast. A woman came up to the car waving her arms and yelling, “Some of us are disabled!” I smiled thinking she did not see the very large cast on my leg. I got out of the car and began to go to the store and the woman kept yelling that she had to walk all the way across the parking lot. I turned around and said would you like this parking spot, I can move? She then yelled, “Pay more attention next time. These close spots are only for the disabled.

    When I had to wear a thick breathing mask and be on four medications just to breath. I tried to joke with friends saying, “Luke, I am your father.” I began realizing how many parts of the body were used just to breath and how exhausting it was just to talk. I will never take my body for granted again or all the work it does just to haul me around. Like the woman in the parking lot yelling at me for taking a closer parking spot because I was NOT Disabled, I began taking better care of my body appreciating it more by feeding it better and getting more exercise. Love in, Love out.

    Lastly, a few weeks ago, I damaged my left hand getting off a plane. At first I thought I had just sprained it but being in a cast immobilizing the effected area with no results the doctor referred me to a hand surgeon thinking there was tendon damage. People I have known for years made the comment, are you asking for attention? She thought I was not injured and was wearing a brace just to get attention. I know it is rude to laugh but I just couldn’t help it. She stated last time I saw you your foot was in a cast, now your hand?

    All of these experiences have given me opportunities to hone my social skills. I am learning that when people start talking in a very wacky manner that the lesson for me is to remember how much I am loved, and to make sure that I respond in a loving way so that the situation does not add karma to my plate but brings love to the world in which I have been so freely given by example. Love in Love out.

  20. Holly says:

    WOW Sri Harold!

    I’m surprised people treated you so. I would have thought they would see the Light, grin. It just goes to show when people are upset sometimes they are not focused on what would love do. Your story makes me feel much better about situations in my life. Having a teenager in the house has taught me to make sure I always respond with love otherwise the situation could become a war zone. Better to never light a match around a fire. The teachings of ECK have been a great experience for both of us whenever one of us gets out of balance.

    Thank you soooooooooooo much for sharing.

  21. Frances Blackwell says:

    One morning I had some grocery shopping to do, plus other errands. I pull into the parking area, looking for a handicap space….it seemed they were all taken. Then I spied a man unloading his groceries into the trunk of his car….then opening the door of his car, getting in, leaving the door open….I thought, great..a spot, so I pulled closer so when he left, I could move in. Easy right? Not.

    I waited and waited and waited…five, ten, fifteen minutes…drivers door still open…so now I am thinking….what if he is having a heart attack or something…so I get out of my car and walk over to see if he needed help, only to find him on his cell phone yelling and screaming into the phone, so as I am quickly backing away…he screams at me…WHAT DO YOU WANT? I AM TALKING TO MY WIFE. Waves of anger rolled like a wave toward me. I scurried back to the safety of my car to wait….another five, ten minutes…I am calm, cool, and collected. Suddenly he gets out of his car. and comes over too my car, gesturing for me to roll down my window, which I do…and he then begins ranting at me! He was so angry, as he spoke spit was spewing out of his mouth..all his words ran together and I could not hear any of them..when he stopped for a second, I said….”Do you know God loves you?” this did not slow him down a bit, in fact he began threatening me…so now, still calm, I am thinking OOPS, this could be serious…but it was kinda funny…this old old skinny bent over man, shaking with anger, saying he was going to pull me out of my car and do what? Now that was funny.

    Do I give up? No, I say to him, may the blessings be, have a God filled day, and drove off, and I admit, smiling, yet filled with compassion for his wife, who lived with this kind of behavior, perhaps on a daily basis, and compassion for him as well, realizing…he was so angry he was beside himself…lol, another form of an out of the body experience! Bless his heart.

    I quickly found another parking space, knowing this experience was not about this mans parking space…just maybe in that moment he was in need of Gods love through me. I would have given him a HU card, but that would have been pushing it. I love sharing these blessed moments of my life with the Mahanta!

  22. Paul Okonji says:

    It is very early in the morning, after a spiritual exercise. For want of something to read to lure me back to sleep.
    I bumped into this beautiful story by Harji. It really have helped with suggestions about how to go about resolving a pending issue in my family and with a friend and a loved one.

  23. Bi Veronica Ngwa says:

    Really great lessons to copy. Thank you Harold.

    Often in situations like this I ask myself inwardly, “if I were the Mahanta (my Spiritual Guide), what would I have done?” With this question in mind I calm myself down and avoid doing anything that may haunt me later. It is usually not easy, but we can always indure and even be humble (for the sake of peace) for 5-10 minutes, than reacting to create a problem that may need more time to repair.

  24. Frank Wise says:

    A poignant lesson for me this morning. Too often my emotions react before I take the moment it takes to shift attention to the higher, charitable viewpoint. All a part of learning the key principle of self discipline. It helps to be constantly practicing the HU and the presence of the Mahanta. Thank you for the guidance and gift of your stories.

  25. Enakpotobor Emmanuel says:

    Thank you very much Sri.

    I have learnt a lot from these beautiful stories, in short, something new has been added to my knowledge on how to give love to those in our family of life.

  26. Okome Évelyne says:

    Merci WhaZ pour cette belle leçon d’humidité…

  27. Angela M. Essien says:

    Thank you Wah Z for sharing. Love conquers all.

  28. Mark Richardson says:

    The lesson for me was in the last few lines – the choice to love. People often respond to other peoples emotions with the same emotions. In the heat of the moment I sometimes forget that I’m not my emotional body. But if I remember that I’m Soul I might say: “Hey emotional body, you’re feeling _____ aren’t you?”

  29. Moses B. Nduekhe says:

    Thanks very much for sharing this story, Harji.

    Very unlike me, when I started reading the story, I didn’t bother to check out for the writer until I was done. Sure you do have wonderful ways of always reminding us of those salient values. Thanks very much Harji. Granted, “some days could be very long.” Tolerance and Patience can be the magic healer.

    Last weekend, had me do something with someone who knew all but respect. So he dressed me down thoroughly. The younger brother wondered why i didn’t respond angrily too. No. I was calm as usual. He called back a few minutes after and apologized. He said he didn’t mean all that he said.

    Some days can be hot really.

    But life indeed is a teacher. We have to allow the Light of The ECK shine through at all times. Eventually, by the special Grace of The Master, we would get to be aware of why things happen the way they do. Interestingly, life offers us the opportunity daily to show Charity both at home and else way.

    Thanks very much Wah Z for your love and grace.

    Moses B. Nduekhe

  30. Kenniethia says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience! Adding anger to the issue makes matters worse. Charity will become one of my many routines?to help balance the issue when presented.

  31. Lucky mbrelolomari says:

    l appreciated the attitude you demonstrated to the woman. It pays to give charity and tolerance to people in the anger band of the family of life. Thank you.

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