Spiritual Exercise: The Golden Cup

HR_Golden-Chalice-blue-bkgnd_lower-resBy Harold Klemp

Every evening at bedtime visualize a golden cup by your bed.  Its beverage is your dreams.  When you first awaken, in the morning contemplation, drink from this cup in your imagination.  You are drinking in the night’s experiences.  It is a conscious way of saying, I wish to recall my night’s activities on the inner planes while my body slept.

The golden cup is Soul; it is you.  You are one and the same.

As you get in the habit of drinking from this cup, this practice takes on a life of its own.  The more the ECK (Holy Spirit) refills this cup, the more Soul (you) shines of Its own golden light.  You become an ever-brighter instrument for the Holy Spirit.

Your conscious experiences, day and night, will lead to a greater understanding of your place in the spiritual order of life.

Excerpted from ECK Wisdom on Dreams.


8 Responses to Spiritual Exercise: The Golden Cup

  1. Sagadevan Kandiah says:

    Thanks for the reminder. This will certainly boost my spiritual freedom.

  2. Sarah Apau says:

    Thank you Mahanta for reminding me of this wonderful spiritual exercise.

  3. deanna strahl says:

    I sketch the golden cup too and I have done this excersize many times with great results!

  4. Christopher Osborne says:

    Honestly, it’s just a really beautiful thought.
    Before you go to sleep you see something that only you can see. No one else understand what your cup looks like, any shape, detail, pattern and more or less any life you want to give it.
    I just tried this, well. Woke up should I say. I tried this before going to sleep and the enjoyment of simply trying to create this unique cup was beautiful. Because all the details I put into it were becoming more vivid/detailed as I drank after waking. As I drank from it for the first time, the cup changed and had an extra detail that I hadn’t noticed before, compared to how it looked before I woke up.
    To anyone trying this, go wild! I found it hard to get rid of the above image, to begin with, it was the only image my mind would associate “golden cup” with. Just remember that the mountains creases are cups too.

  5. Savi Buchanan says:

    Thank you for sharing widsom to me Mahanta


  6. Forgive Yaw Adamtey says:

    I not tried before but from now I will start to practice this for my own benefit

  7. Moses B. Nduekhe says:

    Thanks very much Wah Z for this right-on-time guidance.
    I have had to struggle through difficult moments each morning trying to recall my dreams. This makes me feel very empty. I learn a lot from my dreams.
    Not recalling them for a while is a real worry. My mind was racing through this lack of dreams recall yesterday morning, when suddenly i had to think aloud-“MAHANTA what can i do to recall my dreams”. Moments after, i hooked on to the ECKANKAR blog and found the spiritual exercise-The golden cup. I did the exercise last night and this morning.
    It worked. I could recall a few dream experiences.
    sincerely, The Master listens. He also cares and loves. But i know i also have to work on my discipline.
    Thanks very much Wah Z for helping me get back on track.

  8. Carol Cameron says:

    Each morning when I start my dream journal entries, I like to sketch a golden cup in the upper corner. I write Love on the cup, and Divine on the base. It is a daily practice that helps me bring my inner dream experiences and impressions to the outer.

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