What Is Our Nature as Soul?

John V Humming BirdBy Harold Klemp

Q: I have many questions about the nature of Soul. For example, do minerals, plants, and animals have Souls?

A: An uncountable number of Souls exist in creation. There is also an endless number of forms in which Souls can find expression for spiritual unfoldment. The human form is but one of many.

On earth, we are familiar mainly with human, animal, reptile, fish, plant, and even mineral forms (like rocks, etc.).

We are a little like the theologians and others of the early Middle Ages. They believed that all human races were then known. Of course, the sea explorations by Columbus and others later revealed two whole continents (North and South America) inhabited  by a previously unknown red race. That discovery was a major threat to biblical interpretation. Red people? The Bible didn’t say anything about a red race.

The Christian Bible says nothing about Souls inhabiting forms other than humans either. Nor does it say anything about Souls living on other planets in forms not quite human. Yes Souls do.

Soul can take many different approaches  to reach purification. For example, earth allows several levels for Soul to gain experiences in life, including the mineral, plant, fish, animal, and human stages.

But there’s no fixed spiritual law about a rock having to stay a rock. Or a daisy staying a daisy.

By choice, though, most Souls want to taste life at all levels. They do go from the lower to higher body forms. So animals could move up to human. Yet that would take many lifetimes.

Sometimes, in a spirit of fun, we ask, “Why on earth would a cat want to be a kid? It’s more fun to be a cat.”

(But do you think a cat would go back to being a mouse? Probably not.)

Souls in animal forms do not get the initiations as we do. Their spiritual unfoldment is handled in other ways.

A Soul that today inhabits an animal form will later be offered other life-forms, perhaps even human, when It is ready for a higher stage.

Entering a human body on the physical plane is indeed an optimal experience for all Souls who are given that choice. But the same is also true for Souls who are given the choice to enter an animal or plant form.

The point: Everything is within its rightful place in the Kingdom of God.

Since Soul is invisible, for the most part, and not subject to analysis in a scientific laboratory, Its nature remains a matter of speculative belief or personal experience.

The purpose of the Eckankar teachings is to give the individual proof of the nature of Soul in a way that is meaningful to him. When and how this is done depends upon the Mahanta, who determines the best time and place.


Excerpted from Youth Ask a Modern Prophet about Life, Love, and God.


16 Responses to What Is Our Nature as Soul?

  1. Ann says:

    After I read the Eck books and after I got to know that plants are Soul too,I looked forward to giving love to these Souls that has taken on a plant form for an experience. Once my house maid brought us a money plant. I gave love to it and I even named it as “Ivy”. Some time later it got infested by some worms and it died. I felt bad that a Soul that had come had gone soon. I had so much hope to give love to it and it’s passing made me feel dejected but then deep in my heart I knew some day It will come back to accept my love more fully. Some time passed and we moved to a new home. My mom went for shopping and when she returned,she bought me three rose plants of three different colours. I felt so excited when these plants arrived. I watered them on the first day with so much love for them. I kept telling the plants “I love you the way you are”. I did it with all my heart. Some time later on the same day,my mom came up to check the plants and she told me that the plants had become more green after I went to water them. That felt like a confirmation to me that they indeed had received my love.
    I look forward to giving them love every day with all my heart because I know they are Soul and they deserve all respect and love.
    Love all Soul and Sugmad.

  2. Deborah Fields says:

    Our nature as Soul is one of forever Becoming until we just are. Peering deeply into the eyes of the Master or the mirror and experiencing the light of Love is the nature we seek to hold onto in our daily lives, when the secret lies in the maintenance of flow. The law of life requires an everlasting breathing. Acceptance of ever greater Love on the intake, and giving of ever more Love on the out. The joy of unfolding to this level of consciousness is worth wrestling for and worth every moment of life from mineral to man to mastership. Baraka Bashad

  3. Thaddeus says:

    Thank you mahanta for your great teachings. You have helped me to know that I’m soul.

  4. Marcelina McCool says:

    Thank you for the reminder of this simple and yet profound truth. When we realized that all we are is Soul we then can view everything from that stand point. It does take practice to have this view point. I sometimes, find myself wondering around in circles, until I stop for a moment, realizing the very essence of our existence as soul bodies in many forms and in many places.
    Thanks for the gently guidance and reminder about our very true nature of soul.

  5. Geetha Murthy says:

    All writings of Sri. Harold opens up our heart to Love and teaches us, fills our heart with gratitude. It was a great feeling at the seminar and back home, the soul yearns for real Home. It was a wonderful feeling to be home and a thought crosses over to say how more wonderful it would be to be in our real Home. I am sure one day, all of us will have that beautiful opportunity with Mahanta’s Grace. Thank you Mahanta for everything.

  6. Caleb says:

    Good reminder to all readers. Thank you Mahanta, the Living ECK Master.

    We are all Souls in different forms of life. The person who may not believe this today may perhaps believe it some days to come.

    As to the question of our friend Suzanne above, I am sure that since there are many forms of life and we as Soul only incarnate in different forms of life, I do not think that when we eat animals, plants etc. we are eating other Souls or even eating ourselves but rather we eat other forms of life provided by the Creator in order to survive here on this physical plane. Thats my understanding anyway.

  7. Roshi says:

    Rumi: I died as a mineral

    I died as a mineral and became a plant,
    I died as plant and rose to animal,
    I died as animal and I was Man.
    Why should I fear? When was I less by dying?
    Yet once more I shall die as Man, to soar
    With angels blest; but even from angelhood
    I must pass on: all except God doth perish.
    When I have sacrificed my angel-soul,
    I shall become what no mind e’er conceived.
    Oh, let me not exist! for Non-existence
    Proclaims in organ tones, ‘To Him we shall return.’
    –Jalal ed-Din Rumi (1207-1273) Translated by A.J. Arberry

  8. Tim Ginn says:

    The ECK teachings on Soul and my humble experiences of Soul over the years have help me to overcome my fear of death. What a gift! Thank you for these beautiful teachings!

  9. Peter Akpokodje says:

    The joy of being Soul and immortal, is that we are all-knowing. Once we realize this, we can at a moments notice tune the bodies to be able and detached receptacles of divine knowledge. Soul knows.

    The Spiritual Exercises of ECK are the key to realization of self and God. ECK means Holy Spirit.

    Thanks Sri Harold Klemp.

  10. Ntomchukwu Ukachukwu says:

    I sincerely appreciate the Mahanta for the spiritual reorientation that he is bringing to the world today. Truely we as mere mortals know so little about the true nature of ourself as Soul. Most often, we think that we know enough to make the kind of statements we do at times. Well it is all about growing up. Mistakes abound. Am sure I have made a lot in the past. The best thing now is accept my limitations and as well tolerate others. In this way I hope to continue opening my heart to the wisdom and love of the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master.

  11. John Kitts says:

    Its all been said before, I am light and sound. I have the three attributes: to see, know, and be. I am using this physical body for the experience of becoming a conscious coworker with SUGMAD (God). Sometimes I forget this. Then the emotions and mind take over and I lose myself in the multiplicity of things. Then I remember and become one again with my Self (Soul). It’s the dance of forgetting and remembering.

  12. SuZanne says:

    One of the confounding situations this fact of all things like minerals and animals as well as humans being souls brings up is diet. If plants and minerals have souls, are we eating souls when we eat to survive? That means even vegans and vegetarians, along with us who consume eggs and chicken, are consuming something that is/was soul. I don’t know what I think about that. Maybe their souls leave their bodies before we consume them? I hope Sri Harold writes more about this, so I can learn more.

  13. Adekunle Fakorede says:

    Thank you Sri Harold for the views clarified. From my limited experience interacting with animals I often see a look of recognition in the soulful eyes of many domesticated animals I have had encounters with from rabbits to cats and puppies, monkeys and parrots. Plants also respond to the love showered on them. This to me is Soul to Soul communication and added proof to the validity of other creatures besides humans as Souls in form.

  14. keith says:

    Thank you Harold for your devotion to the followers of Eckankar. I have had many experiences with the Light and Sound over the decades, and always assured that the Inner Master was there. Bless you and thank you for your love.

  15. Niels-Jul Yrvin says:

    I once run over a fox. I was vey sad and wondered what would happened. I sang HU and said to the Mahanta. I cannot undo the accident, but please let me see the fox over to the other side “Heaven.” Immediately I visited Heaven and the fox was running beside me licking my hand. It was so happy. Mahanta was receiving us and I let him tack care of the fox. Then I was back at the scene of the accident. I took care of the fox dead body. And disposed of it according to the Laws of my country.

    Some years later my neighbours got a new dog. It had som neck pain so I could not touch it’s neck. But it was licking my hand. It struck a nerve. Was this the Fox that I had run over and now was back in a dog’s form as a Golden retriever? I needed more proof. Then my neighbours son said, “Hector is a strange dog. It is like if he never has been a dog before. It is as if he was a Wild animal of some kind I knew that then that the fox was back again. His neck healed and he grew more and more accostomed to live among humans. I loved to follow the progress. Now it passed over of natrual causes. It opened my heart to see how life moved on in a positve way. Thank you Mahanta for your wonderful lesson in Reincarnation

  16. Bi Veronica Ngwa says:

    Thank you very much Wah Z for this article and the many different ways you make the spiritual lessons available to us.
    This article actually has come in time to clearify some doubts on the fact that minerals especially, and lower animals and plants are other forms in which soul can express itself, and could also evovle to the higher forms with time.
    In a class on karma and reincarnation, a chela (spiritual student) mentioned this, but one other chela actually expressed doubts and certainly wasn´t convinced of this fact.
    You will permit me to print out this article for him to read and learn more about the nature of soul.

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