A Good Star

By Philippe, Quebec, Canada

In August 2013, I had a work accident in my right shoulder. I was not working for many months but I kept my salary. As usual, the company I work for did contest the work accident and they took me to court. I was highly stressed since I’ve never been to court before.

A month before I was scheduled to testify, before I went to bed, I talked to the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master and told him, “Here Mahanta, I put at your feet all my stress, my worries and all the documents concerning the court.” I did this many times during the month.

Finally, the day came. We were in the court room, me and my lawyer, the employer’s representative, her lawyer and a doctor hired as an expert for the employer. All of us in front of the judge and two experts to help him. The lawyers discussed a little and we took a break. Strangely, the lawyers went to a room to discuss privately.

After twenty minutes, they came out with an agreement. I won’t have to testify. It’s over and I’ve won. My lawyer came to me and said, “I’ve rarely seen this. You must have a good star above your head.” I just answered, “I must have indeed.” But inside of me, I thanked the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master.


11 Responses to A Good Star

  1. ellen says:

    we have a legal situation with out home right now that came up suddenly and has been distressing. We have two or three more weeks before we find out of everything will be okay. Thank you for this story. It’s inspiring, and reassuring!

  2. Karen says:

    The story and all the contributions are very inspiring for me.
    Thank you all!

  3. Bruce Meek says:

    In my life, there have been many similar experiences. Each time the problem was turned over to the ECK, the end result was best for all involved. It is something that cannot be taken for granted, as the negative likes to do. Thanks for sharing this message….it brought back memories of these little miracles to me.

  4. Uwem says:

    This remind me to keep walking with the Master Foot step, The Mahanta, the Living ECK Master (instruction) for my spiritual nufoldment.

  5. Sapna Mukhi says:

    True Surrender takes away your Stress . Knowing Thy will be done. Beautiful Philippe for sharing
    Thank Mahanta for this circle of connection
    Love & Light
    Sapna Mukhi


    Total Surrender of one’s Life to the ECK is the Key to Survival.

  7. etim bassey says:

    thanks for shows and prove the benefit true surrender..

  8. AZU OMAMA says:

    That is why the master tells us, I am always with you, even closer than ur heartbeat. thank 4 sharing this experience. MTBB

  9. Moses B. Nduekhe says:

    The Master says “I am always with you.”
    Indeed He really is. Thanks Wah Z for this experience and for always being there.
    Thanks also Philippe for sharing.
    This story is like saying “walk every step with me” and the lesson is on surrender.

    I made an effort to secure a higher degree a few years after the first.
    Inquiring in the Department of my choice, was that my first option was filled.
    Second and third options gone too. The last option was remaining just one vacancy.
    Reluctantly, I took the last option but not feeling great taking that decision. I never liked that field of specialty.
    I came back home thanking The Mahanta for even having a chance to further my studies. Then I said something like “Wah Z, if you ask me, I will prefer the first option but may thy will be done.”

    When the post-graduate admission lists were out, I went checking on the notice board and to my greatest surprise, my name was second on the the first option of specialty.

    What followed afterwards as regards The Master’s assistance is a big story for another day.

    Thanks Wah Z for your love and care.

  10. Peter Akpokodje says:

    Your star Philippe, shines bright indeed.

    Thank you for sharing such as inspiring experience of courage, detachment and love.
    Clearly, the ECK is never limited by the mind or its dictates. We only have to accept this in our lives and be patient. By this, I mean, the love and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

    Thank you Mahanta for divine love, guidance and protection. Words don’t just do… but I’m grateful.

  11. Godstime Obruche says:

    To tell us that with the presence of (MAHANTA) everything is possible in our life.

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