Love Times Two Equals Wisdom

By Marty, Missouri

It’s now May, and in our household, we have four beings that put out fur, and two beings that collect the fur and clean up after the four. It seems we are outnumbered. How did that happen?

Two years ago our beloved male cat, Nico, had a marked decline in health. We thought his decline was temporary, and followed the vet’s option to put in a feeding tube. Years earlier I decided that using a feeding tube for a loved one was a “line in the sand” that I never wanted to cross. Now I was crossing that line. Through round-the-clock duty of feeding Nico every four hours for six weeks, both my wife and I received an abundance of love, and developed a stronger relationship. On the drive to the vet during Nico’s last hour, my wife kindly suggested we play the HU song. She knew the HU song, which is a way to express and be filled with divine love, would help me feel calm.

Fast forward to this year, on a Sunday in February.

I had a nudge to wash the sheets in our guest bedroom. The bed hadn’t been slept in for months. This is the room that is our safe haven for pets new to the house, or pets that are convalescing. That same afternoon, my wife and I both independently got a nudge to go for a walk. She chose where to walk—a wooded conservation area two miles from the house. In the last few minutes of the walk, we found a small black and white kitty that was quite scared of other people’s dogs. She approached us but ran away when she heard the dogs barking. After several minutes of coaxing, she came down from the tree limbs and to our feet. She clung to us while we walked to the car. Although it was a warm day, freezing temperatures were expected within twenty-four hours. Since there were no houses around, we figured someone had left her there.

We fed her, trimmed her nails, and settled her and myself into the guest bedroom. As she lay next to my shoulder that first night, I was awakened by a profound, warm, stretching sensation in my chest. I could only call it love. It felt like this love was emanating several feet, and that it was also coming from the kitty. It was a shared experience that engulfed both of us. The feeling was so strong that it took me an hour to relax into the sensations and fall asleep again. At this point, I knew she was a keeper.

The next day, our vet examined the little kitty. She was less than one year old, was pregnant, due in three weeks, and the x-ray showed three kittens inside! We named her Mama Mia and I continued to sleep in the guest bedroom to help her feel safe.

We observed Mama Mia repeating the same odd behaviors Nico had displayed. Both my wife and I had a knowing that she was the same Soul with a new physical body.

In March, Mama Mia gave birth in a cardboard box in the bedroom closet. Only one kitten survived and this miracle baby was no bigger than my thumb! By instinct, mother cats will move the babies to a new location every few days. In the middle of the third night, as I was sleeping on my stomach, I felt a tickling sensation in my left hand. A few minutes later I felt it again. As it continued, I felt pressure on my ankles. I counted—only two other beings in the room and it must be the baby in my hand! Mama Mia had placed the three-day-old baby in the palm of my hand, and then she slept a foot away. Her trust in me stirred deep feeling of love and responsibility. A few hours later I turned over, carefully placing the baby a few inches away from me. With her head, Mama Mia nudged the baby to be in contact with my hip. Then she nudged my arm so my arm made contact with the baby. Again, she slept a foot away. This went on for five hours, until I got out of bed the next morning.

As I told my wife this story, she knew we would be keeping the baby too. We had previously decided not to look for any new pets, and especially not for any cats that were female or young. Being lost in the woods was the best way this Soul could find its way back to us.

I realize, through all of this, that when I get attached to a certain opinion, or take a stand on what life experiences I do not want, that I am saying “no” to love. I am learning that when I open myself to whatever experience life brings, that I am opening myself to more divine love as well as to the gentleness, strengthened relationships, and wisdom that follow in its wake. 


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