Could I Please Pay for That Honey?

By Harold Klemp

A mother went shopping with her bratty daughter.  They were standing in the checkout line, waiting to pay for groceries.  The mother had a shopping cart filled with food, and the little girl had her hands all over it.  She kept pushing the cart against the back of the woman ahead of them in line.  “Bam, bam, bam,” she said, as she rammed the cart into the woman.

Finally the woman turned around.  “Could you please ask your daughter to stop? That hurts!” she said to the mother.

“I will not,” the mother answered.  “My daughter is being raised the antiauthoritarian way.  And I wish her to have freedom.”  And the little girl went right on banging this woman in the back.

About this time, a customer standing right behind the mother and little girl began opening a jar of honey.  Everyone in line watched as he removed the lid and slowly walked over to the little girl.  Very carefully he poured the contents of the jar of honey on top of the little girl’s head.

The jar of honey was half empty before the mother could speak.  “What are you doing?”  she screamed.  “Stop!  Stop doing that to my little girl!”

“Don’t stop me,” replied the young man.  “I was raised the antiauthoritarian way.”

As the last few drops were falling on the little girl’s head, someone in the back of the line called out, “Could I please pay for that honey?”

Often we can get a lot of our own lessons by watching the experiences of others.  When a person gets an experience because of a lack of self-discipline, we are usually very quick to pick it up.  “He doesn’t have any self-discipline,” we say.  “That’s why he’s a failure in business.”  All the things we do in the physical life are little lessons for us to learn spiritually, so that someday we can become a Co-worker with God,

A Co-worker with God is someone who has learned self-discipline in spiritual things.

Excerpted from Stories to Help You See God in Your Life, ECK Parables, Book 4.


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