Could I Please Pay for That Honey?

By Harold Klemp

A mother went shopping with her bratty daughter.  They were standing in the checkout line, waiting to pay for groceries.  The mother had a shopping cart filled with food, and the little girl had her hands all over it.  She kept pushing the cart against the back of the woman ahead of them in line.  “Bam, bam, bam,” she said, as she rammed the cart into the woman.

Finally the woman turned around.  “Could you please ask your daughter to stop? That hurts!” she said to the mother.

“I will not,” the mother answered.  “My daughter is being raised the antiauthoritarian way.  And I wish her to have freedom.”  And the little girl went right on banging this woman in the back.

About this time, a customer standing right behind the mother and little girl began opening a jar of honey.  Everyone in line watched as he removed the lid and slowly walked over to the little girl.  Very carefully he poured the contents of the jar of honey on top of the little girl’s head.

The jar of honey was half empty before the mother could speak.  “What are you doing?”  she screamed.  “Stop!  Stop doing that to my little girl!”

“Don’t stop me,” replied the young man.  “I was raised the antiauthoritarian way.”

As the last few drops were falling on the little girl’s head, someone in the back of the line called out, “Could I please pay for that honey?”

Often we can get a lot of our own lessons by watching the experiences of others.  When a person gets an experience because of a lack of self-discipline, we are usually very quick to pick it up.  “He doesn’t have any self-discipline,” we say.  “That’s why he’s a failure in business.”  All the things we do in the physical life are little lessons for us to learn spiritually, so that someday we can become a Co-worker with God,

A Co-worker with God is someone who has learned self-discipline in spiritual things.

Excerpted from Stories to Help You See God in Your Life, ECK Parables, Book 4.


22 Responses to Could I Please Pay for That Honey?

  1. Bi Veronica Ngwa says:

    Yes, self-discipline is a way of promoting harmony within and without.
    This is love, and life is all about love.
    Thank you Wah Z.

  2. David Parker says:

    This does remind me of a problem I had when I was young and early in high school. I was having some troubles with some bullies who were making life miserable for me. I was new in ECK and tried my best to focus on the Mahanta but still my feelings were hurt. At a seminar I got to spend some time with Paul Twitchell. I told him about the issues I was having at school trying to be a positive example for Spirit but the other kids were making life tough. Paul said to me, “Rise above it if you can, if you can’t do that get away from them. If you can’t do those two things then punch them in the nose.” Paul told me stories of some of the many fights he was in when he was in high school, too. I admit I was shocked even at that age at the physical violence but have kept his words in my mind through my life as situations have proven troubling.

    • Eliz says:

      Thank you soooooo much for sharing your story. It was truly informative and insightful. I am so glad Paul said that to you..It gives me some ideas to handle my own bullies too.

  3. Karen says:

    Love the story! Thank you Mahanta. Enjoyed reading all the comments too!
    May the Blessings Be!

  4. Lucille says:

    What ever we do in life there is some kind of consequences for our actions. As I go through life I know that in my heart that LOVE is all. If I can keep an open heart to give love the more love I give the more love I receive.

  5. Geetha Murthy says:

    What an enlightening story, Harji, indicating the importance of responsibility. Such beautiful stories make you responsible, even when your mind refuses to do so. Each time I read your articles, it gives me different insights, which helps me when I tend to be negative. Your love and guidance is protecting me and I am trying my best to be a good student of yours. I am grateful to all your Blessings.

  6. Paula Wilson says:

    I am so thankful for the workings of the Eck

  7. Zach Akighir says:

    Thank you Mahanta for this story. It opens one’s mind to what one’s spiritual freedom should, or should not include: “encroaching on other Souls”. Like the lesson from the young man, if our “antiauthoritarian” (freedom) upbringing should encroach on others, we should be disciplined enough not to exercise it. The society will be embroiled in chaos if we allow our “freedom” to encroach on others.

  8. John Ebadan says:

    This is a typical parable from the Mahanta, very inspiring, and funny, the truth of the
    Message will get through the thick haze of our mind, when you hear this story you shall
    Make many things of it, in my home country in the Nederlands there is a popular saying
    That the law of the land guaranties everybody there freedom’s “BUT” your freedom stops
    Where your Nabors own freedom starts. Ha ha

  9. Henry Koster says:

    The story is a great illustration of how my freedom ends when I meet your space. Balance in all things is so important, albeit difficult sometimes. I have found that angry moments can be countered by a loving chanting of the sound of HU. Often, I become aware of a new, higher, perspective that allows anger to dissipate. That, of course, means I have more freedom than I had in the moment of anger.

  10. DEINMA Chinakwe says:

    I love this story. It’s knew of my favourite stories on self discipline. Thanks Harji for sharing the story.

  11. Richard Berling says:

    Does this sounds familiar? I drove my car to get air for my tires. Upon arrival someone was filing their tires so I pulled up next to a lady who affirmed she was waiting to get air for her tires. I readily agreed she should go next. Having filled her tires just when she started leaving someone came along and tried to cut in. I accelerated and cut him off and told him we had a line. Surprisingly it turned out to be someone with whom I have a passing acquaintance. No further words were said but I relished my well earned time with the air hose. I believe affirming our own time and space strengthens our ability to express Soul.

  12. Denise Henson says:

    Hum, great question about “Was he an agent for the Lords of Karma”,,,,,,,,I believe quite so he was an agent for the Lords of Karma….And great story. Me, I try to mind my own business but I guess sometimes the urge is undisciplined and cant help but react to the situation. Thank you for this story on Facebook. I hope more stories come in.

  13. Anna Jackard says:

    All the people in the story are responsible for their own action steps; including the mother’s refusal to teach her daughter about the spiritual law of intrusion. I would have liked to see the lady who was being disrespected by the little girl to have demonstrated a more creative way to get out of harms way. It is my responsibility to take an action step in not giving my consent to be mistreated. The first thing that crossed my mind was to move to the side of my own cart or to the side of the cart behind me. I need to stay focused on the Karma I create and stay away from what lessons I think someone else needs to learn. I put myself into a position to get stringed recently when I broke a spiritual law in effort to teach someone about the spiritual law of following through with their agreements. Not honoring a spiritual law to take it on myself to teach someone else about a different spiritual law tells me I need to correct the stone throwing spiritual law I am not honoring. Regardless of what choices others make I am responsible for the karma I create with my own action steps. I want to make choices that gives me the level of consciousness and action steps that feeds goodness and kindness for others and myself.

  14. Holly says:

    Such vivid lessons the Mahanta gives Soul.

  15. Marcelina McCool says:

    There are some lessons that life best describe the best!! This is a wonderful example of how life takes care of it!!! Life is a playground where we all play a role sometimes, we are the teachers and sometimes are we are the students. Thanks for the reminder!!!

  16. Chigoziri says:

    A little lesson for one to learn spiritually. That’s it. A lesson in self-discipline! One who acts without restraint will experience the law of returns in similar fashion. After all, Soul is here to learn how to give and receive love.

  17. Marcus says:

    Chris .. if the young man was motivated by pure intentions, that karma (action) would be good because he wished some sort of liberation for everyone involved, especially the little girl. My teacher is a Tibetan Buddhist monk and he is constantly telling us to ‘check your motivation’ before absolutely everything we do, even before matras and prayers. Bad motivation before a deed always leads to failure, things breaking down and harm. Good motivation accompanying a deed is good karma (‘good action’.) May the blessings be <3.

  18. Peter Akpokodje says:

    I would like to see the young man as an agent of love. It all depends on the instrument that leads him to his action. We care to make a difference in uplifting consciousness but not of our will, and to be clear channels of the ECK, Holy Spirit. To be a service of love. And should that be to protect, to teach, to smile, we will be available and willing, always listening to the prompts of the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master. Always being a channel for love.

    For me, I declare myself a channel for the Mahanta, and just go with the flow of the ECK i.e. Holy Spirit in the moment. But this is just me.

  19. Peter Akpokodje says:

    Thanks Harold. It takes courage to pour the honey following an intuition practically. I like this story and its lesson.

    As a growing parent, I try to find creative ways to show my little girl of three to help her understand freedom and responsibility. Sometimes, I feel they are so knowledgeable about the consequence to receive for their action from their guardian and want to test the limit. Thanks for insight on what to do and doing it with love and not as a punishment.

    Creating the right value system with respect at the early formative years is good. Afterall, we have limited time to do our bit as parents. Seeing the child as Soul is great, afterall, It is unlimited by time.

  20. Holly says:

    You share the greatest stories. I could just see the whole situation in my minds eye.
    Thank You

  21. Chris Bauch says:

    So, was the young man, as agent for the Lords of Karma, karmaless in this act?

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