HU Heals Your Heart

By Jackie, Kentucky

My dad passed three years ago and though I felt a certain sadness, I was comforted in the thought of him happy and healthy, learning the lessons of this life, and preparing for the next one.

When it came time to assist our very ill seventeen-year-old Bichon Frise, Picasso, to leave this world for the unleashed pastures of the heavenly worlds, I thought I’d be able to handle that transition just as easily. After all, I am an ECKist! We do have a different outlook on Soul’s translation after death of the physical body that happens to include our pets.

When the time came, my husband Bob called in a Lap of Love hospice vet and we were able to play the HU song softly in the background as we sang HU silently to ourselves. We shared with the hospice vet about Prajapati (an ECK Master that cares for animals), the HU, and our beliefs about our pets reincarnating and serving life too. We even found an extra copy of Animals Are Soul Too! to offer her as a gift, which she gladly accepted, saying it would be of help to her.

I held up pretty well during the actual procedure but to my shock, in the days afterwards, my grief was unimaginable. The loneliness. The hole in my heart that felt like it would never heal. Grief bursts, the hospice vet called them.

In my grief, I turned deeper inside. I did my spiritual exercises with a new resolve. I sang HU whenever I could remember. I started listening to the HU CD in my car. I practiced the presence of the Mahanta.

And yet, it was five days of near relentless grief during the day and grief bursts at night.

One day on the way to work, as I listened to the HU CD, I heard the narrator give this instruction: while you sing HU, “Gently reach out with your feelings. You can think of a loved one if you like.”

Although I’d heard, “Think of someone you love,” and I said it often to those new to ECK, I’d never heard the other part, “Gently reach out with your feelings.” And even though I didn’t know exactly how to do it, I tried it. I reached out with my feelings and thought of Picasso, and brought the two together.

In that instant there was a lifting. I was healed. I almost did a double take, looking over my shoulder, trying to figure out what had just happened. When I got to work, I continued thinking about how miraculous it was. I reached over and took a HU card off the top of a stack I save for clients. On the front of the HU card I read: “Singing HU can . . . Heal a broken heart” and “Offer solace during times of grief.” I realized that’s exactly what had just happened to me.

My grief had indeed healed, and life returned to its normal, hectic pace!


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