Spiritual Exercise: Listening for God

ECKANKAR, God, Holy SpiritBy Harold Klemp

Try this simple spiritual exercise to help you hear and see the two aspects of God, the Light and Sound.

Go somewhere quiet.  Sit or lie down in a comfortable place.  Put your attention on your Spiritual Eye, a point just above and behind your eyebrows.  With eyes lightly shut, begin to sing a holy word or phrase, such as HU, God, Holy Spirit, or “Show me thy ways, O Lord.”  But fill your heart with love before you approach the altar of God, because only the pure may come.

Be patient.  Do this exercise for several weeks, for a limit of twenty minutes each time.  Sit, sing, and wait.  God speaks to you only when you are able to listen.

Excerpted from The Spiritual Exercises of ECK, where more than 130 spiritual exercise like this can be found. Learn more about spiritual exercises.


7 Responses to Spiritual Exercise: Listening for God

  1. Iyke nwokeji says:

    Language fails me in words to use to express what has become of me since being a chela of the Mahanta, The living Eck Master, Sri Harold Klemp and listening to him-simply interesting and transforming!

  2. Peter Akpokodje says:

    Right now.. at this very moment… I am listening to the Sound within and all around and typing too. Thanks Eckankar for presenting these Golden teachings! Thank you Sri Harold Klemp for keeping the teachings pure.

  3. Dennis Toky says:

    Everything that happened to you was experience. Just think about it. Do give love to yourself and forgive other people that offended you. Sing HU and things must move for your good.

  4. Vevve says:

    Singing the HU for the last 20 some year or more have and still is a wonderful and highly Spiritual experience I enjoy, also reading the ECK Books, a listening to the Master Video and tapes are Awesome. Also the Beautiful artwork from the face book is Breathtaking and don’t forget the ECK Seminars—words I can not explain, just Bliss.

    MAY The Blessings BE ??✨?

  5. Bi Veronica Ngwa says:

    HU brings the Light and Sound, the Light and Sound brings Love……so wonderful to love and to be loved.

    I invited a friend to our Sunday HU song session so many years ago and when it was over she tried in tears to explain to me how she felt during the singing and even afterwards. She confirmed it was so lovely. She couldn’t help but cry out the joy, happiness, and the Love she found in the HU. I guess she was never the same after then.

    HU, is for all, just like Love is for all.

    Thank you Mahanta for your love.

    May The Blessings be.

  6. Godwin Agubalu says:

    A couple of years ago I attended the group HU song at the World Wide Seminar, after the song the lady that was sitting next to me thanked me and gave me a hug. She said she love the way I sang the HU.

  7. Moses B. Nduekhe says:

    Thanks very much Harji for this reminder- A Spiritual technique to try.

    A very important point to note is the statement ” But fill your heart with love before you approach the alter of God, because only the pure may come.”
    This is really very important. Love is really the key into the kingdom of God.

    During the thirty minutes HU Song on Sunday morning (yesterday) before The ECK Worship Service to mark the end of the 2016 ECK African Seminar in Port Harcourt, Nigeria where I sat next to an ECKist friend. He was indeed shouting the HU. I was feeling really very uncomfortable. Not concentrating on the HU Song, hence no experience. That was very unusual.

    After the HU Song and turned apart with my emotions but had to stop and asked what lessons were there to learn. I should have given love to the situation. I wasn’t the only one close to that ECKist. How were they handling the issue? I couldn’t wrap my head around the situation.

    I think I will handle similar situation better in future.

    Thanks very much Wah Z.

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