The Inner Master’s Guidance Helps Sidestep Spiritual Harm

By Murali, Singapore

The ECK or the Holy Spirit speaks to us all the time, providing guidance, protection and even answers to problems we face in life. All one has to do is be humble enough to listen to the silent voice of the ECK and follow its guidance. Sometimes this spiritual guidance comes by way of ‘waking dream’ experiences that help us sidestep spiritual harm.

I was driving along the highway, feeling frustrated and agitated about an issue that had come up between me and a colleague. Before I knew it, I was having angry thoughts and negative energy was slowly building up within. Just as this was happening, my thoughts were disrupted by a sharp sound of a very tiny object that flew out of nowhere and hit the front windscreen. It was as if I received a small jolt from the sound energy. I knew right away that it was a quick reminder from the Inner Master to watch my negative train of thoughts before they caused me spiritual harm. So I let the angry thoughts go.

Later that evening, the negative thoughts came back a second time as I was driving to dinner with a couple of colleagues. I aired my frustrations to them and they mentioned having similar experiences. As we neared the restaurant, I noticed that the place was about ready to close. There was an empty parking space right in front of the restaurant, so I stopped behind a parked vehicle, and without getting out, I asked a restaurant staff if we could eat there. While engaged in conversation, I didn’t realize the car was slowly moving forward. Even though my foot was on the brake pedal, I wasn’t pressing hard on it. I then heard a ‘thump’ and a scratching sound as the front bumper of my car made contact with the rear bumper of a parked van. Thankfully the plastic front bumper was only dislodged slightly and I was able to push it back into place. Through this incident the Inner Master gave me a second warning that I was heading for a collision (spiritual harm) by reviving the negative train of thoughts from the day.

That night I sat down and wrote in my dream journal, a note to the Inner Master to surrender my anger and frustrations. I also asked to be shown the reason behind my experience in the dream state. However, when I got up the next day, I didn’t have any dream recollection. So I added the phrase, ‘Thy will be done’ to the note that I had written to the Inner Master the night before.

I then left the house to get some breakfast and came back an hour later. I reached into my pocket for the door key. To my surprise, the spare key that is usually left hanging by the front door, was in my pocket. I remembered using it to open the lock when I left home that morning. But instead of leaving it by the front door, I had absentmindedly put it into my pocket. There was a key chain attached to the key and the message on it read, “Life is like an ice cream. Enjoy it before it melts.” Yes, the Inner Master was speaking again through a third waking dream to give a ‘key’ insight to help me let go the anger and frustration.

As I contemplated on these waking dreams, I could see how the negative power was using my mind to trap and get me into trouble. Perhaps a more important realization was the subtle message from the Inner Master, that if I were to focus on negativity, I stand to lose a precious opportunity to enjoy the gifts that life brings to me. Thank you Mahanta for your constant love, guidance, and protection. May the blessings be.


27 Responses to The Inner Master’s Guidance Helps Sidestep Spiritual Harm

  1. David Coldwell says:

    This is so similar to an experience I had. Pulled into a parking space at a strip mall but now they have reserved spaces for each business so I had to move into another stall.

    I looked in the mirrors and as I was slowly backing out, a young lady did likewise behind me. Fortunately we were both backing out very slowly. She was very pleasant as we exchanged info. We were both 50/50 at fault. The repair cost was less than the deductable. It was a clear message that I needed to find a doctor’s office closer to home. It was pointless to continue the old habit of driving so far in the hope that there might be a vacant parking spot there.

    My bumper had some light scratches, most of which rubbed off. All the old dings and scratches on the bumper of the used car from years ago needed some touch up anyway and it was time to remove a few rust spots before they became any bigger.

    Removing spiritual rust sooner rather than later is a good thing.

  2. MANJULA says:

    The awareness with which you have received spiritual guidance is excellent.

  3. Claire says:

    Thank you Murali for sharing your experience with awakened dreams. These dreams helped me to understand some of my behaviors to improvise. It is a réal gift to have the Mahanta to help us reshape ourselves. May thy will be mine.

  4. Shima says:

    Your sharing experience just came right in time for me reminding me “Mahanta loves us and he is always with us”….

  5. Nnenna says:

    In fact the topic told me the story line as the speaker eas narrating it, most times we have these nodges but there aer experiences soul must go through after all how does soul learn, mahanta is always there for all of us, but the experiences teach us better, love u Wah Z.

  6. Kim Bally says:


    My first time getting “inner-guidance” was when I was almost 5. Mom would put me on the bus to day-care and the driver was shown where to stop to let me off. But this Time it was a NEW Driver and he did not stop! I noticed it right off but did not know how to stop the bus or make the driver aware of his error? The bus continued and then made a turn and stopped at the barber shop on next corner. Amazingly I had it All planned before I got off the bus! One block forward past barber shop then turn right and 3 blocks down turn right and one block over turn left and another block down. I should also mention this was in December middle of winter in Rivers Manitoba and it was approximately -25 to -30 so one small error of getting lost or taking a wrong turn and I could of been frozen in no time! But I had my plan and followed it to the letter and It took me right to the Day-care front door! Truly is it easier to believe this was a 4 years old plan or a gift from his Spiritual helper???

  7. odache franca says:

    Thank you for sharing your story, I for one has learned how to surrender to the ECK and relaying absolutely on the master instead of carrying a heavy heart. Thank you Z for your unending love. I am a proud student of the master. Your will be done.

  8. Olawunmi Mendes says:

    Thank you Mahanta for the enlightenment .
    This will really help me to appreciate your precious gifts in my life.
    May the blessings be!

  9. Karen says:

    Thank you Murali for sharing your story/experience. It’s very inspiring and I love the message on your key chain. 🙂
    We must always be alert to the spiritual guidance that comes our way.
    May The Blessings Be!

  10. roberte says:

    thank you for sharing this experience. The inner guidance is realy important in our life. Thank you mahanta for every thing you do in our life.

  11. Moses Ezeala says:

    The ECK or the Holy Spirit speaks to us all the time, providing guidance, protection and even answers to problems we face in life. All one has to do is be humble enough to listen to the silent voice of the ECK and follow its guidance. Sometimes this spiritual guidance comes by way of ‘waking dream’ experiences that help us sidestep spiritual harm.

  12. Karen Hull says:

    Thank you Mahanta for your daily reminders that help us wandering Souls find the peace that awaits us if we just turn from the negative energy and go within and listen to the loving guidance that can take us to a better place. I’ve been struggling for years trying to understand my husband’s inability to give or express love. His mind is one of logic and reasoning. He is a wonderful man that I have been married to for 30 years. I found Eckankar almost a year ago and have had many of my negative thoughts interrupted by a breeze or a bird or some other messenger reminding me to pay attention to the beauty that surrounds me instead of focusing on the Kal energy that tends to grab my attention. I find my inner turmoil beginning to settle a little as I listen to the subtle messages of the Mahanta. Thank you for all your stories of inspiration as they truly do open the doors to the gift of love that awaits all who enter the Eck path. Thy Will Be Done. May the blessings be…

  13. Ibezim Ejikeme says:

    Thank you for sharing this inspiring story.
    On thing we should understand as chelas of Mahanta is that he is always guiding and protecting us but we should be very alert to receive the message the Master is passing to us . Being spiritually alert means constantly doing our spiritual exercises of the Eck and listen to the voice of the Eck.
    May the blessings be.

  14. Okome Évelyne says:

    Merci Mahanta pour ce rappel à l’ordre, ce sont les plus petites choses qui font la vie.???

  15. Holly says:

    This article with all the many waking dreams reminded me of how life has many wake up calls to bring our consciousness to a more refined state of being. My dog is very in-tune with life. And when I spend more than a second on a negative thought he will run over to me and start growling as if to say, Hey! You are polluting your consciousness, and the air around you! Stop it!

    The gifts of spirit come in many forms. Love always finds a way to teach us.

  16. Charlene says:

    Thank you Mahanta for the reminder to not get caught in the myriad of mental traps that distract us from the path of love and kindness. No matter what another does to us, we are responsible for maintaining our state of consciousness and that means refusing to be a victim – refusing to allow their darkness to cloud our heart one little bit.

  17. Emmanuel Ufuoma TONUKARI says:

    I sincerely enjoyed your story and it is a great lesson to me too. Thank you.

  18. AZU OMAMA says:

    I am grateful for this blog bcos it serve as a reminder to me and also to focus on positivity. thank you


    I am uplifted spiritually when I read this article. Thanks to Eck. May the blessings be.

  20. harolde HENRY says:

    I am blessed for this experience. Thanks for sharing” life is like an Ice Cream”. I love it. Thanks and May the blessings be.

  21. Stella Udu says:

    Thank you Murali, What a great story. I can see how the Holy Spirit uses occurrences from daily living to speak to us.

  22. David Ighodaro says:

    Thanks for the sharing. This is to remind us of the ever presence of mahanta’s love in our lives and situations. Mahanta cares for us we should have that awareness. May the blessings be.

  23. Bi Veronica Ngwa says:

    A beautiful story. Thanks for sharing.

    This is a waking dream for me to refocus my thoughts positively. For quite some days I have been carried away by some negative happenings taking place in some countries around the world as I watch and listen to daily news. I realized my negative thoughts and feelings were already pulling me down to the emotional state of consciousness.

    Thanks to this blog and this post in particular for the wake-up call.

    May The Blessings be.

  24. Caroline V. says:

    Such a gift to be connected to the Divine ECK..

  25. Carolyn Wienand says:

    Surrendering all of my life to the Mahanta, Wah Z and the Eck is the best way to live and walk through life. When I forget to surrender, my troubles become even larger. So today I surrender all my challenges and my anger about them to Wah Z. May the Blessings Be.

    Thank you for your message. I truly needed this reminder. Thank you, Mahanta, for your love, guidance, and protection. I woke this morning with an inner message to check out this Eck blog. I am so grateful I did. There is no need to ever feel alone in life. Thank you for your love.

  26. Godwin Wilson says:

    Quite a wonderful instruction there: life being likened to an ice cream; it’s either we enjoy it fresh or we watch it melting away!
    Thanks for sharing that wonderful experience.
    Thank you Z for always being there for us, l love you!

  27. Moses B. Nduekhe says:

    I woke up this morning a brand new person resulting from The Inner Master’s guidance. Now I can lead a better life different from that of yesterday. I am sincerely grateful to Wah Z for this wonderful experience. All I need do at all times is pay more attention to my inner life. This can help me sidestep Spiritual Harm.

    Thanks Wah Z.

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