Coming to ECK

By Sharon, Minnesota

Thank you, Sri Harold, from the bottom of my heart for bringing me into Eckankar. I had known vaguely about Eckankar but was busy with my spiritual path little knowing I would end my search in Eckankar.

About seven years ago I was spending a lot of time on my couch asking for direction. I was not in good shape, with many ailments and much pain. One day, I turned the TV on to the community channel and heard the sound of HU. Then you came on and started to speak. I was bewildered. You were telling what I thought was a very simple story. But then I noticed your eyes looking deeply into mine and love started to pour into me right from the television. I was astonished. I started to laugh and cry and to shut my eyes tightly against all that love but kept opening them to receive more of that astonishing love which I had never experienced. Later, somebody told me I had received the Darshan which I had never heard of.

To make a long story short that expression of love from the Master got me off the couch. My request for direction had been answered. I went and bought a walker and started walking painfully to the library to look for ECK books. I found one about spiritual dreams and past lives.

And as I read it love poured into me from the pages of the book and I laughed and cried my way through it and shut the book a few times to rest from the intensity. I found a chiropractor who helped me with my pain. I found my way to the Temple of ECK and as I walked in the door, Shirley, the greeter reached out her hands to me and once again, I felt love pouring into me. I knew I had come home.

Needless to say, I quickly joined Eckankar and started to do Satsang. I am in my sixth year of Satsang and I am so grateful.

I still have physical problems but now I know. I am Soul, having a physical experience. I am awed by the wonder of life with a living teacher and an inner teacher. It has changed me forever. I never feel alone anymore.

There really are no words to express what I feel.


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