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ECKANKAR, Goals, ECK, MahantaBy Harold Klemp

Q: A while ago, I was doing a spiritual exercise that was an extension of the “as if” principle.  At the time, I was unhappy with work and relationship issues, and so I began to write in my journal each day about the life I wanted to create for myself.

It changed me completely and helped me focus on particular goals.  Within weeks, the experience I had written about in my journal began to manifest.

How do I know, when practicing an exercise of this nature, that I am working in alignment with spiritual law and not infringing on the spiritual freedom of others?

A: In your first paragraph, the key words are “the life I wanted to create for myself.”  So was it an upright, honest goal?

Then, in your third paragraph, the key words are “working in alignment with spiritual law and not infringing on the spiritual freedom of others.”  One could too casually say, Well, are you?  But that is exactly your question.

So give room for the ECK, the Mahanta, to determine whether your goal is in keeping with the divine laws.

Phrase your wishes on this order: “If I am ready, let me pass from my present situations into ones more in keeping with a higher state of consciousness.”  Then hold your wishes lightly in mind.  And let whatever will be, be.

Do not overlook an important fact.  Your ability to even envision a brighter future is not by chance.  This vision alone is saying something that is obvious.

It says you are no longer satisfied with things as they have become.  Who or what has changed?

This answer is purposely vague.  You must examine these and other such issues honestly in your own heart.  Ask the Inner Master’s guidance too.

Excerpted from A Modern Prophet Answers Your Key Questions about Life, Book 2.


19 Responses to Creating Your Life

  1. David says:

    A difficulty for me, in creating something better, is that a negative state of consciousness makes it difficult to know what is better. Anything my mind creates will be of inferior quality compared to spirit. Often I find myself in this Catch 22 situation when I cannot visualize what could be better.
    Current difficulties can provide some insight into what to create however. Instead of an image, an uplifting feeling held for a while may work. I feel this gives Mahanta a greater degree of freedom in guiding me to create the best I can. Instead of imagining a picture, I imagine what a higher state of consciousness would feel like and let it solidify into something real. Then I work backwards to understand what existed in the original state because of how it manifested. Hope this helps with those Catch 22 situations.

  2. deanna strahl says:

    I just read an article written by Harold Klemp about fear. It would not mean so much to me in relation to this conversation except that in his article he said that life is fear and about conquering fear. That maybe in a -past- life we had inherited some fear and that maybe we are in this physical life to overcome that fear and become a happier person. Hum,,,, life is fearful. I had never thought about it this way and
    I agree with this. Piles and Piles of fear to sort out and recover from. And of course our contemplations, with the words and light and sound of god. Not so bad, huh? Deanna

  3. James Potter says:

    The Mahanta wrote these words many years ago about this very issue: “The Holy Spirit will give us all that we need. First we must learn to expect the best in life, and be willing to plan and work for it. Second, we need a clear mental picture of what we desire. Third, this picture is to be maintained constantly, with the certainty that Divine Spirit will supply any rightful desire. Fourth, there must be gratitude for every good thing received.”
    Note #3 and Harold´s emphasis of “any rightful desire.” Do your best and leave the rest to Spirit!

  4. CAULMA EFEGI says:

    For me holding your vision in my mind constantly and taking the necessary steps and actions are key. I use to sleep to much especially to rouse myself early in the morning to do the a spiritual exercise. I started dialoguing with the Master. I also started to set alarm to be waking up at the time I want. Sometimes the Master wakes me up. How? While asleep, I would hear a knock on my door and when I got up to open it, there would be nobody. Then I would look at the time and lo and behold it was time for spiritual exercise. These days even without setting an alarm, I would wake up 10 or 15 minutes before or after my stipulated time.

  5. rosemaary Ikenna says:

    creating our life, we must have a definite goal in life because if we do. we than know, how and what to achieve in life.

  6. Uwem says:

    These answer make me live in the moment, no matter what situation i was, i believe with The Mahanta, The living ECK Master i will be on a right align of the Spiritual law.

  7. Delaly says:

    With the right inspiration and vision, we will be recreating all aspects of our lives to align perfectly with Love, for God is Love, and that is the whole point of everything at the end of the day.

  8. Pam Terrell says:

    Thank you for the clarity. Our words are mighty powerful and I try to use them in the most positive way.

  9. Will Thiessen says:

    Thanks Mahanta for this, BEST advice, I too seem at a crossroads (need vast improvements in every way). Remembering that this world is ephemeral; how do I proceed and stay on side of ECK-Holy Spirit? DETACHMENT (just came to me). Vairag, Love W.T.

  10. Samson Ehijinwa says:

    Creating our own life as Master said in the above article, reminds me that, we are Soul a unit of God, that we have all It takes to mold our life the way we want It, this we can do through Spiritual exercises of ECK, creating or dreaming our future by writing our plans down, and sourandering It to ECK. Ï have achieved a lot in my life by this Spiritual Exercise. It is my secret of success in life.

    Thank you Mahanta

  11. Kate says:

    This is exactly the question I’ve been grappling with—thank you and good timing. I suppose my ability to let go of my old consciousness and embrace my new consciousness makes a difference too.

    Love you Mahanta thank you.

  12. Arash says:

    Thanks for sharing, I didn’t really get what the exercise was though! Hope you had mentioned it.

  13. Carolyn Clevinger says:

    Thank you Mahanta! This article is an inspiration for my daily spiritual exercises. Your guidance keeps me in balance. Thank you for all your inner guidance. May the Blessings Be.
    I love you,

  14. Bruce Meek says:

    I too feel the sense of community when I read the Mahanta’s answers and also the replies from fellow readers. The Mahanta’s answer helped fill in some blanks for me this morning. Thank you!

  15. Samuel Ekpeyong says:

    I truly appreciate this article;currently I’m going through a similar situation in my life my work is having an issue but I learned I have to invite the Mahanta the living Eck master into the situation and let His be done and I now focus on the Eck believing that the result will be in my favour may the blessings be

  16. Bi Veronica Ngwa says:

    Thanks to Sri Harold Klemp for this article.
    Thanks to Moses and you all for the rich contributions enlightening us all.
    May The Blessings be.

  17. Anna Uju Thomas says:

    Thank you, Thank you Mahanta, for the Answer, I am very grateful.

  18. michael best says:

    When I was a new person to Eckankar, I used to envy and have wonder at the experiences of others. Now I just listen or read of other’s experiences and know that I am in a community. One as diverse in nature here in the realms of the physical universes. Each one’s experiences are for the individual’s benefit and shaped to the individual soul. I now smile and get a warm feeling that another of the ‘family’ of soul has opened their eye to the possibilities of a wondrous inheritance.

  19. Moses B. Nduekhe says:

    Great. Thanks very much Harji for this discourse.

    Often we act in ways and manner as to show that we don’t really care just about anything. Its our life, right! Don’t we have the freedom to spend it as we desire? Do just whatever we want. But what is our goal for doing all of these. Is it of a spiritual nature? Have we actually asked for guidance from The Mahanta?

    Life is what it is – A Teacher of some sort.

    Is The Mahanta far away? No. Can we look within to find it? Yes. We live in the society everyday with others. So we have our experiences through interactions. If we are no longer satisfied with the life we are leading or better still, the result we are getting, then we’ve got to change our methodology – our approach. It could be doing a spiritual exercise such as the one discussed in the Master’s article above. Then come the concerns whether we are doing it right or not. Am I working in alignment with the spiritual law or infringing on the spiritual freedom of others? Sometimes in working hard to create a new life or situation for ourselves, we may unknowingly be doing that at the detriment of others.

    Here lies the need to ask for guidance.

    Creating situations are on-going in life. But what I learned from this Master’s article is – while creating, one must examine his sincerity of purpose and of course with a heart full of love.

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