Creating Your Life

ECKANKAR, Goals, ECK, MahantaBy Harold Klemp

Q: A while ago, I was doing a spiritual exercise that was an extension of the “as if” principle.  At the time, I was unhappy with work and relationship issues, and so I began to write in my journal each day about the life I wanted to create for myself.

It changed me completely and helped me focus on particular goals.  Within weeks, the experience I had written about in my journal began to manifest.

How do I know, when practicing an exercise of this nature, that I am working in alignment with spiritual law and not infringing on the spiritual freedom of others?

A: In your first paragraph, the key words are “the life I wanted to create for myself.”  So was it an upright, honest goal?

Then, in your third paragraph, the key words are “working in alignment with spiritual law and not infringing on the spiritual freedom of others.”  One could too casually say, Well, are you?  But that is exactly your question.

So give room for the ECK, the Mahanta, to determine whether your goal is in keeping with the divine laws.

Phrase your wishes on this order: “If I am ready, let me pass from my present situations into ones more in keeping with a higher state of consciousness.”  Then hold your wishes lightly in mind.  And let whatever will be, be.

Do not overlook an important fact.  Your ability to even envision a brighter future is not by chance.  This vision alone is saying something that is obvious.

It says you are no longer satisfied with things as they have become.  Who or what has changed?

This answer is purposely vague.  You must examine these and other such issues honestly in your own heart.  Ask the Inner Master’s guidance too.

Excerpted from A Modern Prophet Answers Your Key Questions about Life, Book 2.


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