Dream Kitten

ECKANKAR, Dreams, KarmaBy Harold Klemp

A woman had a female cat for a pet.  They had lived together for eleven years, and there was a very strong bond of love between them.  Eventually the cat died, and the woman missed her very much.

About a year after her cat had died, the woman had a series of very clear dreams.  In one dream, someone told her, “Your cat is going to reincarnate on Monday, July 31.”

When the woman woke up, she said to herself, That dream was very nice.  But I live in an apartment in a big city now.  I don’t know how my cat is going to find me.

Then she had a second dream.  In this dream someone handed her two tiny kittens.

Both kittens were striped; one was lighter, the other darker.  The Inner Master told her, “The darker of the striped kittens is yours.”

That week one of her friends called. “Two of my cats had litters at the same time,” she said.  “Would you like a kitten?”

When the woman went to look at one of the litters, she immediately saw the striped kittens from her dream.  “This is my cat,” said the woman, picking up the darker of the striped kittens.

“It’s a male,” said her friend.

The woman paused. “A male?” she said.  “My cat was a very feminine female.  I can’t imagine her coming back as a male cat.”  Suddenly she was unsure of her dream.

Her friend said, “If you want a female, there’s a lovely gray-and-white kitten in the other litter.  This kitten loves everybody.”  But the kitten didn’t love this woman.

“All right,” sighed the woman, putting down the clawing animal.  “I think I’d better stick with the first striped kitten.”

On her way out she asked her friend, “By the way, what was the mother cat’s name?”  “Z,” said the cat owner.  Z is another name for the Inner Master, Wah Z.

As she drove home, the woman said inwardly, “Maybe this really is my cat, even though it’s a male.”

Later, before her daily contemplation, she picked up The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, the Eckankar bible.  She opened the book at random and read, “Soul will alternate between male and female bodies, each time learning some lessons while gathering karma and working off karma.”

The woman had the answer she needed.

Animals are often examples to people of how the spiritual laws work.

Excerpted from Animals Are Soul Too! 


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  1. deanna strahl says:

    I have a cat named Sophie that likes to hang around in my husband and I’s yard. She is beautiful and soft and so protective! We love her very much and feel that she is there as a friend not just a cat and that she was meant to be in our yard because of her love for others and her love for us and our yard. We really like her and and hope she will hang around catching mice and moles for the rest of her life!

    i feel the wind and see the light around her and I all of the time and it feels really good and makes me feel very happy that I am an eckist and that I know this is the truth for me!

  2. Kim Bally says:

    Sometimes you just “Know” without knowing how you know.

    I work in a tow yard and have taken care of up to 30 wild cats for about 25 years! Every fall I would tame ONE cat enough to take home. Once home they became 100% indoor cats! I never had a problem until #6, Pebbles, escaped by clawing a screened window and I thought I would never see her again??? Then last year a “NEW CAT” showed up out of blue at my tow yard. Pebbles and the new cat both had very similar markings and dispositions but I was not convinced this was Pebbles returning to me as animal reincarnation was not a big possibility in my beliefs to this point. But then about 6 months ago I picked her up in my arms and felt the words in my mind “Yes Pebbles” and I “Knew.”

    What route she took across several major highways and a huge river I can not guess. There must of been a reason for such a perilous journey and I think the lesson she taught me was “Animals are Soul Too!!”

  3. Samson Ehijinwa says:

    My experience with a young bird. A year ago I saw a young bird which could not fly, I noticed that it had wound on one of the Wing. I used Cotton wool to wipe away the blood, treated her wound with spirit, close the bird with a basket for thirty minutes, her mother and the father were hovering around watching. l latter removed the basket, took the bird on top of a closed well and called the parents to come and take her. They collected their Child as I went inside my house. After three days the small bird came to my door to say thank you.
    She stayed with me for about thirty minutes before she left. This above story and mine clearly show that animals including birds are Soul.

  4. Bi Veronica Ngwa says:

    Great story, bringing out the ECK spiritual principles- Love, Karma and Reincarnation, Dreams etc. Interestingly and clearly showing how the hand of God and Its invisible string of love miraculously connect all souls together, just to make it possible that each and everyone of us get even or resolve our karma and bring back love into our life.
    Imagine that one was even aware of the karma he owes and wants to work it out. If we were to use our physical means with all its limitations-matter, time and space and human setbacks, how much would it cost us and how many million life times shall we take to do it? But God, with Its infinite love for soul, teaches, protects and guides us even in our dreams on how to make living an easy and loving one. What else do we need? Just to open our hearts for God´s love to flow in, open our eyes and ears for the many and marvelous gifts of God. The HU SONG- The Most Beautiful Prayer Can do it.
    Thank you so much Harji for your priceless love for soul.

  5. Paulinka de Rochemont says:

    So nice to hear these lovely stories ! I have a similar experience. I lost my very beloved dog. I kept missing her but got other dogs. One morning I woke up from a dream in which she came to me as a puppy named Mona. “What kind of a dog name is that ? I asked. Some time later there was a lady online with some pups she was trying to find homes for. I wasn’t thinking of another dog at the time but the question just rolled out of my mouth : “What are their names ?” She replied :”The female pup is called Mona.” Alarm bells went off in my head, she had my attention. And yes, it WAS my girl ! We drove all the way from Rhode Island to Kansas and back through snow and ice storms just to get her. Mona is still with me now, bigger than life with an even bigger heart full of Divine Love. What a gift. I am so grateful to have her back in my life.

  6. Moses B. Nduekhe says:

    What a beautiful white cat it is in picture.
    Thanks Harji for this incredible story. What a
    timely way of reminding and teaching us the basic ECK principles
    Karma and reincarnation are primary teachings in ECKANKAR.
    Cats as pets can be very friendly. The bond could be very strong as in Sri Harold’s story above.
    Both the cat and her owner seemed to have had an unfinished business hence her coming back.
    Beautiful story, i must say.
    No matter your location, LOVE will find you. Surely to resolve a karmic tie. The karmic arrow doesn’t miss its target. It could be slow but surely.
    When we are in doubts, we check it out as the woman in the story above did using the Shariyat Technique. It surely brings answers.
    The quote from the story above that “Animals are often examples to people of how the Spiritual laws work” is very exact.
    My niece a year old baby was brought down from bed by her mother at night to pass urine. She was jumping around the spot. When light was brought into the room, it was discovered that the baby was actually standing on the tail of a snake.
    Why was she not bitten by the snake? Could it be that the snake as soul recognize her as a year old and meant no harm.
    May be the snake was teaching us the adults an important spiritual law.

  7. Marcus says:

    Perfect timing .. there are elements of this little story Sri Harold that very much apply to a dream I just had this morning .. that is, God also gave me clear guidance in my own dream when I really needed it. At first I didn’t think much of it until I dug in and interpreted it, and the message was unmistakable as it very much so applies to my waking life. Blessings to everything and everyone.

  8. AZU OMAMA says:


  9. Jenny P. Jai says:

    From her study of the Eck teachings she understood the meaning of her dream. So often our beloved animal friends come visit us in the dream state after they have translated and they contact us in dreams to let us know when they are coming back. They remind us that soul never dies, and we are all on a magnificent spiritual journey. Thank you, Mahanta, for our spiritual blessings and growth.

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