How to Make Good Decisions

06B44_BFBy Harold Klemp

Everyone wants to make good decisions.  But how do you know when you are being guided by the ECK or by the mind?  Here’s a simple way to tell.

If guided by ECK, you are more likely to change your mind when new information comes along.  You’re quicker to admit that an earlier decision based on sketchy information needs to change.

The mind has the power to make you believe you are always right.  That’s why a headstrong person acts so smart.  He thinks he’s always right, though he’s often wrong.

Excerpted from The Spiritual Exercises of ECK, where more than 130 spiritual exercises like this can be found. Learn more about spiritual exercises.

17 Responses to How to Make Good Decisions

  1. Evelyn Moyer says:

    After reading your blog post and the ensuing comments, I realized that this truly is the Living Shariyat.

  2. Martin Iwowo Ekpa says:

    This is true as truth can be. Wah Z has taught me how to trust in Divine Spirit, and, this has made me make the right decisions even in the face of dire provocations.

  3. Sapna Mukhi says:

    Recently I met an ex staff after more than a year , who had left me on an unpleasant note. I wasn’t too happy to associate but was cordial as she was excited to see me . I felt the remorse n hurt still in me being carried for so long.
    I wondered how can I be still feeling so strong against her, after i walked away , my mind said enough is enough n no more to think ill of her, send her the Love n Light n be free.
    Truly I feel a load has been lifted.
    Thank you Wah Z blessed to have your guidance daily in my life.

  4. Geetha Murthy says:

    It is such a joy always to read the blog. The message received from Mahanta is always apt and appropriate to each soul. I have often found that I have made right decision,whenever I took the guidance of Mahanta. It is so true that culprit mind cannot make us take a right decision. I also understood how important it is to be flexible. Thank you Mahanta. I am grateful to you always.

  5. Vivian says:

    Thank you Z for this blog, thank you wonderful ones in Eck for sharing your stories from the heart—am uplifted.

  6. Beatrice says:

    Thanking Wah Z for this inspiring stories shared and me given opportunity to wake up and read all experiences here

    I have made up my mind to relocated to a far country because of love. It’s very far from my people I have been there and the Eck centre is present.

    A good decision feels great to the heart and gives no stressors. It is a good feeling to the heart which feels like the whole world is at peace.

    And so until that time comes to process my immigrant visa I place my attention on the Eck so that Mahanta guides and protect me.

    And am saying that make this possible Wah Z if it is good for my spiritual growth. Whatever comes let it be.

    Thank you all for the love. BeaTosa

  7. Dawn says:

    My husband and I have discussed relocation for several years. Yesterday, he called to let me know he was offered a position in a geographical area we previously rejected. When I heard the news I was filled with joy, which I found confusing. As the day progressed I was nudged to return to and expand my research. I kept second-guessing myself, why was I suddenly drawn to this discarded location? New research provided more detailed information which seems to reflect a good match between the location and our spiritual goals. Today, I read this – How To Make Good Decisions – and see our experience reflected in the words. Thank you!

  8. Jeremy Clayton says:

    I, like most folks, labour under many delusions that I’ve acquired by inheritance, fear … etc. These often are portrayed as unnecessary and unbeneficial baggage in the dream state. Colour them dark blue – the mind. I know they are there/here and I need to be aware of this and work to overcome them. They hold me back.
    It is interesting – and wonderful – however that the Inner Master often nudges me in my decisions even when I fail to consult him. Recently I received confirmations on some things I’d been working on which guided me to make correct decisions. It was very comforting to receive this guidance.
    What a path!!! Thank You Master!

  9. Ibiwari Kemabonta says:

    Thank you Z for this.

    I have had to ask the Inner Master, 3 times, about the appropriateness of a name I had chosen for an idea that I want to implement. The third time I asked for direction on the name choice was yesterday night.

    I had also learnt recently, in an ECK worship service, the acronym ‘ATM-Ask the Master’ as a handy tool I could use before taking any decision.

    I just got my answer now!

    I just got home after a two and half hours drive with my family from an ECK worship service in another city. As soon as I got to the ECKANKAR Facebook page, there it was my answer! It came in the form of a direct reference to the name I chose, in an ECK quote from the “Loving Heart” by Sri Harold Klemp. I have never come across this quotation or the said name in any of the ECK works before chosing the name And here it was staring me in the face! I smiled and drew my husband’s attention to it. We both agreed that was it!

    How do we make this connection? Reflecting on this experience, I believe I was able to make the connection because, besides using my ‘ATM ‘ (tool), in my asking for the rightness of the name, I had been totally open and willing to adjust my conception of what should be. I had let the ECK guide me to places, people and information that help put my idea into perspective.

    Yes I agree. To make good decisions we use our ‘ATM’ technique allow the ECK to guide us to the best decision and be willing to follow through on this guidance leaving behind our preconceived ideas. I am indeed grateful to you Z for the gift of awareness!

  10. Geraldine says:

    Dear Mahanta thank you for your continous guidance. Thank you for this blog really inspiring.

  11. ikemefuna says:

    How can I become a member

  12. Alexander Ojie says:

    Thank you Wah Z for this decision making teaching.

  13. Lotus says:

    Finally, I hear you Z….

    Lately I have been struggling to accept a particular situation I found myself in. I had a major decision I needed to check with the Inner master before plunging in and I thought I did. I sort of got signs that I should go on with it. Few days later, everything went upside down and I have been asking why since my signs were clear earlier.
    It has been giving me sleepless night. Somehow reading this makes me few really better because it has made me realize what my mind has been doing to me; making it hard for me to accept the sudden change which I know is for my own good at the end of the day. It hurts now, but I know the ECK got me and I will be fine!

    Thank you Z

  14. HARMONY MARK-EWA says:

    Thank you Wah Z for this, few days ago I was travelling with a little friend we got to the park and bordered a bus but we were alone in the bus awaiting it to load its passengers full, just then I had a nudge after rolling the HU to look out of the window I might see a passing vehicle going our destination immediately obeyed and shared the nudge with my friend and she was happy about my feeling. Not upto 5 minutes a bus came passing by and I flagged it down it stopped and we ran to enter it leaving the former one. When we entered we sang HU and surrendered our journey to the SUGMAD, ECK AND MAHANTA and hoped for the best of our journey. The trip was really fantastic and cool as the driver, passengers and conductor were all filled with humour, we got to our destination on time and we also observed that the former bus we entered at the park before having the nudge to highlight from it didn’t pass us on our way home till we arrive.

    The MAHANTA is really wonderful and all knowing, when we obey, invite, rely and trust in him our lives will be happier than we imagined.
    Much love Wah Z…

  15. Peter Akpokodje says:

    Lovely art work by the way.

  16. Peter Akpokodje says:

    I just had a wonderful experience this morning. A few minutes ago, I arrived work and as I had two bottled water in my arms and an ECK book plus biscuits, a cleaner asked if she could help. My mind went on auto with my mouth almost uttering the words NO. But my heart awoke to a realization that she was giving love and would I be willing to accept. So I said yes. This decision felt good and reminded me of my commitment to let God’s love flow through my heart more during my morning Spiritual Exercises of ECK. Inwardly, I accepted the gift from her and surrendered it to ECK (Holy Spirit). Today, I now a little bit more of my true nature. Thank you Mahanta, my teacher, as I look forward to opportunities to give some biscuits out. Work in 7 mins. Ciao. Love, P.

  17. Moses B. Nduekhe says:

    Thanks very much Harji for this right-on-time reminder.
    Decisions are always ours to make. We decide to act in a particular way or not to.
    When we have our mind made up on a certain course of action, we become blinded by the little nudges that may come through from the inner channels. Often we are head bent on doing what ever we have decided to do.
    Then comes the repercussion.
    Why didn’t the ECK warn us, we may ask.
    The mind was playing its usual games.
    We were not smart enough to catch ourselves in time.
    But never mind, there is always another opportunity to learn. What a great Teacher it is, LIFE.

    Someone did something I didn’t like some years back. And my action?, one of my biggest regrets. I soon leaned i should have held my peace. I had other options. Why didn’t I take them?
    First I forgot to ask what would The Master do if He were in my shoes. I didn’t also ask if the action I was about to take was true, right, kind and necessary.
    The lessons came the hard way.
    One way I could have risen above the mind was taking the situation into contemplation. That would have put the mind in check.
    Well, we learn. We move on.

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