“The Road to Spiritual Freedom,” by Harold Klemp


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4 Responses to “The Road to Spiritual Freedom,” by Harold Klemp

  1. David Igbinoba says:

    The book.. The Road to Spiritual Freedom by Harold Klemp..Yet an addition to the dozens of masterpiece collection in his shelf.. A must read for anyone who wants to view truth from an unbiased perspective and with humour.

  2. David Igbinoba says:

    Harold has made me realize the quality of a true spiritual master… Delving deep into the hidden subtleties of everyday living to present teachings of pure beauty and glamour. It is in the simple events of life that truth can be found.. This is Harold’s approach and purpose…Helping to wake up the realisation of the everyday reality of God love for souls..

  3. Peter Akpokodje says:

    Thank you Sri Harold for this wonderful book. I quite like the point on overlooking the imperfections in others and exulting the greater qualities in them, which also brings out ones own true nature as Soul.

  4. Bi Veronica Ngwa says:

    Sri Harold Klemp, i am so grateful for your love and the untiring sacrifice to enable ready souls find their way home to God. Thank you for the great effort in writing. Each time i see a new book i have the feeling this is probably going to be a repeat of things i have already seen or read from your previous writings, but i find myself overwhelmed by the humor and the well-sellected stories in them.
    With this NEW RELEASE, ´´The Road To Spiritual Freedom´´, i can´t wait getting it. I am anxiouly anticipating some new and great message there for me. Just from your definition of ´a true religion´ on the cover page, i am looking forward to greater and meaningful discoveries in this book.
    YES, YES, YES!
    Spiritual Freedom Is For Me this life time. Thanks to Wah Z.

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