A Butterfly Teaches a Woman How to Love

ECKANKAR, Reincarnation, Holy SpiritBy Harold Klemp

A family was moving from the East Coast to the West Coast of the United States.  As soon as they had settled into their new home, the mother knew that this had been the wrong move to make.

Her husband’s new company was very unfriendly toward him, and everything about their new home felt wrong.  Over the weeks, the woman became more and more unhappy.

One evening just before dinner, her daughter came into the kitchen.  In her hand on a little piece of paper, there sat a butterfly.  It was a wood nymph, a brown butterfly with dark spots on its wings.

“Mommy, look what I found outside,” the daughter said.

The mother looked at the butterfly.  She could tell it was just about at the end of its life.  “Before dark, you ought to put the butterfly back outside,” she said.  So the little girl carefully carried the butterfly outside and placed it where the family could see it from the kitchen window.

Later when her daughter had gone to bed, the mother looked outside. Maybe I ought to bring the butterfly inside, she thought.  It’s not going to live very long, but it shouldn’t have to be out there in the cold.  It could be here in the kitchen by the stove where it’s warm.  So she went out and brought it inside the house.

The next morning when she came down to the kitchen, the woman saw that little butterfly was still alive.  “Brave little thing,” the woman said.  “It just seems to sit there.  But it will probably die pretty soon.”

When afternoon came, the butterfly was still looking at her from its perch in the kitchen.  “Maybe there’s something I can do for it,” the woman said.  “Maybe it’s hungry.  What do you feed a butterfly?”  She didn’t know.  She thought she’d try putting a little honey on her finger.  She diluted a drop of honey with water and held it near the butterfly’s mouth.  A tiny tongue came out, and the butterfly ate the honey.

The next day when the woman tried to feed the butterfly, it had more strength.  It came toward her.

Pretty soon the butterfly didn’t want to get off the woman’s hand when feeding time was over.  It would stay for a while because this tiny creature began to love her.  And the woman began to love it back.

One day, she was wearing a woolen garment, and the butterfly got one of its legs caught in the wool.  The leg got pulled off.  Now it had only five legs.  The woman was horrified.  “Oh no, what have I done?”

But even with five legs, the little butterfly would always come out to meet her as much as it could.

The butterfly was nearing the end of its three-week visit.  One night it looked like it was ready to go.  Its wings were quivering, so the woman stayed with the butterfly for a long time.  Then finally she said good-bye to it and went to bed feeling sad.

Next morning when she got up, the butterfly was still alive, but barely.  So she sang HU, an uplifting, ancient love song to God.  She put the butterfly on her finger and sang very gently to it with love.  Soon after, the butterfly passed on.

The woman marveled about the way this little being had transformed her entire family in just three weeks.  Her unhappiness was gone.  The butterfly had brought joy into the home, and this joy was infectious.  It caught her husband and her daughter, and especially it caught the woman herself.

Not only that, but the butterfly had taught her some important lessons.  Such as patience.  And endurance without complaining.  It had showed her a strong desire to live.  But most of all, it showed her how to love.  During the three weeks of its visit, the butterfly transformed her from a person who was depressed and unhappy.  It began to open and awaken the love within the woman again.

Sometimes the Holy Spirit sends other Souls to minister to people.

Whether or not your philosophy or religion accepts Souls in forms other than the human is unimportant.  If you can accept reincarnation and the fact that Soul takes on many different bodies—and some of these Souls are better vehicles for love than some people—you will find much joy and happiness in your own life.  You’ll also find a greater understanding of God’s creation.

Excerpted from Animals Are Soul Too!


17 Responses to A Butterfly Teaches a Woman How to Love

  1. Peter Akpokodje says:

    That beautiful butterfly knew its divine mission. So can you. Like my friend Wah Z says, you may already be doing it. Sing HU.

  2. Sikpoopiri Joan Burabari says:

    Thank you Wah Z. For some days now have been trying to log on to Facebook but my phone was not responding. I have been down emotionally since 12 noon only to try opening Facebook now and it work. And these story have uplifted me to my greatest surprise. These experience now have confirm to me that the ECK (Holy Spirit) knows our need at all time and that Mahanta is always with us at all times. Thank u Z.

  3. Clement says:

    “All things bright and wonderful, the Lord God made them all.” Now, I know better “Animals are Souls, too” and Love is the greatest there is! Thank You, Holy Spirit (Mahanta).

  4. Beverly Foster says:

    Like a pebble dropped into a pond, this story sends ripples of love out into the world. Every reader is reminded of an encounter that confirmed God’s infinite, incomparable love. And those stories touch more hearts, and on and on in an endless cycle of love.

  5. Holly says:

    Nature sure has a way of transforming a stone into a loving heart. Thank You for sharing.

  6. Anna says:

    Beautiful story! Animals (butterflies too) are soul too 🙂

  7. Steve Runfeldt says:

    Kind of puts things into perspective.

  8. Amoy says:

    I love butterflies and gardening. One day I was working in my garden when this beautiful huge butterfly rested on my heart. I stood in amazement and suddenly realized that the Holy Spirit had sent this beautiful creature to assure me of the love of the Mahanta in my life and that I am truly blessed. I stood quietly until it flew away. I also realized that I did not see it flying around before it rested on my heart and neither when it flew away, These are beautiful moments which I will always cherish. Thank you Mahanta.

  9. Bi Veronica Ngwa says:

    This story is so heart-touching with many lessons to learn both from it and the individual contributions.
    LOVE, PATIENCE, ENDURANCE, THE DESIRE or PASSION to live etc etc; ANIMALS sometimes being BETTER VEHICLES for these values. This may sound incredible to many who do not believe or have little notion that animals are souls. Indeed some carry much love in them that even easily ´contaminate´ especially other open hearted souls around them.
    Last month my younger brother tranlated(died). Some days before his translation there was a strange bird song coming out from a dense leafy plum tree close to our home. My husband took note of it but brushed-pass it. After his burial, same night i also heard this very strange bird song from the same position my husband said he eairlier heard it. I speculated it might be a farewell message from my brother. I thanked him for the special message and love through this bird, which since then we haven´t heard it again. I then confirmed my speculations about his farewell message to me, though emotionally i remained attached to him.
    During my break periods at work i usually put my sandwich crumbs together in a particular position where some lizards and birds come and feed on. Strangely speaking, yesterday before i could connect to this particular blog story, i was still feeling devasted and depressed by this sudden departure of my brother. I stood watching these animals feeding on the crumbs with my thoughts on the loss. Then one of the Agama agama lizards after pecking a few pieces of the food crept admirably towards me, then stopped. Nodded its head twice, turned and was looking at me, then i also looked into its eyes. It nodded the head again then crept back to continue eating. Suddenly I felt some warmth of love run through my whole body as i understood the message this beautiful soul was passing to me. It was like thanking me for the food and telling me all is well with my brother where he is now. I should stop thinking or being depressed.
    Coming back to my table after break over i had the nudge to check on the ECK Blog for any new posts, and here was this beautiful story which as a second waking dream for me (following the lizard´s) has also taught me many lessons.
    Thank you Mahanta for these soothing and down to earth teachings through ECKANKAR. Thank you fellow contributors for your eye and heart opening remarks and experiences that you share. All of these have contributed to heal and strengthen me. Thank you all for your love. May The Blessings be.

  10. Moses Nduekhe says:

    Thank you so very much Wah Z for this amazing story.

    “Sometimes, The Holy Spirit sends other Souls to minister to People”

    This is indeed very true. The little butterfly taught the woman patience, endurance without complaining and showed her how to love. The woman was transformed from someone that was depressed and unhappy at the time.

    What an incredible story this is.

    This story is reminding us of the workings of Divine Spirit 24/7. Divine Spirit knows our state at all times and works extra hard to meet our needs. We may be lacking in patience and tolerance. Then Divine Spirit thinks it wise to send other forms of life to teach us the lessons we need to learn at that material time. Life is what it is – A Great Teacher.

    In the years gone by, staying in a smaller apartment as a bachelor, I noticed that I had a flat mate (A little Rat) who would do things any time it feels like. I soon became uncomfortable with the way and manner this rat was carrying on. A lot more disturbing was the way the rat was timing me to begin searching for food from the refuse bag I kept at the corridor leading to the kitchen, bathroom and the bedroom as well. Each time it does is exactly 5:00 am when I usually get up to do the morning Spiritual Exercise. The search for food in that bag will be so intense and disturbing that I could hardly concentrate doing the Spiritual Exercise.

    At some point, I felt we can’t continue like this. We’ve got to do something about it. So the next night, I had to set a trap by changing the refuse bag to a firmer one that would still be standing even after the rat had climbed in. As usual, the rat did. As soon as i started singing HU, it also started the search for food.. I got up and tip-toed in the dark to where the refuse bag was, grabbed the mouth of the bag and went outside and threw the refuse bag with the rat inside into the woods near the house and said ” i Hope it finds it mother”. That evening, as i was in the living room watching TV, the rat came back in, took a sweeping look at me for awhile, apparently saying ” I belong here with you. You can’t throw me out just like that without a quit notice” then head back straight to the kitchen.

    Well, I felt this was getting more interesting. So I got up and walked to my study and sat down to do the HU Song. When I was done, I walked into the kitchen and spoke aloud saying ” i know you can hear me. I have no qualms you living with me and feeding from the left over food from the refuse bag on one condition that you go; look for food only when I have finished with my Spiritual Exercise and in fact left for work. Surprisingly, it worked. The rat never disturbed me again for very many months. They have short memory as you know, each time it resumes, I will go back for a reminder and peace will return. That’s how we carried on until I moved out of that apartment.

    The lesson there for me was that of patience, endurance, love and tolerance.

  11. Marilyn Pillon says:

    I have often had a butterfly settle on me when I felt lonely or troubled. Butterflies are beautiful gifts of divine love.

  12. michael best says:

    It has been said that “…God works in mysterious ways…” if one is open to learning, they can see the lesson or experience to assist in growth.

  13. rosemary martin says:

    a lovely story, I notice when I sit in the garden or park when butterflies are fluttering around and sit near they have an uplifting effect

  14. Stacy Lake says:

    A couple of weeks before my husband passed of Cancer, I was walking in our backyard. I noticed a huge monarch butterfly lying stiff on the ground. It was dead but looked so beautiful. I picked it up. I knew it was a message from my spiritual guide. I pasted it into my dream journal and wrote…”My beautiful husband will be transforming soon”…It wasn’t a shock when John passed away it was actually a beautiful passing……

  15. Carol Cameron says:

    Toward the end of my mother’s life I had to make an important medical decision on her behalf. She suffered from Alzheimer’s. I walked at a favorite botanical garden. As I rounded a bend, a flock of hummingbirds flew by. I’ve never seen these birds in formation. This experience gave me the reliance I needed to proceed with the solution I felt was best for her at the time. It was a beautiful experience. Birds, particularly, are often carriers of spiritual messages for me. The spiritual exercises of Eckankar have broadened my awareness of the best solutions to difficulties.

  16. Heidi Skarie says:

    It’s amazing how even the smallest creatures can transform our lives. The blessings are all around us.

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