Healing from Loss—A Special Dream

By Cathy, California

My beloved Golden Retriever Kirby had cancer and pancreatitis. I did not do very well at all spiritually during the months before his translation. The thought of being separated from him in the physical was not only sad, but filled me with fear. He and his sister had been such bright lights during some of my darkest hours, and I could not imagine being without this bit of heaven here on earth.

After he translated I was very sad for months, and the sleep that I lacked during the months of nursing him day and night had really thrown me out of balance. After six months I had the following dream. I was riding a bicycle and both he and his sister were running alongside me. I knew that my destination was too far for them to continue and I wondered what to do.

I saw an office building nearby and decided to put them in the restroom there until I could get back. I was a little apprehensive about leaving them, but I saw no other option. I explained to them my intent, told them I would be back soon and to wait for me. They were very obedient dogs and understood such things, even on the outer.

When I returned a short while later, I ran down the hallway of the building to the bathroom and opened the door. There waiting for me was only the female dog. I immediately was upset, what happened to the male? I turned and looked beside me in the hallway and there he was, sitting and looking at me all happy and expectant. I was so relieved to see him there and I awoke.

In thinking about the dream I understood that he was not in the bathroom because he was in his spirit body and things like walls could not contain him the way that they could his sister who was still in the physical. But he was just as real as she was. In the dream there was no difference. Although I thought I understood this concept, emotionally I could not really accept it until I actually experienced it in the dream. Then I could begin to heal from the loss.

I am so grateful to the ECK and the Mahanta and Prajapati* for all the help and guidance I received in caring for all my animals.

* Prajapati is an ECK Master known for working with animals.


19 Responses to Healing from Loss—A Special Dream

  1. David Coldwell says:

    You have touched on a vital aspect of the spiritual teachings. Walls cannot contain us as Soul.

    Have had a few dogs also die of cancer. They are fed raw food so they can be as healthy as possible. When Cupie was operated on, his pancreas was all black and rotting in his body. It was so difficult to deal with. My wife and I went on a walk to decided what to do when the phone call came. We had to euthanize him. He was so far gone the vet said it was a miracle he had survived 7 months (because of the healthy food).

    As much as we love our pets, God loves Soul more. We all return to where love is. Humbling to know that the small amount of love we have here, which seems far too much for us to embrace sometimes, is far greater in the spiritual worlds. So we let Cupie go so he could be happy and loved as fully as possible by God. Love does not hold another Soul back in its spiritual journey. It is difficult to let go, but much more painful to hold one back who is ready to learn more about divine love.

    When Maxy collapsed one day as my wife came home from work, I was able to resusitate her. She had tumours on her liver that burst and she bled to death internally. It was so sudden, that mischevous little girl who loved to swim and dig holes and get covered in ticks was sorely missed, especially by my wife. We have other rescue dogs and cats now. Its a spiritual challenge to love them while they are a part of our lives. All too soon, they pass on for they have taught us all they can about love too.

  2. Elaine Voda says:

    “The mind is busy always saying something,
    The soul is still and IT says everything.”

    Remember to be happy and accept the souls that have been part of your life, as you have helped them and they have helped you. Accept all this with grace, love and the love of the Mahanta.

    Baraka Bashad, May the Blessings Be.

  3. Jane Hocking says:

    Several years ago we had to put down two sled dogs that were very special to a friend and her children (non-ECKists). She and the kids were present when the dogs translated, a few months apart. After the second dog, “Bobby,” translated I drove home to prepare a spot for his body to be buried. Our farm was the place of their memories, so they wanted him buried there. When they arrived, they told me this story:
    It had been raining, but the rain stopped, and a beautiful rainbow appeared as they began the drive to our farm. Out on the highway, the youngest child looked out the window and saw Bobby running alongside their truck. His sister leaned over to look and saw both dogs running alongside. Her brother then saw both dogs too. Their religion also acknowledges reincarnation, but at that moment they knew, without question, that love lives forever.

    • Michelle (Focardi) Cameron says:

      Thanks Jane for this beautiful remembrance.

    • Stacie Schultz says:

      Some years ago I had several cats, one of whom was named Punkin. Punkin was quite a personality, showing up on my doorstep as a young kitten. He adopted me. He grew up to be very adventurous, loving to roam the outdoors. All my cats had both indoor and outdoor freedom until my job changed and we had to move out-of-state. Because of this move, they now had to become indoor cats.
      Although I provided many toys and a cat tower for them to climb and tear up, it didn’t feel right or fair for them. I decided to make arrangements with my mom to see if she would like them at her place in the country. She said she would gladly take them.
      Around the same time I was making these arrangements, Punkin began to show the possible sign of what I suspected was feline leukemia. I hoped it wasn’t so, though the doctor visit unfortunately confirmed my suspicion.
      As Punkin deteriorated into a thinner shell of himself, I eventually had to have him put to sleep. Leukemia becomes very painful. This was really tough on me since I had wanted him to be able to go outdoors to my mom’s. I cried a lot and missed him horribly, hoping I hadn’t let him down by changing his world from outdoor to indoor. I was also hoping he was OK after his translation, or death. And then I had a dream with him:
      “I was hiking on a path in the country when something up ahead caught my eye. Oh my! There was Punkin on some rocks totally enjoying himself. I was so happy to see him looking so healthy and alive. He was having fun! He looked at me and spoke to me through his thoughts. He thanked me for being in his life and that he was so happy getting to explore again! He really loved the outside life.”
      When I awoke from the dream I felt as if the weight of guilt had lifted from me. I had felt guilty after having to make him and the other cats indoor cats, and yet when I saw him again, he let me know how he felt. He was doing well. There was only love left.
      Our animals know what love is. They know how to be unconditional with it. And it is wonderful when we get to see them afterwards in their soul bodies being so happy. It helps us humans deal with the grief of their passing from our lives.

  4. James Potter says:

    A few years ago my wife translated. It was a slow process so I knew it was a matter of when rather than if. Imagining a translation and its aftermath vs. experiencing it are worlds apart. Grief is a hard reality to cope with. Many months went by until I attended the North Carolina Regional Seminar that offered a workshop called From Grief to Gratitude. I needed this and so didi many others who attended, many tearful coping with their losses. Midway through the workshop I felt a subtle click within my body as if a chiropractic adjustment had been made. Instantly, all the grief and heaviness within me evaporated and vanished! It was incredible to feel so free of this emotional angst. I knew Divine Spirit healed me of this state so I could move on and be more engaged in life rather than being immersed in death. I LOVE YOU, ECK!

  5. Michelle Hahn O'Leary says:

    I had to put down Pepper, my dearest friend and beloved Border Collie, last March, when she became ill beyond recovery. She was 15 1/2 and so brave and courageous in the preceding years, as she was largely deaf and blind. She still insisted on hiking with me on a daily basis, and then the time came when she could only walk, and soon only short strolls.

    I learned so much from her, like how to age gracefully, without complaint, how to keep going even when it hurts, and especially how to love and trust unconditionally. Her examples of true love and trust strengthened my ability to love, and surrender in trust, to the Mahanta.

    I grieved, of course, for the loss of her physical presence was huge. So much of my focus and time had been on caring for my dear friend and constant companion. It was a big change and I had to learn to adapt.

    I was given gifts of love however, as I suddenly became the dog sitter for all my friends when they were out of town. It seems that once or twice a month, a furry friend becomes my house guest. Each dog has a different state of consciousness and unique needs. The love these bright Souls shower on me is a healing balm.

    The dogs enjoy being very close to me when I sing HU, a love song to God, every morning. I get the wonderful benefit of continuing to grow in love and trust, as I watch each dog adjust to a new environment with curiosity and joy. I know they will do just fine, even as the Mahanta knows I will do just fine.

    I feel so blessed and grateful to know the Mahanta, our spiritual leader in Eckankar, and Prajapati, who is an ECK Master that works with animals. If a problem does arise with a doggy friend I’m caring for, I turn to them for guidance, help, patience and love. I often invite the doggy Soul, inwardly, to meet with the Mahanta, Prajapati and me, if it so chooses, to come up with a solution that benefits us all. Then I watch as miracles happen! Life is joyful again.

  6. Anne says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience. Like you and many others I have had dog souls come and go. However, I am caring for our “Buddy” these days. He is in his 14th year and has age-related and big dog related illness. He came to me at a low time in my life due when I was diagnosed with chronic illnesses. He was an important factor in my recovery.

    We know he will not be with us for many more years and more likely only months. I am caring for him and while it is as you say exhausting at least he is still here.

    I try to prepare for his passing but really there is nothing that can truly prepare us. I am keeping your story handy and will read it often in the time to come. It will remind me that he will always be there and that he has gone to a better place. Thank you.

  7. deanna strahl says:

    wOW! sTUFF HAPPENS HUH? lIFE is like this sometimes and sometimes its not even the karma huh? I truly believe that after we are buried in the dirt that we as soul go to a much better place. Call it heavan, another planet, another eck plane or what, but it is somewhere and until then we must be paitent and active in the holy spirit, the eck and the mahanta!

  8. Moses B. Nduekhe says:

    Thanks very much Harji for this story. Thanks also Cathy for sharing it.

    It could be very hard to lose a love one – a family member of course. Sometimes it feels like its firewood that is being carried along seeing someone else family relation’s corpse passing by.

    It gets to you really when its yours. Animal or Human. It could very hard.

    Time and experiences like that of Cathy could be the healers. I’ve been there a couple of times over. I have always asked Wah Z for help. And I got it in many ways. Prajapati is sure doing a good job. Love and Trust in the Master is all we need.

  9. Carol Cameron says:

    A dear cat friend died tragically this summer. He was a Russian Blue. Scrolling through an animal adoption site this week, I spotted a little female Russian Blue that reminded me strongly of my friend. Her name was Zee. I felt this was a special message, in a sense, from Holy Spirit and even my old friend and WahZ. That all was in divine right order…that someday I’ll “see” my friend once again…..

  10. Lene Van der Vis says:

    I recently lost my friend and companion of 12 years, my Chihuahua Portia. I must have been closer to her than to any other Soul in this life, because I’ve never grieved quite so. I have seen her in her Soul body and know she is happy. I realise it is just my emotional body that is hurting, but it takes time to fully accept the many changes that life without her brings, such as the lack of physical contact. Knowing she is Soul, free and loving life beyond takes the sting out of the loss. I am very grateful for the moments when I see her bouncing around in her newfound happiness.

  11. Peter Akpokodje says:

    Divine Love heals.

  12. Annie Rathmann says:

    Thank you so much for the story. It’s a great comfort for me; my precious cat translated this summer.

  13. bev says:

    i lost 2 of my beagles first one 3mths ago bebee and then i lost molly my youngest a month after bebee it has broken my heart o so much i had a 3rd beagle bubbles she got run over 2yrs ago the grief is imense even though im in eckankar i feel very physical with losing them all so quickly im trying my best to carry on but the is a massive hole in my life they were with me through alot of rough times we gave each other so much love hey were my family my smiles my hugs

  14. Sandra says:

    Thanks for sharing this dream. It was a year ago that I lost Molly, our 10 year old Tibetan terrier, from bone cancer. However, we still have Paddy (her four-legged adopted furry brother in this life – an 11 year old Maltese shiatsu).

  15. Christopher Krone says:

    Heidi knows that we are all god’s creatures.The Mahanta teaches us that through karma and re-incarnation that our dearest one that are with us and translate, at some point, we will be together again.Just as in your Dream.

  16. Heidi Skarie says:

    It can be very hard to lose an animal friend who is part of your family, but there is comfort in knowing animals are soul too and never really die.

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