Getting Help from an ECK Master

Paul Twitchell_internetBy Pat, New Mexico

I and my then fiancée (now wife) had an encounter with an ECK Master. It was in the summer of 1989 in La Jolla, California.

My fiancée and I had parked our car at Torrey Pines State Beach on the coastline. We hiked south along the beach. We passed by a trail which led from the beach up to the cliff tops that looked over the sea. I thought to myself “There’ll be another one up ahead that we can take.”

Well it turned out that there was no other trail up ahead and we wound up walking all the way to Scripps Pier to the south before we could turn inland to make our way back. A distance of several miles.

My fiancée had a bad knee which began to give out about this time. I began chanting HU silently and asked the Mahanta and the ECK Masters for help.

We were walking along the center median and I again turned our situation over to the ECK. An older car pulled up alongside us. It was about a 1970 model (this was in 1989). The car was pearl white and seemed to be in perfect condition, like it was brand new. An older gentleman about 80 years old was driving. He said that he was looking for the VA Hospital and had made a wrong turn. Could we direct him to the VA?

I told him that we had parked our car up ahead at the beach. Could he give us a ride and we’d show him the way to the VA? He said sure so we hopped in. He had crutches and some equipment on the passenger seat and so we both got into the back seat of the four door vehicle. It felt as though we were being chauffeured. We made small talk with the driver and it dawned on me that we were in the presence of an ECK Master who’d come to give us assistance. It was an answer to the help that I had asked of the ECK out of concern for my fiancée and her bad knee.

I felt the certainty in my being that this man was indeed an ECK Master. And everything took on a surreal quality as though time had just slipped.

As we pulled up to Torrey Pines Beach, we were in view of the 5–Freeway. I told the man to take the 5–Freeway south for one exit and to get off and turn right and that the VA Hospital would be right there.

I began to doubt myself that I might just be imagining that this man was an ECK Master. And then he looked directly into my eyes. His eyes sparkled a deep blue. I felt like I was looking into eternity. And then he said simply, “I guess the universe didn’t want you to have to walk any further today!” Who talks like that? No, he was indeed an ECK Master and seemed vaguely familiar at the same time. I thanked him and we parted.

Later on looking back at it, he had resembled Paul Twitchell but older. The man had been 80 or so in 1989. The age that Paul would have been in 1989 had he lived. In fact Paul Twitchell’s home was only a stone’s throw away from where this man had dropped us off, in Del Mar. Torrey Pines State Beach is on the line dividing La Jolla and Del Mar.

Years earlier I worked in La Jolla Science Park next to UCSD. High on the cliff tops overlooking the Pacific. On my lunch hour I used to sit up on the cliff tops of La Jolla, Del Mar, and Solana Beach and do my spiritual exercises.

I learned later, I believe, in reading Paulji, a Memoir written by Patti Simpson that Paul had lived in Del Mar and had practiced his spiritual exercises in some of these same places along the cliff tops that I was drawn to 15 years later while working in La Jolla.

I wondered, “If we had taken that first trail up from the beach to the cliff top, would we have found Paulji sitting at the top practicing his spiritual exercises?” No, he was at home getting the car ready. Two chelas were in trouble and needed him.


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