Healing from Grief Comes through Soul Travel

ECKANKAR, Soul Travel, PrayerBy Harold Klemp

A woman I’ll call Donna found Eckankar after her son Justin’s death in a motorcycle accident.  She was very close to her son.  Devastated by her loss, Donna was unable to find comfort at church.  She regularly cried through the entire service.  If only there was a way to feel closer to God, then maybe He would help her understand why the accident had occurred.  More important, where was Justin now?  Was he all right?  She constantly prayed for help.

Five months later, while at her lowest ebb, she had an experience that changed her life.  At first, she thought it was merely a dream, but it was actually Soul Travel.

Donna awoke in vivid consciousness in the other worlds.  A bespectacled woman with grey streaks in her dark hair met her, and they talked for a few minutes.  “Do you know my son Justin?” she finally asked the woman.

“Of course I know him,” said the woman.  “He lives right over there in that white house.”  The scene was a normal setting of cottages, such as near a lake resort.

Donna and Justin had a long conversation.  He assured her his health was better than it had been on earth.  Then looking closely at her, he said, “I know what you’re doing to yourself.  Please stop.  You’re only hurting yourself.”  Before they parted, she asked to hold him in her arms, since she didn’t get a chance to do so before his death.  Laughing, he said, “OK, Mom.”

Soul Travel had put her right there with her loved one.  She could actually feel him in her arms.  Then she awoke.

Justin’s scent still lingered with her, and a peaceful, happy feeling lasted for weeks before it began to fade.  Donna was now determined to learn where he was.  Somewhere on earth, she knew, somebody had the answer.  That’s when her sister introduced her to Eckankar.  The first book she read was The Spiritual Notebook by Paul Twitchell, the modern-day founder of Eckankar.  It convinced her that here was the answer to her prayers.  Here was an explanation that made sense.

Grief for her son still overtakes her on occasion.  She wants the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master to help her regain the peace felt while with her son during Soul Travel.  So she does the Spiritual Exercises of ECK daily.  And she directs her efforts to seeing the Light and hearing the Sound—keys to the secret worlds of God.

Excerpted from Spiritual Wisdom on Relationships.


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  1. catherine stevens says:

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful story. I lost my husband almost four years ago. There seem to be so many layers to this grieving process. For one thing it left a big empty space in all the places where I was used to respond to his energy and leadership. Sometimes it was like a part of my body is missing. Yet for me it’s also about embracing the now and reviewing my life up to this point. My husband’s departure was a major turning point. Turning grief into opportunity: embracing more fully my relationship to the Inner Master, to the Holy Spirit, to God. I am alone on this journey and I answer to no one but God and Soul.

    What has helped me the most to face grief and sorrow is to look for opportunities to give to others what I feel I most need. In reaching out to others, human, animal, plants, etc… I find fulfillment. And of course exercising myself spiritually daily and throughout the day is invaluable in seeing and finding my next step.

  2. Karen says:

    Thank you everyone for sharing your stories, experiences, feelings and opinions. I learn a lot from them. Always feel better after reading all the comments.
    May The Blessings Be!

  3. elaine voda says:

    All of us as soul experience the physical loss of someone close to us. When you think of them think of a happy time together. When doing a HU exercise just talk to them on the inner, as if they were there in person. Some times you may sense a certain smell, loving feeling, a loving closeness. Know that they still share love through soul with you.

    I lost my husband, ten months ago. We both joined Eckankar 1970. You never stop growing in spirit and love through this physical life. Embrace the light and sound of the ECK.

    Baraka Bashad (May the blessings be.)

  4. Bayonle Adesola says:

    Thomas, you may be struggling physically but not in the soul. The soul is the divine spark of God. Most struggles provide platforms to grow spiritually. As you tune in the Sugmad, Eck, and Mahanta you understand that it is a way to expand your consciousness and become a good co-worker with God. You can meet departed loved ones on the inner planes with soul travel. Give absolute inner reliance on the Mahanta as you set for travel in God worlds of Eck.

  5. Stan Schultz says:

    I celebrated 48 years in ECKANKAR this January. Thanks so much for this lovely blog; it really helps to keep the teachings fresh and very alive. I love the way ECKANKAR has adapted to this age of computers. Good work! And I do want to make a special note of the wonderful artwork that accompanies the stories. It couldn’t be better! Much love in ECK!

  6. Victor Bright says:

    Nice story, and wonderful comments. Stories and comments like these could lead ready souls to back home to God in their search for answers. MTTB

  7. Santhi Vellu says:

    Thank you Mahanta for the story… It came right at the moment when I needed it!! I still grief for my son… but it has become much more bearable…it’s as if you were reassuring me again that my son is alright and happy wherever he is at the moment.. My wish is to have an experience in the inner with him. I am sure the time will come for me to meet my son! I miss him so!

  8. Peter Akpokodje says:

    Recently, my sibling translated. It was an inevitable end to the physical body to which we are grateful to the ECK (Holy Spirit) for the inner preparations.

    It has not been easy, but we do move on here and recognize the continuity of life, that Soul is eternal, It cannot die. I love this story for it shows how sometimes the departed try to bring comfort to the living, so they live life fully in joy and service.

    A few weeks ago, my mother was looking through some family pix with her granddaughter and came across my late sibling in one. The little girl of three asked, where is my uncle? Mum thought to sympathize with her and save her the shock or save the need to explain. So she said he was in the hospital and they continued with the activity. My wife and I have been doing the best we can to help our little girl remember her dreams by simply asking if she remembers. And a few days later, she recalls meeting her uncle and comes to share with and hug her mother with a face of compassion saying, uncle has gone. He said he is not coming back. She knew despite none of us here telling her. If we let it, love in time heals all grieving heart. The Mahanta is love.

    • Rachel says:

      Beautifully said. I love your story. Yes, Mahanta is love. God is Love. There can be no higher truth than that.

    • anne says:

      I loved your story too. Yes Mahanta is love. I really loved the way dreams helped your daughter. I really love the way Eck touches every Soul’s life.


    Thank you Wha-z for sharing this story, many will be uplifted via this. Soul travel experiences makes us to expand our consciousness and also learn more spiritual tools that will aid our survival physically and spiritually. My awareness has expanded as a result of my soul travel experiences and constant singing of HU and other spiritual exercises. During my soul travel experience am always conscious of myself and the planes I am because I always sing HU and invite Wha-z and other vairagi adepths to take charge of my inner experiences. HU is always on my lips in my inner journeys, I thank you SUGMAD, ECK and MAHANTA for this gift of soul travelling. May the Blessings be.

  10. Moses Ezeala says:

    Thanks for this love of the Mahanta,
    If you’re unhappy, open yourself to the possibility that there is something better. If you’re an ECKIST say, Mahanta, Please show me thy ways. Show me what may be there for me. If you’re sincere, God’s Voice, the Holy spirit, will begin opening you to truth.


    Thanks a lot for sharing this experience on this blog.
    Soul travel is a direct panacea to all worries of this lower region.
    May the blessings be.

  12. Rob Ilechuku says:

    Our loved ones don’t need to be dead for us to meet them on the inner planes in full consciousness.

    Some years ago when I worked in Glasgow, leaving my wife behind in London, we made a pact to meet each other in full awareness on the inner planes each Wednesday. So each Wednesday, in preparation, I did a mental fast. (I had made the discovery that the Friday mental fast made Soul Travel much easier and applied this principle to my life whenever I wished to leave the body.) To cut a long story short, from time to time I was rewarded with a Soul Travel experience with my wife.

    For variety I later extended this practice to meet the ECK Masters in full awareness.

  13. Bi Veronica Ngwa says:

    Thanks a lot for this blog. It has actually collapsed the distance, matter, time and space for lovers of ECK(Holy Spirit) and Its teachings all over the world to come together to share and learn more through the experiences and the stories posted.
    Thanks for the wisdom, love, knowledge and understanding, and the healings the stories shared would have brought to us as we read through.

  14. Laura Zschunke Wilson says:

    Thank you all for this blog. What a beautiful way for others to share such personal experiences,that solidify that which is soluble. I <3 love IT.

  15. Kathlynn says:

    I lost a dear friend to a painful illness a few years ago. The ECK brought an experience on the inner while I slept about a year later. During that moment I saw her and other souls she was with. After opening my eyes I could be certain that she was no longer suffering and had a community of loving freinds and family nearby. Gratitude for ECK. Huuuuuuu!

  16. Margaret Penney says:

    Thomas, This is what I do: settle into a quiet place without disturbance, close my eyes and picture the person in moments we have shared. This opens my heart to love. For instance, my mother braiding my hair for school. Now my mother feels close to me. I then ask the Mahanta, my inner guide, to please take me to her for a visit. One time she and my father were playing tennis looking young and so beautiful.

  17. Ederhehwevwe Augustine says:

    this experiences touch my heart. I would love to meet my late mother and talk with her to know her whereabout.

  18. JOHN TETTEY says:

    These are very heart warming experiences. They go a long way to strengthen our relationship with the holy spirit, the light and sound of God and deepen our understanding of the teachings of ECK.

  19. iminabo r fubara says:

    The Master is not there only for eckists but for every soul. Her experience has vividly shown and that soul travel is real. A lot of us soul travel without knowing that the experience we have just had is a soul travel experience. The Master as the teacher should lead us to realise ourselves as soul.

  20. Rodrigo says:

    Very nice, warm story. I can see how experiencing her dead son’s love again would bring her searching and finding her way to God.

  21. Esther Whittle says:

    This is a beautiful story about dealing with the loss of a loved one.
    Many years ago I volunteers as a center sitter for an afternoon at our lical ECKANKAR Center.
    I woman came in and asked about ECKANKAR. Ishared some vasic information with her and invited her to join our Sunday Worship Service, or public intro book discussions.
    Although she was not interested in this invitation, she confessed that she had lost her teenaged son. Her grief seemed unbearable at times. Especially since she frequently dreamed of him. He told her that he was happy and suffered no pain from the auto accident that took his life.
    I explained to her about dreams often being experiences onthe Inner planes as Soul.
    I also assurered her that her dreams were visits with him to help her cope with his translation out of his broken physical body.
    She sigh deeply. “Thank you. That’s all that I wanted to know.”
    I invited her to return if she had more questions, but she assured me that would not be what she needed.
    She lft with a smile, her shoulders no longer slumped in defeat and loss.
    After more than twenty years, I still embrace this memory as a wonderful gift to me, as well as that grieving mother.

  22. Jean B. Meyer says:

    Thank you for this beautiful blog. It is very sincere and open hearted.

  23. Evelyn boko says:

    Beautiful blog. Wonderful stories. MTBB..

  24. Heidi Skarie says:

    A beautiful story of healing through soul travel.

  25. Thomas says:

    Well, that surely was a powerful experience! I can see how healing such an event was for her. Do yo have any advice on how I might experience the love of a translated relative to ease my own pain? I suffer from Parkinson’s disease at the ripe old age of 54 and could certainly use some advice on keeping it all in balance.


  26. K.Sagadevan says:

    We can meet our loved ones in the inner worlds. There are tools which Eckankar provides to help us.

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