Sing HU, the Most Beautiful Prayer

If you want to lift yourself to a higher state of consciousness—so that the political issues, the family issues, the social issues of the day do not throw you out of balance, so that you can find a happier, more contented life while you’re living here—sing HU, the most beautiful prayer.

Harold Klemp, HU, the Most Beautiful Prayer


Regardless of your beliefs or religion, you can sing HU to become happier and more secure in God’s love.

Visit to listen to the sound of thousands of people singing this love song to God and download a 5-minute HU song for free.

7 Responses to Sing HU, the Most Beautiful Prayer

  1. Michael says:

    Av tried singing Hu for a days now. But nothing happens.. no soul travel no new experience.. i need help or a tutor..

  2. Holly says:

    The HU is such a Gift for it vibrates in all life.
    When I was a child I spent a lot of time in the woods. I would find a stream and would spend as much time as I could sitting on a rock in just listening to the sound of the water flowing over the rocks. Sometimes I would try to sing along, grin.
    Now that I know and have experienced the HU Song. The most precious, and sacred sound of all life. I realize that what I was listening to so much as a child that always brought calmness, and rejuvenated me being was the sound of the HU itself in the water as it passed over the rocks. It is true, what Sri Harold says at the end of his seminar talks, “I am always with you.”
    Thank you Mahanta for showing me that you have always been with me.

  3. Inyang Imah says:

    HU is the wonderful sound I ever heard before. Thank Mahanta.

  4. Augustin Kabanda says:

    HU is my connection to the Holy Spirit. IT is everything for me. Without HU there is no Life. IT is Life Change.
    Sing IT everyday really IT up lift, teach me the Happiness, Tolerance and the Discipline. IT changes my behavior, Protect me and connect me to the Divine Love.
    May the Blessings Be

  5. Beverly Foster says:

    We are so fortunate that ECKANKAR exists to provide this ancient song of love in a way that fits today’s needs! Beautiful and uplifting, HU is a beacon of light in a dark world.

  6. Mark Richardson says:

    Since I was a child I heard inner sounds (Like humming, buzzing, etc.). I wondered what they were but no one knew. It was many years later that I learned that these inner sounds were the sounds from God, and the sounds which create all life. I was hearing them with inner or spiritual ears. The different sounds I heard were the different states of consciousness inside me. Singing HU is the sound from the heart of God, which creates all the other sounds and life itself. HU can open the spiritual ears to Gods Voice, the heart to divine love, and brings benefits for our daily life. I use HU to solve problems, to open my heart to love and guidance, to make my daily life work better, and to tarvel upon into the inner worlds. It will also open your dreams to Divine Guidance. Blessings…

  7. Moses Nduekhe says:

    Thanks very much Wah Z for the opportunity of being an ECKist in this life time and singing HU again.

    I am indeed grateful.

    Sincerely, regardless of your beliefs, religion, class or creed, you can sing HU, The Most Beautiful Prayer Song. Why not try it today? Singing HU can help you to be more secure in God’s love. This practice has helped thousands of people around the world to expand their consciousness and experience more divine love.

    It is an incredible stuff.

    It was amazing listening to a friend of mine sometime ago whom I spoke to about the Teachings of ECKANKAR. I did tell him about The MAHANTA and the HU Song. He requested that we sang HU together. I encouraged him to do same at home first thing in the morning and last at night if he felt good doing that.

    Of course he did and shared his experience with me.

    His inner experience (dream) came days after he had started singing HU. Guess what his experience was? On the inner plane as he said, he was standing a little far off from the gathering of ECKists (members of ECKANKAR), who were looking well put-together and happy. Then he saw the cloud opened, and The image that appeared was that of The MAHANTA just as HE was looking in the picture I showed to him when I was speaking to him about ECK.
    The light around The Master was so blinding that he could not look at the face of The Master. He could also not hear HIM even though HE spoke in English. The ECKists did, according to my friend.
    I asked him what he made of the experience. Here’s what he had to say, “As long as there was such an intensity of light around The Master, I am convinced that HE is real and of God. I may never be an ECKist, but this experience will be with me forever, boy, it was very real.”

    Thanks Wah Z for making the experience possible.

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