Sri Harold Klemp’s Talks Are Now Available to Download and Stream


Looking for a way to spiritually renew yourself and feel secure in your divine nature and your heart-to-heart connection with God?

“After hearing Sri Harold’s talk, I felt an amazing spiritual transformation. The creativity, beauty, joy, and inspiration was like a wave of God’s love for me.”—SAZ, Minnesota

Listen to these amazing talks by Sri Harold Klemp, the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master, a God-Realized, living spiritual teacher. They can help you navigate life and enter new worlds of freedom, love, and creative self-expression.

  • Learn that you are Soul, a divine spark of God, and that you exist because God loves you.
  • Hear gentle stories about people all over the world receiving help and guidance from God in all areas of their lives, and get tips on how you can do this too.
  • Take your next step on your spiritual journey.
  • See how you can appreciate everything in your life as a gift from God, and improve your relationships.
  • Learn how to become a Co-worker with God.

Stream or download Sri Harold Klemp’s talks on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and more! They are also available at

Please enjoy these talks by the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master, and feel free to share them with others!

Learn more about Sri Harold Klemp.



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16 Responses to Sri Harold Klemp’s Talks Are Now Available to Download and Stream

  1. andrew omodiagbe says:

    What will it cost to download these Sri Harold Klemp?

  2. Pauline Z.. Mawutor says:

    I am so blessed in this lifetime to be part of this great Love.

  3. Tom B says:

    Life is so much richer with the inner work provided by the Mahanta.The gift of learning about your true self-soul-makes living such a more interesting endeavor My advice is to stay with the teachings the rewards are worth the efforts..

  4. Kate Finn says:


  5. Afsaneh says:

    Thank you so much Mahanta for love, wisdom, and joy that you pour in the world by talking. I am grateful for being alive and having this chance hearing sound at seminars.

  6. iminabo robinson fubara says:

    It is always inspiring and uplifting to hear such a great spiritual personality. I am blessed.

  7. Lovedales Kumah says:

    I am trilled and very grateful for this wonderful gift Wah Z.

  8. Sapna Mukhi says:

    What a blessing to be your chela Wah Z
    I’m so grateful to be in Eckankar with A Living Eck Master
    Thank you Z for your Love

  9. Holly says:

    How awesome is this!!!!
    A whole lot easier then carrying around a portable DVD player. Thank You Eckankar for making it easier to share the Light and Sound!

  10. Aniefiok Moyce Etuk says:

    The talks are like food to me. Thank you Mahanta.

  11. Cedric Carena says:

    It was a wonderful surprise finding the talks on Spotify!!! Thank you, Mahanta!

  12. Tarzua Dzaki says:

    Sri Harold Klemp is a Master for every moment to moment spirituality.

  13. Beverly Foster says:

    I love to hear Sri Harold’s stories, but I never realize how important they will become to me. Later on I will read them in a book, or see a short video online, or come across a quote in print. And this particular quote at that particular time is exactly suited to my situation. It’s the answer I’ve been looking for, and it’s been in my heart the whole time. Thanks to all who have made these talks even more accessible to the world!

  14. Peter Akpokodje says:

    Just downloaded 3 talks in mp3 format and it feels evergreen. Made me realize how much I had missed from the last time Harji gave the talk. Great to know no country restrictions. And I am grateful to … allowing my fx quota – 🙂 wide grin.

    All in all, the ECK (Holy Spirit) is working to help each of us in listening to Its Voice.

  15. Moses Nduekhe says:

    We are so blessed to have A Living ECK Master who also doubles as The Inner Master
    Each time i listen to His talks, it feels like He is talking to me directly. I feel so grateful to be here.
    What a legacy for future generations – The books, Tapes and the likes.
    Thanks very much Wah Z for your love.

  16. Voyages Booth(OTA) says:

    It always feels good to hear Sri Harold Klemp. Such a great personality!

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