“I Want to Hear the Truth from God!”

Hearing the Sound of God

By Brian, Texas

I was born deaf. So my way of interpreting the world came mostly through sight. As I grew up, I developed a hunger for spiritual truth. I read a lot about different religions and a variety of paths, trying to find one that was right for me.

I studied everything from Christianity to metaphysical teachings. But no matter what I tried, none of these satisfied my hunger.

I felt lost.

I wanted something more from life but didn’t know what it was. I began to spiral downward emotionally.

After a particularly difficult few days, I broke down in tears and decided to pray for guidance.

“I want to hear the truth directly from God, and not through the Bible or through other people,” I said silently. “I want to hear directly from God!”

All of a sudden, I felt love entering my heart. I repeated my plea again.

“I want to hear the truth from God!” I cried inwardly.

The more I repeated this silently, the more I felt love in my heart grow and fill my entire being. I could barely contain it within me.

“I love you, God! I love you!” I repeated silently.

Then I actually began to speak out loud. I don’t remember the words. But as the sounds left my mouth, my heart filled with even more love.

Suddenly, I felt a sucking motion pulling at my Spiritual Eye, which is located between the eyebrows. It felt like a vacuum pulling me upward.

In an instant, I was out of my body.

Surrounded by what seemed to be the sky, I saw a Light coming toward me. Full of warmth and gentleness, the Light held the enormous power of divine love. It grew brighter as it approached me. I had never experienced so much love before.

Then I heard the Sound! I was shocked. How was it possible that I could hear something? It was almost like a voice speaking to me. Yet it was not a voice. It was more like an inner communication of Sound expressing Itself to me. Not being used to hearing sound, I was overwhelmed.

A moment later, out of the Light came a beautiful, golden book. It lay open as it floated down toward me so I could read the words written within. As I read, the words became a part of me, a part of my consciousness.

When the experience was over, I was in shock. It felt as if an electrical current was running through me.

Was that real? I wondered.

When I shared what happened with some of my friends and family members, they were skeptical and didn’t understand it. I realized I needed to keep quiet and not share it with other people.

The next night while I was sleeping, I again heard the Sound in the form of beautiful music. It surprised me because it wasn’t a dream. I could hear the music clearly.

After these two experiences and my friends’ and family’s reaction, I believed I would never find a religion that was a good fit for me. Still, the love from the Light and Sound stayed with me and continued to grow.

Five years later, I found Eckankar, and it changed my life. I learned that we are made of God’s holy Light and Sound. These twin aspects of the Holy Spirit are how God speaks to us. After years of searching, I had finally come home.

If I had one piece of advice for a seeker, it would be to keep trying. Ask God for guidance and help, and when the time is right, the ECK will bring you exactly what you’re looking for.


42 Responses to “I Want to Hear the Truth from God!”

  1. Anne says:

    I heard the sound of God 2 years before I came to Eck. It was a beautiful experience but no one could explain what it meant. I also didn’t know what to do with it. Deep in my heart, I knew it meant something special. And when I found Eck, I realised it was indeed special. Sound is the way God communicates with Souls. I was happy that I was able to listen to His Sound during my days before Eckankar.

  2. David Coldwell says:

    This is an amazing story. I too checked out other religions before finding Eckankar. It became clear early on that none of the ministers could answer my questions about reincarnation and neither could they explain my dream and Soul travel experiences. What experience did I have to be qualified to preach what with being younger than the ministers? Some of my beliefs were too shocking for mainstream religions and something always held me back from making a commitment to them.

    When I found Eckankar, the confirmation that this was the same religion that served me well in the past, came quickly. The Mahanta prepares us long before the other initiation. Eckankar is a living religion instead of just quoting words out of books. I needed the Eck books to find the language to put my experiences into a framework to communicate them. Now this is something I could commit to! The way of the eternal has no ceiling and how far I grow depends only on how much effort I want to make. This kind of honesty appeals to me.

  3. harry says:

    Reading this makes me feel grateful to be an Eckist. Most of the time we share our experiences to others and they either feel disbelief or be overwhelmed. I am very happy to be on this path and am very grateful to the Mahanta for that. May the blessings be.

  4. Brian says:

    Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂


  5. Brian says:

    Thank you! You are most welcome, Sims! 🙂

  6. deanna strahl says:

    To the person who just lost an Eckist, translation a part of Eckankar is a very real process and nothing to fear or be sad about. Your friend is going to Sugmad, the Ocean of Love and Mercy and God. My grandfather was in the Air Force as a Russian flight surgeon during World War II and when he came home to his home in America he had a very bad case of diabetes and alcoholism in time. His passing was a great loss and on this Memorial Day I do have great memories of him yet in my heart I know he served A PURPOSE in this
    country. There is no need to be afraid for your lost Eckist, I am sure the translation went well and that this person is with the light and sound. Who in Eckankar would not think the same?
    Sorry though for your loss
    Deanna Strahl

  7. Antoinette says:

    Wow, what a wonderful story, thank you for sharing!
    We are so, so blessed to have these Golden Teachings, and our Precious Master who guides us every step of the way.
    I too have experienced so many miracles in my life, sinces I was given another chance to sit at the Master’s feet.

  8. Doris Oyemike says:

    Do you believe in untimely death? I just lost a love one who is an eckist.

  9. Love says:

    thank you so much for sharing this beautiful experience with Light and Sound of God.

  10. jhayssika says:

    I really want to experience the light and sound. I have read and listen to many teachings. But am still not there. I need a teacher.

  11. Arlene Forbes says:

    Beautiful Brian I know exactly how you feel thee ECK will do it every time much Love ❤️ my brother Huuuuuuuu

  12. Grace Torrijos says:

    Am so grateful to you Brian for sharing with all of us your very uplifting and inspiring spiritual experience with the Light and Sound of God.
    May others be encouraged of your incredible Story from the Heart to do their Spiritual Exercises daily to fully enjoy the dual elements of the ECK, the Voice of God, the Light and Sound!!!

    I love you Bro.

  13. Kirk Williams says:

    Great story of love and care it was a gift of light and sound.
    Thank you for sharing your story, I could feel and see you in the light.
    May the blessing be.

  14. Victoire says:

    Thann you for sharing this beautiful experience of thé Light ans Sound of God.

  15. Grant McGaugh says:

    Thanks for sharing. Reality of the Light and Sound of ECK are always with us though we forget sometimes through our karmic experiences that God’s Love is forever with us.

  16. Richard Ugochukwu says:

    Thanks my dear for the experience.

  17. Angelica Hugh says:

    Miracles can happen for people who have a burning desire for God’s love, believer of the higher power within you and strong conviction for knowing God, Sugmad exist. Your experience is so incredible that will help those who are not yet touch by the Eck or find Mahanta, the living master. I can share my miracles that show the way to people who are doubtful about Eckankar. When you are ready the Master appeared no matter where you are in this world, the Eck will find you. I was in Singapore over 35 years ago where I found the Eckankar when there were only about five members who know about Eck. There was no seminar or classes like in United State and the path of Eckankar was no even legal to speak freely in Singapore and yet I found Eckankar without attending a talk or seminar. The minute I met the eckist I joined immediately the next day and within a week I confirm the Eck was for me and became a lifetime member and pay my dues right away in full. I trusted and the first time I went to the Eck center I had an incredible experience which I saw so many Eck Masters in radiate form which is so bright and I knew right away. The eckist met with me the next day and pointed out to me that my car symbolized I am already an eckist before coming to Eck.
    My car is blue in color, then my license plate had EK and also a nos 6 and I was also wearing a six pointed star which I designed myself and been wearing the whole time. All these was not an accidental but it was meant for me to receive this powerful teaching. Since then I been protected by the Eck and many miracles happened very often and the Masters are always with me daily.
    May the blessings be, Angelica Hugh

  18. Jan Elaine Krause says:

    What a wonderful gift! Thank you for sharing!

  19. Lea Allen says:

    The 2 pillars that stand on either side of the portal. The light and sound rush towards us with welcoming bliss.

  20. Eric Lartey says:

    What a wonderful experience, the ECK is real.

  21. Gary farrar says:

    Beautiful experience. With gratitude

  22. Bamidele osanyinlusi says:

    Congratulations dear blessed one. You were ready to receive the grace of the Mahanta.. The Shariyat says ” when the Chela is ready the Master will appear.” Your physical condition can’t stop the experience. You as soul Will have the experience no matter the the situation of the body. It is an out of the body experience. Count your self lucky. Your experience is your authority. A knower and not a believer! Your experience is quite awesome. May the blessings be.

  23. Bassey Okon says:

    It was indeed a moving story. What more can one say. When the student is ready, the master will come.

  24. Pamela says:

    Thanks for sharing. What a beautiful story.

  25. Ben perkins says:

    The possibilities and experiences you can have with and thru ECKANKAR are unlimited. What do you want?

  26. Peter Akpokodje says:

    I am glad you heard the Voice of God. Beautiful story. Thank you so much for sharing.

  27. mark in Florida says:

    Your story is very encouraging! Thank you so much for sharing. That is a very powerful story especially being deaf from birth. And then five years passed before you even found ECKANKAR. I will surely pass it on to others!
    Thank you and may the Blessings Be.

  28. Nnenna says:

    Soul is eternal and does not have inner limitations, the outer constraints is for soul to learn the lessons of life, the holy spirit being that aspect of God in man is complete and therefor the speaker was shown that his real self is soul and his outer condition does not matter, once we do what we are supposed to do about any situation we surrender to eck to fill the blank spaces, it may not be according to our dictates, but it wiil be good for the eck, for us and for the whole.

  29. Bi Veronica Ngwa says:

    Dear Brian, thank you so much for sharing your wonderful experience with us. It brought to memory some questions i faced in my early days in ECKANKAR. Burning with the fire of ECK, i went out doing Vahana (missionary work). One of the seekers bombarded me with questions among which was, “It means only people who can read and write would be members of our religion, what about the old mothers and fathers who never saw the four walls of a classroom?” He asked this following the books and brochures i presented to them. I simply answered, “even the dumb (aphonic), deaf and blind would be able to communicate with God, if sincerely he wants to.”
    So, a heart that sincerely seeks God would in one way or another reach It…..God is a spirit and need to be met in like manner, in the spirit world. Just have an open and loving heart in your seeking, and you will meet God at the right time, in the right place.

    I also enjoyed the various contributions. Thanks for this blog, thank you Wah Z.

  30. Ben Mullen says:

    Reading about your beautiful inner experiences with the Light and Sound of ECK, which came in response to your earnest and sincere request, is a reminder that when we invite the ECK into our lives, we receive exactly those gifts which are best at that time for our individual spiritual growth or unfoldment, and are for us alone. So, no one need feel that their experiences must be similar to or conform to the pattern of anyone else’s — each gets just what the ECK knows that at that moment will fit them to a “T”.

  31. Holly says:

    “As I read, the words became a part of me, a part of my consciousness.”

    Dearest Brian,
    Your story is very alive and heart opening. It reminds me of the Living Shariyat…
    I have often heard from others that are differently abled that when they are on the Inner Planes they have fully functional bodies.
    Thank you so much for sharing your story. After a long search a friend shared Eckankar with me too.

  32. Scott Dexter says:

    Truly a beautiful experience! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful experience. This is magnificent!

  33. susan springwater says:

    thank you for sharing your story. i have often wondered if the blind or deaf could hear and see the ECK the Light and Sound. so again thank you for your sharing your wonderful experience!

  34. Antoinette says:

    Wow Brian, what an incredible experience thank you for sharing, your story filled my heart with so much love.
    I first started hearing to Sound in the late 1970’s.
    I smiled, because it made me feel so wonderful, I knew it was special, but not sure what it was.
    The Light came in the early 80’s again it was an experience of wonderment, I was overjoyed but still no answers, till the early 90’s when I was introduced to ECKANKAR by a friend.
    This Golden path of ECK is such a blessing to me, what a joy, at last, I started on my Journey home to the Ocean of Love and Mercy.
    No more questions, no more doubt or confusion, just pure joy and so much love.

  35. Randhir Singh says:

    great experience when you or me searching sincerely. Thanks

  36. Marcus says:

    I too am blessed Brian by your stories .. a lot.

    Through many experiences I am growing to have unflinching faith in God. For instance .. just when I think a dream does not contain much (I keep a dream journal) .. when I go back to carefully interpret it’s symbols it ends up containing everything. It inspires me to worship God. I call these experiences ‘nodes’ .. kind of like beads on a bracelet (like prayer beads). When these nodes (blessings from God) start adding up, you have a whole LOT OF THEM eventually to look back on .. and it makes your faith strong.

    Bless all of you who are growing in connection with and faith in God, the Source, Divine Love, the Universe through real experiences rather than through ‘faith’ that in reality contains a big ‘I don’t really know’ (which is not real faith.) Faith through God blessing you, you connecting with love is the best faith of all .. stronger than mountains.

  37. Margaret Jackson says:

    Brian from Texas, your storey of how you found the Light and Sound brought tears to my eyes and an overwhelming love for you. The miracle of hearing the Inner Voice and the Music of Soul must have been so profound for a person with no hearing. You were able to hear and see the wonders of the Sugmad, the Mahanta and the Eck. I am so happy in my heart for you.
    Baraka Bashad. Margaret Jackson

  38. michael best says:

    although we all will have our own unique experiences with the light and sound of God. it is comforting to hear of others who share the experieces so we can get a sense of connection, because we are not alone with these wonderful experiences, on our way home to God(Sugmad).

  39. Ava says:

    I was moved by your experience, as I was reading it I was able to visualize what you were going through. As a fact, your experience made me think about my journey with the sound & light. From time to time, I can recall prior to descending from above, to find the master and I’m always with you. I found the master and knew I was on the right track, to learning truth.

  40. Connie Bowden says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. As much as I’ve truly enjoyed all the blogs….this one strikes me as quite special. How wonderful.

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