“I Want to Hear the Truth from God!”

Hearing the Sound of God

By Brian, Texas

I was born deaf. So my way of interpreting the world came mostly through sight. As I grew up, I developed a hunger for spiritual truth. I read a lot about different religions and a variety of paths, trying to find one that was right for me.

I studied everything from Christianity to metaphysical teachings. But no matter what I tried, none of these satisfied my hunger.

I felt lost.

I wanted something more from life but didn’t know what it was. I began to spiral downward emotionally.

After a particularly difficult few days, I broke down in tears and decided to pray for guidance.

“I want to hear the truth directly from God, and not through the Bible or through other people,” I said silently. “I want to hear directly from God!”

All of a sudden, I felt love entering my heart. I repeated my plea again.

“I want to hear the truth from God!” I cried inwardly.

The more I repeated this silently, the more I felt love in my heart grow and fill my entire being. I could barely contain it within me.

“I love you, God! I love you!” I repeated silently.

Then I actually began to speak out loud. I don’t remember the words. But as the sounds left my mouth, my heart filled with even more love.

Suddenly, I felt a sucking motion pulling at my Spiritual Eye, which is located between the eyebrows. It felt like a vacuum pulling me upward.

In an instant, I was out of my body.

Surrounded by what seemed to be the sky, I saw a Light coming toward me. Full of warmth and gentleness, the Light held the enormous power of divine love. It grew brighter as it approached me. I had never experienced so much love before.

Then I heard the Sound! I was shocked. How was it possible that I could hear something? It was almost like a voice speaking to me. Yet it was not a voice. It was more like an inner communication of Sound expressing Itself to me. Not being used to hearing sound, I was overwhelmed.

A moment later, out of the Light came a beautiful, golden book. It lay open as it floated down toward me so I could read the words written within. As I read, the words became a part of me, a part of my consciousness.

When the experience was over, I was in shock. It felt as if an electrical current was running through me.

Was that real? I wondered.

When I shared what happened with some of my friends and family members, they were skeptical and didn’t understand it. I realized I needed to keep quiet and not share it with other people.

The next night while I was sleeping, I again heard the Sound in the form of beautiful music. It surprised me because it wasn’t a dream. I could hear the music clearly.

After these two experiences and my friends’ and family’s reaction, I believed I would never find a religion that was a good fit for me. Still, the love from the Light and Sound stayed with me and continued to grow.

Five years later, I found Eckankar, and it changed my life. I learned that we are made of God’s holy Light and Sound. These twin aspects of the Holy Spirit are how God speaks to us. After years of searching, I had finally come home.

If I had one piece of advice for a seeker, it would be to keep trying. Ask God for guidance and help, and when the time is right, the ECK will bring you exactly what you’re looking for.


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