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In the Journey of Spiritual Discovery Survey, members of Eckankar responded to questions about their experiences. An ECKist from Canada gave the response below to, What unanswered spiritual questions did you have PRIOR to finding ECKANKAR?

What am I doing here? What’s the purpose of life? What is life? How can I know the truth of life? Why does every religion and teaching I explore seem to hit a wall? Isn’t there some teaching somewhere that goes all the way? What are the keys, the secrets, that most teachings don’t seem to know?

Sri Harold Klemp has written eloquently about the seeker’s journey and sense of longing. In the following excerpt from his book Spiritual Exercises for the Shariyat, Book One, he offers a way to discover your own truth.


For a New Approach to Life

By Harold Klemp

Do you have a problem or a question you would like to get beyond? In contemplation, sing HU for several minutes, and open your heart to divine love.

In your Spiritual Eye, see the Light of ECK entering your inner being and reorganizing the atoms of your thoughts and habits. The sparkling Light of ECK soothes and uplifts you in spirit. Continue this exercise for fifteen to twenty minutes or more.

Watch for a subtle feeling of lightness in your heart and mind as you go about your day.


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14 Responses to Searching for Truth

  1. LYDIA PHIRI says:

    Life with the MAHANTA’s guide is easy, joyful and full of love. I appreciate and love life.

  2. Karen says:

    I have been in Eckankar for the past five years and had similar experiences to Karen and Bamidele, however, I continue to persevere. I continue to enjoy reading all the experiences/stories shared by all and derive encouragement to “press on.”
    Thank you Mahanta.
    May the Blessings be!

  3. Karen Hull says:

    I have been an Eck member for one year. One month after joining I experienced a very brief moment with the Light and Sound of God – just enough to let me know it’s real. While I do my exercises pretty much every day I struggle with opening my heart to Love. While I am dreaming very weird dreams (and writing them down) they mostly end with me up against a brick wall or at a crossroads, unable to find my way to the help of the Mahanta. I don’t recall ever knowing what love feels like, other than to love nature and animals. I have trouble loving people. I have released a lot of my anger towards people as I lean more towards detaching from them and allowing and accepting their choices as “their” path. I struggle with keeping my awareness on my spiritual eye as I wander off track until I get frustrated. I ask the Mahanta to help me find my spiritual path, to take me on a soul journey to show me something I should know about this life or a past life that has created so much karma. I have noticed a change in my outlook on life so it’s not all been in vain. I know the Mahanta works at whatever level is right for each of us and I try to be very patient knowing when the time is right the Mahanta will show me what I need to know. I was fortunate to be able to attend the Spring Seminar this month in Minnesota, and I got very sick with weakness and congestion on the flight home. I am still recovering. I am looking at it as a spiritual cleansing of some kind but I don’t understand it. I love the Eck books and the classes, and despite my slow progress I know I am soul and as soul I am free. Thank you Mahanta for not giving up on us chelas. May the Blessings Be!!

  4. Cyndy L Bradfield says:

    I first came in contact with Eckankar while in high school in 1973. I began doing the Hu and reading what books I could get. Growing up in a family of nine the poverty consciousness is a mantle that you carry forward, even when your situation becomes more fortunate the residual effects still remain. I will always scrape the mayonaise jar and rinse out the shampoo bottles. I finally could justify the cost of membership in 1981, I was a single parent attending my 3rd year in college. I waitressed and attended school during the day. Spending much of my hard earned money on daycare. Even in a large family I felt different and alone. Before becoming a member I had the experience of walking with Paul on the docks of Louisiana, at a time when I had never left Florida. Rebazar Tarz was my shadow in those early years. My entry into Eckankar was delayed until Harji became the Living Eck Master, I was deemed too emotionally sensitive to be under the master coming in after Pailji. I am grateful to Spirit for guiding me until the appropriate time. I had a rich, full dreamlife with Paul and Rebazar and other masters I do not know by name. I have never been alone again. It is now 36 years as a member and I now know many lifetimes with the Mahanta as my guide. Even after Paul was gone from our physical universe he continued to be my guide and I did not know of him before his translation. The Hu and the spiritual exercises have been my privilege to practice. I admit to struggling with the order of our growing system, it feels much like the bureaucracy of the school system I was part of most of my life. I am pleased to be part of a belief that is allowing me the Freedom I have not known till recently. I am also grateful for the child/man Spirit sent my way. Although not a formal member of Eckankar he has supported my study for almost 34 years. His trust and belief in me has been unwavering. Harold has always been the big brother I never had physically. I am the oldest of 7 so the responsible one. Also the curious, courageous and imaginative one. I had 5 brothers but only Harji to share this journey with. A’ho and may the blessings be.

  5. Hugh says:

    Bamidele osanyinlu si and others;
    When I need to get spiritual results like I used to have or get back to a higher consciousness, I’ve done some of the following:
    1. A longer basic spiritual exercise. It’s like catching up when you slack on doing your daily exercises. There is a constant pull on your attention by daily life and the worlds consciousnesses, including all the negative forces, that the spiritual exercises are built to move you above. As you already know, the spiritual exercises and this path work, don’t give up.
    2. You can always chant Mahanta or Z for 20 minutes, or longer, when you need to catch up, and then get personal attention, by the Mahanta, to your situation. I even do my exercises longer in order to get to the consciousness that Desire. It takes daily effort and time to get above the lower consciousnesses.
    3. Look or ask the Mahanta for an opportunity to give. This always works, by helping you get above your present consciousness.

    There are many other spiritual exercises to work with to get results. Also there are slower cycles and faster cycles of spiritual experience and growth.
    Hang in there, most Eckist probably go through similar periods. I had to extend my exercises last night to feel right.
    In Eckankar there is a solution to every problem. And Eckankar gives you the tools to find that answer.

  6. Antoinette says:

    Mahanta, you transformed my life from confusion and misery in to a miracle of knowing seeing and hearing, a miracle of joy, delight and love.
    I am, and will be eternally grateful forever, and ever. I feel so blessed, thank you Mahanta.

  7. Caroline V. says:

    To Junni Carrie, remember the Mahanta is always with you! And he knows your desire. I was blessed for attending physically the worldwide seminar few times. Before that, every October 22, I sat down quietly in my room, and closed my eyes to join the Mahanta, the ECK masters and every Eckists attending the ECK worldwide seminar in Minneapolis. A desire, dreams really come true. Actually, this time again, I attended inwardly the ECK spring seminar 2017 and it was a wonderful experience.

  8. Junni Carrie says:

    You can say I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth for just being born in Eck but it has not been easy at all. I’ve gone through the crucible of fire and has been purified and cleansed. I am now a new being. Even though I’m still going through several challenges, I know it shall soon pass because no condition is permanent. I’m grateful Wah Z was with my family and I, all through our dark days and nights. My greatest wish is to attend the world-wide seminar before I turn 30 which is two years away. Sincerely spirit, please make my dream come true. I don’t know how but all I know is I trust you Z to create this miracle in my life. I’m very grateful for your help through our journey on the path to God. We are never alone. 🙂 Thank you everybody for your love and support.

  9. Majid says:

    Hello love ❤️ ( Mahanta )

    I believe in past lives and present Mahanta and soil professors have been with my soul. When we surrender our spiritual growth when we are asleep our soul trying to master teaches spiritual growth.

    I translated my writing with Google, sorry’s wrong.

  10. Bamidele osanyinlusi says:

    Thank Z for all exercises sent out chelas to try. In recent times, I found that no amount of effort I made, I don’t see any result. But I keep doing the exercises. What do you recommend that I should do to keep the Light glowing as before and even more?

  11. Nnenna says:

    Mahanta called it a new aproach to life, that is the spiritual excercise, I may have done some like this but not exactly this way, I will try it and as usual it works, Eckankar is different, you do it yourself and it is practical, Incredible Wah Z.

  12. Cordelia says:

    The Light of ECK has helped me to be better composed during contemplation. My heart opened with gratitude and I had this inner nudge for the first time to write and share my gratitude with others.
    Thank you Mahanta for your love and the opportunity to share this love with others.

  13. Cordelia says:

    Whenever I feel physically run down, I would imagine the circulation of ECK through my entire body with each breath, getting rid of things not good for me. This wonderful Spiritual Exercise has opened the door wider to richer inner experiences for me.
    My thoughts always run wild during contemplations, and I also have this habit of never writing and sharing my comments, even when I have something to share. I did not experience much on Day 1 of this exercise, but on Day 2, I felt calmer and soothed by the Light of ECK: in the inner, I saw myself composing my response, writing it down and submitting it. This is quite a transformation for me.
    Thank you so much Sri Harold for this wonderful tool, which is helping me to better organise my thoughts and finally break a long held not so good habit.

  14. Marcus says:

    Bless you Sri Harold for being so godly, for pointing people, soul towards Divine Love, and with pure intentions. That is rare, not so common and I’m thankful that you walk this Earth.

    And I’m thankful for truly holy beings: the ‘Eck masters’ who are truly Eck masters .. and all the spiritual help out there in the universe who will never be acknowledged in a worldly sense, or known or seen or ‘popular’ .. but nonetheless always out there, filled with love and wisdom ready to help lost souls.

    I am thankful for all these beings ..

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