Texas Longhorn Saves a Little Bull

texas-longhorn_joyce-helensBy Harold Klemp

This story is about “Carol.” She lives in cattle country, in a small town near San Angelo, Texas.

One morning Carol went outside. Her neighbor was outside too, and on his lawn were three bulls. One was a huge longhorn, and the other two were little black bulls.

Unfortunately, one of them was lying down. He had eaten too much of a big green bush, and he had become bloated. Now, those of you who work with cattle know that if an animal becomes bloated, if it can’t get up, then it probably won’t make it. It’s going to die.

We knew that at home on the farm too. If there was such a case, the wives would get on the phone and call up the immediate neighbors right away, because maybe one farmer or another knew what to do.

A bloated cow looks really different, like a big balloon lying on the ground with legs sticking straight out. It’s a strange-looking thing.

There’s no way to get a cow like that up most of the time, because they’re just too big. But there was something that sometimes worked. Farmers always carried a jackknife. They carried it everywhere for everything. So the farmer would take the jackknife and poke it in a certain place around one of the ribs. I was just a small kid when I saw them do it. The air went out of the cow just like a balloon, and then the men got her up. They would kick her, just enough to get her moving. Then there was hope.

But, apparently, they didn’t know about this in Carol’s town. So Carol and her neighbor, “Don,” looked the situation over, and they didn’t know what to do. Don got on his phone, and he called around trying to find the owner. He couldn’t find the owner, so finally they decided they should call the sheriff. Maybe the sheriff would know something. About this time, the longhorn bull walked over to Don.

Now, these are huge animals. From my experience on the farm, all our bulls weighed well over a ton, and you did not want to be anywhere near them. But this bull came up to Don and looked very concerned. Don scratched the bull’s head. And then this massive bull walked over to Carol and began to lick her arm.

Whenever Don walked over to look at the little black bull that was down on the ground, this huge longhorn would follow him. Don said to Carol, “Do you see that? Every time I go over there to check on the bull, the longhorn comes right along.” This was quite unusual.

Well, the longhorn decided that Don and Carol weren’t going to do anything. So he tried to get his horns underneath the downed bull and lift him up. But he could only get one horn at a time under the little bull, because longhorns’ horns stick straight out to the side. And they don’t curl much to speak of—at least not the ones I’ve seen.

Each time the little bull would get partway up, he would slip off. So the next time the longhorn got the little bull up a bit, Don used his foot to balance the little bull on the horn, until the longhorn got him up.

They got this bloated little thing up on his feet, but he was just standing there. It hurt to walk, I imagine. Then the longhorn stuck the little bull with his horn and kept sticking him, sticking him. Apparently that hurt worse than the bloating did, so finally the little bull began to move. Pretty soon the air passed through, and he was OK. It was the love of this huge longhorn for his little friend that ultimately saved his life.

Here again is an example of divine love showing itself, animal to animal. And of course, Carol and Don did their part.

Love does not restrict itself to only those of a certain species or race, or any of that. Love is love. And this is what the ECK teachings are all about. Purely love, and just love—simply love.

Excerpted from The Master’s Talks in A Year of Creativity—2009–2010.


21 Responses to Texas Longhorn Saves a Little Bull

  1. Jaden Smith says:

    Wow. My eyes are wet after reading this Blog. True love is meant to be spread.

  2. James I. Aguwa says:

    Very uplifting story. Divine Love has no boundary but permeates among all creatures of God that are open to it. All we need is to keep our heart open to it the Spiritual Exercises of ECK..



  4. Bertram Telemaque says:

    Love exists in all God’s creatures to give and to receive. MTBB!

  5. harolde HENRY says:

    Thank you beloved in ECK. That experience has touched my heart.Thank so much

  6. Chukwuemeka Ozukwe says:

    We should show LOVE in everything we do. Touching story!

  7. Stacie Schultz says:

    Animals are so in touch with Divine love that they know when someone is trying to help, as did this one ton bull. Love is what it is all about. As soul, it even knew it wanted to help one of its own, and did the best it could in the situation.

  8. Dayo says:

    ECKANKAR has helped me to realise that animals are Soul too. I am grateful for the profound insights.

  9. Lovedales Kumah says:

    This is pure love in action. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Bernice McKinley says:

    This is an amazing story. It tells us who the Master is.
    Last night I was tossing and turning with this and that. I finally got the nudge to read The Winds Of Change. The first chapter about “Dad and the Cow” and Zsa Zsa the cat got me laughing so hard I went to sleep thinking about where your heart always is Mahanta, caring about every creature seeing them as Soul.
    I am so grateful to you for your loving and caring.

  11. Yiscard Rubattino says:

    This is a beautiful story!! All creatures are a reflection of Sugmad love!!!

  12. Douglas Ryan says:


  13. Bayonle Adesola says:

    Animals give love because they are souls….

  14. Minda Moore says:

    Love is certainly all around .. all we have to do is look with an open heart.

  15. William Bull says:

    Great story. I think we need to give credit to those humans that do devote themselves to a life of love and service to others and to the Mahanta. We don’t often hear of these things because they are often done quietly, without fanfare, but there are plenty of us out there.

  16. Margaret Jackson says:

    The long horn bull, was so knowing, I reckon he saw the Light and Sound when asleep. Spiritually advanced Souls live in a lot of animals. Animals are all Souls. Thank you for the storey, I am not a farmer, but I understands the love and concern the owners had for their little bull. The long horn could sense the human concern. Love is all there is, really. Baraka Bashad

  17. Frances Nestel says:

    I enjoyed this story. It made me smile. Since I lived from age 10 in San Angelo, I was intrigued since at that time I was unaware of ECKANKAR, the path of Light and Sound of God. How often our pets show us the love of God.

    I now live in Hawaii.

    Aloha, Fran

  18. Mary Craver says:

    I love this story. I grew up on a farm and witnesed animals giving love and I always enjoyed watching and paying attention to them.

  19. Nnenna says:

    Mahanta called it pure love, simlpy love, Wah Z, it is not simple, humans don’t even exhibit this degree of love but animals and birds do, even plants do react to gifts of love, there are many stories that tourched the heart exhibited by animals apriciating and giving divine love, Mahanta u know it took the longhorn to try all skills to get a friend out of that fatal situation. From the story it is shown that divine spirit works relentlessly to help us out once we connect, love is strong, the longhorn was calling attention all the time for the need to help the bloated little bull, that is Gods love in action, thanks, inspirational Wah Z

  20. Bi Veronica Ngwa says:

    If animals can show unconditional love like this to one another, what more of human beings?
    This story and many more of the master´s stories on how animals show love to themselves and other souls is what rekindle my love for the Eck teachings and The Mahanta.
    Thank you Wah Z.

  21. John abakaliki nigeria says:

    Divine love always show on any soul that give love to others.

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