A Narrow Doorway to Heaven

narrow-doorway-inner_worlds_10_color_loA 2014 Religious Landscape Study from Pew Research Center reported that 72 percent of adults surveyed believe in heaven. Yet often people who are raised with a belief in the afterlife continue to wonder about loved ones who have died. How can they prove to themselves that heaven exists?

Sri Harold Klemp and his wife, Joan, had an office visit with their eye doctor shortly after the doctor lost his father. Perhaps their answers to the doctor’s questions can help you understand more about heaven.


The Narrow Doorway

By Harold Klemp

My eye doctor had lost his father earlier this year. In the final weeks of his father’s last illness, the doctor had dropped everything on weekends to fly from Minneapolis to Arizona to visit him.

Unexpectedly, he said, “The door to heaven must be narrow.”

A twinkle in his eye begged the question, Why?

The doctor and his father had grown very close over the past few years, so death had left a big vacuum in the doctor’s life.

“My dad was nearly ninety,” he said, “and had been a rather stocky man most of his life. But he was very thin when he finally left.

“The same with others I’ve known,” he went on. “So the door to heaven must be very narrow.”

We had a laugh about that.

On a more serious note, he recounted the last days of his father. The old man had lived a long, full life, yet he clung eagerly to this life, uncertain about what the next had to offer. But as time passed, he began to have inner experiences of a bright white place. Ahead of him in the vision stood a white staircase. It led up to a door.

Yet no matter how hard he tried to get through the door to a new life in the heavenly worlds, he couldn’t get it open. It frustrated him to no end.

Then he’d open his eyes in the hospital room, look at his son, and say, “I’m not in heaven yet, am I?”

“How do you know that?” his son asked.

“Because you’re still sitting here.”

They enjoyed a good laugh.

Then, his father had gone on, happy and content at his good fortune in having mastered the secret to opening the door at the top of the white staircase. However, he left behind a very reflective and lonesome son, the doctor.

“The passing of one’s parents can be a traumatic event,” I said, addressing his unspoken fear. “It means we’re next in line.”

He smiled ruefully, relieved that someone had put a handle on the cup for him.

When the eye exam was over, I made as if to get up from the chair, because my wife, Joan, wanted him to recheck her prescription. The conversation and exam had eaten into his lunch hour, but he seemed grateful for two sympathetic listeners. So he waved his hand for me to stay seated a moment more.

“Since you’re here,” he said, “may I ask you a question? What do you know about parallel worlds?”

The doctor is a Christian; his father was a benevolent agnostic who simply didn’t know what to think about the hereafter. He was perfectly satisfied to enjoy the fruits of this life: his wife, family, friends, good health, and profession. His heaven was earth. That’s all he could be certain of, and it pleased him.

Our good friend the doctor now felt a desire to know where his father was and how he was doing. Hence, the question about parallel worlds.

“Going into the heavenly worlds while still in the human body is the key to Soul Travel and dream travel,” Joan and I said between us. He looked uncertain of how to use either to accomplish his desire of meeting his dad again.

“Love is stronger than fear or even death,” I said. “Whenever there is a strong bond of love between two people, they can meet again in their dreams or by Soul Travel.”

But the doctor, the Christian, hesitated.

I continued: “A master you trust spiritually, like Christ, can make it happen. Just ask him in your prayers. He can take you to your father in a dream. He’ll take care of all the details so you won’t have to learn the dream methods yourself.”

That agreed with him. An air of tranquillity now settled upon his face. He thought for a moment longer, then smiled.

Heaven’s narrow door?

Yes, an individual must indeed leave behind all attachment to the things of this world before it’s possible to go through heaven’s door.

Abandon all things but one.

Pure love.

It is the key that opens the door to the highest place in heaven—God’s home of Love and Mercy.

Excerpted from ECK Wisdom on Life after Death.


28 Responses to A Narrow Doorway to Heaven

  1. ANIL PATEL says:

    Only the pure of heart may experience the incredible depth and stunning beauty of the far country. All you need is one conscious experience (or dream), where you witness the Light and Sound of ECK directly, and you’ll be hooked. All courtesy of the Mahanta. In his presence we are truly blessed. humility, gratitude, patience, and a gentle persistence all harmonize to pave the way to the door of heaven. You as the adventurous Soul filled with love, can then cross the threshold into the pure Light and Sound. Why deny yourself this type of experience? It is your birthright as Soul—go now and claim it.

  2. ifeoma says:

    Such a loving and compassionate approach. Thank u Wah Z. Mtbb

  3. roberte says:

    this is like a respond to all my inner questions

  4. emeka nwosu says:

    s good to know that SOUL does not die rather we transit from this physical world to other planes we merit we drop off the physical body. With this knowledge death is no longer dreaded and seen as what it is actually is.

  5. EMEKA, E. EGBEJI says:

    Indeed, this topic lifted burden on me after reading it from the spiritual wisdom on life after death written by Sri Harold Klemp the spiritual leader of Eckankar. At least am more comfortable now having known that Soul can only translate from one phase to another and not dead as I was told in the Christianity. I do lack words to express my feelings each time I remember that am an ECKist in this lifetime. Thank you Wah Z for been with me always.

  6. Anna says:

    Thank you for the humor and love!

  7. David Baillie says:

    Perhaps Love has no size and takes us through the narrowest doors. Thankyou for insights and LOVE.

  8. Rick Davis says:

    Thank you Mahanta. Love is our key to growth. May the blessings be.

  9. elaine voda says:

    My husband translated a year ago. We had a wonderful, close and loving relationship of 60 years. We were fortunate that we both had taken the Eckankar journey. We had given each other permission go when our time came. Love comes in many forms and many ways. Even after the death of a loved one, it keeps growing stronger. There is no explaining it in words, but just experiencing it. Know you are still sharing that love as it continues to grow in soul. If you feel it, and have an absolute knowing of it, then it is being blessed with the divine love. Baraka Bashad, May the blessings be.

  10. Sèdjro Anselme FANOU says:

    Pure love, divine love !

  11. Akpobome Ogbon says:

    Indeed the question of what happens to our loved ones when they translate troubles a lot of individual. But we are grateful for the ECK and the Mahanta. In the end. Love is all we need to make the connection.
    May the Blessings Be.

  12. Rebecca says:

    The I ching says I must celebrate every day that my beloved Kevin is in eternity, yet I find myself feeling very sad still and afraid of being left behind although he HAS let me know numerous times his spiritual soul is in existence and DOES come to visit, communicate, express his life force/incarnation? I have given it much thought and have agonized the past 18 months we’ve been separated…I HAVE come to the conclusion LOVE is what keeps us connected and I need to BELIEVE he is waiting, WILL meet me when my time comes, as he has told me…WHY do I still feel confused and afraid of abandonment? I need in put…I am pretty much agnostic though I DO believe I have lived before and WAS involved with him in a past life in the time of Alexander the Great when in the midsts of the Persian wars, up in what is now known as Turkmenistan in an area now known as Togrov temple complex- a Zoroastrian city. I truly feel I need spiritual help. I am NOT a one religious belief person as mentioned prior…Is there info any one here at this site can provide? I am 63, facing SERIOUS Neurosurgery in 10 days and am aware of the fact I NEED help. Thank you for reading me.

    • Jorge Carrizosa says:

      Rebecca, there are many resources in Eckankar and elsewhere that may help. But it sounds like you already know the truth: your beloved IS in Heaven, he still loves you, and one day you’ll be with him. Yet human emotions can still make us sad an anxious. I would say, allow yourself to feel those emotions and don’t judge yourself for feeling them. But also you can sit quietly in contemplation to raise yourself spiritually so you can overcome anxiety. Singing HU is a great way to do that…read about it on It will help calm your fears and be more peaceful. Above all, know God loves you and He wants the best for you and your beloved, and everything will be fine! Much love to you. Jorge

    • Mark says:

      Rebecca, I appreciate your authentic sharing. It opened my heart. While healing the loss of love takes time I have done a few things that really helped me: 1) I sit with and listen to the grief as a feeling in my body, without resisting or trying to make the pain go away. This transforms it. 2) I found some place to volunteer/serve others in pain (Hospice, etc.) 3) I also sang HU to open my heart to Gods love each day and before bed -asking for a dream or Soul Travel experience with my beloved. Sometimes that worked but sometimes a curtain came – that’s because we both needed time to heal the loss. The pain of loss has been a gift, uncomfortable yes, but it peeled away more of the armour around my heart. Perhaps this is the gift our loved ones offer us when it is their time. Blessings, Mark

  13. MarTee Jones says:

    I am a true believer of God and people going to Heaven. But…I’ve never heard what Heaven really is really like. I know people see a bright light and family, etc. and then they are sent back to earth. I am very curious about what it’s really like when you pass. Is there another planet you go to? Does your soul just float around the universe? How do you know when you are ready to reincarnate? It’s been a subject that I really think about.

  14. evelyne nikoue says:

    Thank you Mahanta for your Love.

    My sister have a cancer and was going back and forth from hospital to home during 3 years. She was christian and have a strong faith in Jesus and hoped to survive, doctors knew she won’t because she finally had an infection due to heart surgery which goes wrong.

    Any time I make my spiritual exercise I asked you Mahanta to help her during the translation. We were not in the same country, not in the same continent. As soon as I received the confirmation that she is going to translate within the next hour, I started my spiritual exercise with a strong love toward her: chanting, HU…..MAHANTA…..SUGMAD ….HER NAME.

    Then my sister appear in my room with the Mahanta at her side and she told me.

    Mahanta thank you, I love you.

  15. Nnenna says:

    Mahanta thank you. This is spiritually uplifting. I love the story and the lessons in it. Love you Wah Z.

  16. Ojie Alexander says:

    Thank you Mahanta for this teaching. May The Blessings Be!

  17. Gailbird says:

    LOVE. Love is everything.

  18. Chris Ivhador says:

    Love is indeed the golden coin that will be required to go through the door into heaven. Thank you Harold.

  19. Francis Iteku says:

    Indeed love is greater than everything we can think of. Thank you Mahanta for sharing the wisdom!


  20. Mark says:

    After a couple of years, I saw my deceased father in a dream but I only observed him standing,looking off over the mountains. I saw him but he did not notice me. He had been a devote Catholic but drifted away later in life seeming to ponder that which Catholosim cannot explain. This happened maybe twice more. Then the third time after a few years we spoke. He was excited about a new author that he was studying. I asked who it was and he told me his name is Paul Twitchell.

  21. EWA joy Mark says:

    I love it, all must be abandoned except pure love.

  22. ellen says:

    Such a compassionate and loving approach. Thank you, Mahanta.

  23. Mon says:

    I Love it that The Mahanta, the Living ECK Master will tell a Christian to ask Jesus to show them. That’s love and respect. LOVEly ! (: Thankyou, Sri Harold and Joan

  24. Bi Veronica Ngwa says:

    I love the humor in the story.
    The narrowness of the Doorway to heaven is most often caused by our attachment to the illusive and worldly things, doubt and fear of the unknown of life on the other side. But our dreams while asleep are visits to the heavenly worlds, which give us a preview or prenotion of what life after death would be. Pure Love, as said by the Master; faith and trust in the true spiritual guides is all we need to hold onto. This would be the indisputable key to open the door to whatever part of heaven we have earned.

  25. Alfred Aikhuele says:

    Love is stronger than death. Thank you, Wah Z.

  26. Peter Akpokodje says:

    Awesome read.
    Very direct and revealing. I also enjoyed the humor, indeed, we must leave all but one, pure love.
    And we all do that every night, we only need to be conscious of going through the narrow doorway.

    Blog shared on Facebook.

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