An ECK Master Helps My Christian Niece Go Home

gopal-das_sepia-drawingBy Tineke, Netherlands

As a child, my family life wasn’t harmonious. I often felt lonely and rejected. After my father died, my relationship with my mother and older sister became even more strained. I tried to do all I could to heal the rift between us, but nothing worked.

Then my niece, Mary, became seriously ill. She was a devoted Christian but was terrified of death. She prayed every day for a miracle, begging God to heal her.

During this difficult time, I remained estranged from my family. Although I wasn’t able to visit them, I sent e-mails to support my niece and share my love for her. I also shared some of the ECK teachings that Soul is eternal and can never die.

There was no reply to my e-mails, and I wondered what else I could do. I asked the Mahanta for help.

Immediately, I heard an inner voice saying I needed to practice true surrender and give up any attachments to this situation.

This was hard for me. I felt a little guilty, as if I wasn’t doing enough. But I took the words of the Inner Master to heart and decided to sing HU as a way of practicing complete surrender and trust. I ended my spiritual exercise by saying, “Thy will be done.”

A short time later, I was going to an ECK class and prepared myself by singing HU again. I wanted to be in harmony with the rhythm of the ECK, the Holy Spirit.

I lay down and began to sing this sacred name of God. Within a minute or so, I inwardly saw my niece Mary at the end of the couch.

“Hello,” she said. “Am I welcome?” I acknowledged that she was.

She smiled but looked slightly embarrassed.

“I came to say good-bye,” she said. I nodded.

“I don’t see much of Jesus, Aunt Tine,” she said. “And my grandmother, whom I loved very much, hasn’t arrived to help me. You told me there is a way to go home. But where is home? Can you call your Master to tell me which way to go?”

I had a strong nudge to follow the guidance I’d been given earlier to practice “Thy will be done.” So I turned the situation over to the Inner Master and invited Mary to join me in singing HU, an ancient love song to God. She agreed, and we both began to sing.

To my surprise, Gopal Das appeared, and Mary happily ran up to him.

“Are you Jesus?” she asked. Gopal Das replied that he was an ECK Master.

Mary looked at me, and I smiled back at her.

“Can you take me home?” she asked. Gopal Das said he could and invited Mary to go with him. She said yes, and then they were both gone. The contemplation ended, and I went to class. After it was over, I discovered that Mary had passed on.

By surrendering my family situation to the Mahanta and the Holy Spirit, I had the opportunity to say good-bye to Mary and see her take another step on her spiritual journey home.

This made me very happy and was a reminder of how important it is to put my trust in the Mahanta, the Inner Master. By practicing “Thy will be done,” the ECK can work everything out for the best.


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