My Daughter’s After-Death Visit


“I love you,” she whispered.

By Olumide, Texas

Several years ago, I got a phone call that changed my life. My daughter, Desola, had been seriously injured in a terrible car accident.

I rushed to the hospital but it was too late. Desola, whom I called “my princess,” had died.

As a student of the ECK teachings, I knew that, as Soul, Desola is eternal. I also knew that death of the physical body frees us from the bonds of earth, allowing us to move on to our next spiritual experience.

But the shock and trauma of the accident seemed to make it difficult for Desola to move on—to let go of her physical life. For several days, ECK friends and family saw Desola in their dreams. Often, I could sense her clinging to me.

Three nights after the accident, I was practicing one of the Spiritual Exercises of ECK before going to sleep, when I felt someone sit on the left side of my bed.

At first I was afraid. Who could this person be?

Then I inwardly heard Desola speak to me.

“It’s me, Dad!” she said.

Even though I knew this was my princess, the situation unnerved me. I began to sing HU aloud to calm myself and stay open to this gift of love.

As I sang, I was surprised to see my daughter lift gently off the bed and float to the ceiling. I watched in amazement as a bright white light began to shine through the oval windows of my bedroom.

Slowly, Desola floated effortlessly into the light and passed through one of the windows. As she did, she turned back to look at me once more.

“I love you,” she whispered.

Then she was gone.

I was both sad and grateful at the same time. The love song of HU created a bridge for Desola to find her way into the heavenly worlds, floating on a river of Light and Sound. I felt the Mahanta‘s presence guiding my princess to her true home.

This experience proved to me that Soul is eternal. Life goes on, and our departed loved one is in just the right place to continue his or her spiritual journey and spiritual growth.

I’m grateful for the Mahanta’s love and guidance in helping my daughter find her way back home to God.


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  1. Olivier BEYA WA BEYA says:

    Thank you Mahanta and thank you for your stories!

  2. Pauline Z. Mawutor says:

    So sad when we lost our loved ones but life goes on. And in Eck we know that Soul doesn’t die. There’s always communication between the inner and outer life.
    After two years of my mum’s translation, I met her in my dream and she said she had been looking for me because she was told to look for me to show her how to complete her new house, that she live in an uncompleted house. I didn’t know what to do so I sang the HU with her and told her to follow the Mahanta to help her out. I met her again few months later and she told me that she have arrived.
    Born into an Eck family and now sings HU.
    Eckankar is a true religion. Thank you Mahanta.

  3. Dimče says:

    Thank you for this beautiful story as well as to of those who have commented. My mother recently passed after a difficult illness, and I have had indication of her survival beyond the physical. As bittersweet as our emotions may leave us, the Mahanta is ever present and the ECK teachings provide everything necessary to help us continue. Baraka Bashad.

  4. Osilama Destiny omoti says:

    Very touched and sad. May the blessings be.

  5. Chukwuemeka Ozukwe says:

    ECKANKAR is the sweetest religion I know…. Love the story. May the blessing be

  6. Diana M Ramseyer says:

    Beautiful story of soul’s eternal existence and the Varagai’s assistance whenever we need it.Thanks for sharing!



  8. Oche Kingsley says:

    The inner guidance from the master is what makes this path very unique from any other path is just too lovely to have those amazing experiences that makes you go speechless, most words alone cannot express it. Thanks you Wah Z for your endless Love.

  9. Afefa says:

    Thank you friends for sharing your daughters story. Yes our loved ones are around. I had a very tough experience last week with a dear friend. It left me with a sense of loss and of very deep sadness. My friend apologized but I couldn’t not overcome the situation. I was not angry, just sad. My physical body reacted and I felt sick. Too weak to sing the HU so I will play the HU tape as often as I could. Last night my mother who passed away nine years ago came to me in a dream state and took me in a beautiful place which looked like a spa. When I woke up I felt so light, my sadness was gone! The Mahanta and my mother to help me heal! Interesting enough, It is Mother Day in this part of the world!

  10. Livinus Udofia says:

    The greatest discovery in my life is the ECK. Happy to be wrapped in it

  11. Nnenna says:

    I had goose pimples as I read this experience. I recently lost my husband. When he was still in the morgue waiting for burial, my son kept visiting to check the body. On getting there on one occasion he saw his father, my husband, and he told him he is with Rebazar Tarzs. What an experience, after that I calmed down and asked the Mahanta to take over. I was very close with my husband but after that experience I decided to let go and let God.

    Olumodes experience is the proof of eternity of soul as Eckankar teaches it.

  12. V Sahn says:

    I am so grateful for the HU. Its grace and power sustains me.

  13. FRED UDEH OKUM says:

    Quite reassuring…. MTBB.

  14. okisa ochemiebia says:

    This is where I Love to be in Eck community

  15. Edidiong Etim Ukpong says:

    So lovely… Thank God am an Eckist in this lifetime.

  16. Tajudeen Olusegun Balogun says:

    Thank you Mahanta for this privilege.

  17. Richard Berling says:

    The ECK is always looking out for us and our loved ones. Even in the throes of loss if we apply the principles it comes through with inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Shar Officer says:

    I don’t have tears run down my cheeks often, but they did reading this lovely story. How beautiful. What an honor/Blessing it is to be an Eckist and have the guidance of the Mahanta.
    48 years in ECKANKAR and every day is full of gratitude to have found this path of Light & Sound.

  19. Bob says:

    Thanks for sharing such a beautiful story of your daughter letting you know she loves you and is she is okay.

  20. fabian emeka ikeora says:

    this is a very rich experince. i love dat.

  21. rosemary Ikenna says:

    Soul is eternal. Thank Sugmad for giving you this spiritual wisdom on death after life on earth.

  22. Rita Agyare says:

    Very peaceful and relaxing May stay forever in our hearts May the blessings be.

  23. Brisibe Ebi ECKSON says:

    this is a very great story. thanks for sharing because I have learn something new today from your story

    Brisibe Ebi

  24. Moses Ezeala says:

    this is a great story from the heart is lovely and difficult to understand this experience.
    the lovely thing is that we in Eckankar have the living Eck master so we understand more then others.
    we thank the Mahanta.

  25. MARIUS UGADA says:

    The beauty of ECKANKAR is that you have your own personal experiences that confirm its teachings. Then you know and become better rooted.
    Inspite of the great bond of love between father and daughter, Soul must continue the journey.
    A lovely story indeed.

  26. Sophia A Irving says:

    While doing my spiritual exercise the Mahanta took me to a garden where I saw my aunt who translated 28 years ago. She was busily working when my cousin appeared. It was his voice that made me notice because his face was pure light but he said, ” what’s up cuz”. So as Olumide, Texas talks about his experience with his daughter, I am so grateful that others are experiencing visits from their loved ones.

  27. olumide says:

    I have just stumbled on this story myself on Facebook. Thanks for your comments. Hope it keeps helping people to learn more about life after death. We in ECK know that life goes on beyond the demise of the physical body. With my daughter’s visit after I know for real that life goes on.

    Experiences like this make the teachings of ECK stand apart and proves that the Mahanta is always with us, here or in the greater beyond, ready to escort us home when we leave the human body, temporarily or permanently.

    Olumide Olamigoke

  28. Timothy says:

    Sad and lovely. I love Eckankar

  29. Martin Ekpa says:

    Desola like others who trust in the MAHANTA are blessed beyond words. Thanks for sharing this inspiring truth!

  30. SHAKILA BASKAR says:

    Same situation now i am having, i lost my second daughter, food poison in the hostal, lovely sharmipriya, architect 4th year. Now she is in eternal world with mahanta i believe. Now i am in the path of Mahanta with lots of love. Thank you for given this knowledge and love to feel my dear lovely daughter. Thank you Mahanta, May the blessings be.

  31. michael best says:

    a wonderful experience you shared, even in your grief. we can win the heart, it is the mind we have difficulties with. sharing helps the mind with a kind of fellowship so it can find enmity with. thank you for sharing your gift.


  32. Dhanraj Singh says:

    This is a great story for me to share with other people! Thank you for sharing your very difficult experience!
    May the Mahanta be with you and your daughter always!
    With love in Eck,

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