Spiritual Guidance During Times of Grief

It’s that most awkward moment. A person you know has lost a loved one. What do you say? How can you offer comfort? What will give the greatest solace?

Sri Harold Klemp addresses these questions and more in ECK Wisdom on Life after Death. This book is a touchstone for anyone who has struggled with the pain of grief and mourning. The following excerpt offers words of compassion and guidance for when you most need them.


Surviving the Loss of a Loved One

By Harold Klemp

Surely, the most difficult times we face occur at the translation, or parting, of loved ones. Yet life prepares us all along with temporary separations by distance and, yes, even of heart.

These temporary separations are many: a child goes to school the first time while the parents put on a brave face and offer hugs, kisses, and words of encouragement. A family’s youth goes away to college. More distressful, perhaps, a youth goes into the military during times of war.

Life deals us thousands of such cards, each of which delivers a separation of heart or distance. And the pain that comes of it. They temper us. They teach us about the transitory nature of everything around us in this on-again, off-again world. And yet, all those occasions of temporary separation may instead have led us to a resistance to change.

Nevertheless, ready or not, life deals out cards of what seem like absolute separations of forever.

Our loved ones die and leave us in mourning.

These occasion the most difficult periods of all. A child loses a beloved grandparent and falls into a state of depression. Or, a child’s pet translates. Where did whatever gave it warmth and movement go? A parent tries to explain.

Explanations to the bereaved about the nature of death heal nothing of consequence. The mind may accept the salve, but the heart cannot. Words alone will not heal a broken heart.

Only love—and time—can make things right.

What is the most beneficial service to a friend who grieves a translated mate? Is it advice? Perhaps a recitation of our own losses and a recital of dark nights again turned into bright days? No, only the most calloused of friends would thus cause more pain.

Silence (a listening ear) and service will find the most appreciation. And expression of love too.

We express our love and support in simple words and in necessary chores. We help make funeral arrangements if needed, shovel walks, or mow the lawn. We call friends or business associates of the departed to ease the burden of details from a sorrowful Soul.

We make ourself a magnet for love. We do so by letting love enter our heart, without compromise or hindrance.

Let divine love illuminate you, spiritualize your heart. Especially in the hours surrounding a loved one’s loss of a dear one, lift your state of consciousness.

Excerpted from ECK Wisdom on Life after Death.


A Contemplation Seed

Is someone in your life going through a time of grief? How can you listen or be of loving service?


16 Responses to Spiritual Guidance During Times of Grief

  1. David says:

    We forget that people and even pets are part of our survival equipment here. Then comes the grief of parting which can be reduced by saying everything from our heart that needs to be said and done while they are with us. Then at the time of parting there is little regret left.
    I am reminded of something Rebazar said in Stranger By The River about the heart needing to be empty so that it cannot prevent God’s love from flowing in. Love will flow in again. Trust it.
    Years ago at a critical juncture in my own health, I couldn’t breath. Forcefully I expelled all the air left in my lungs, knowing it could be for the last time. I trusted because there was nothing else I could do. Miraculously, my lungs were then able to draw in another breath and started working again. There was no fear. Just a calm trust that filled me and gave me a hint of what I had to do.

  2. Patrick Tshamu says:

    I used to say many words when an acquaintance lose his loved one but today I have learnt what is important to do instead is listening and loving service. Thank you Mahanta for taking me to a new step.

  3. Karen says:

    Thank you Mahanta and everyone for sharing their feelings and past experiences.
    I open my heart to love.
    May the Blessings be!

  4. Akpobome Ogbon says:

    Feeling our hearts with so much love is just what is all we really need.
    Thank you Mahanta for the beautiful gift of love coming to us and transforming us always.

  5. Eulalie Anokoi says:


  6. Edito A. Chy says:

    It is true that time heals everything, as this is part of the law in the material world. An ECKist may have an advantage in understanding this part of life, but for people outside the teaching of ECKANKAR is another story. It is easy to talk about love, but the demonstration of IT is what counts.





  9. Lee says:

    I am dealing with my dad whom is hospitalized and though this not 1st time. The reality that he may soon translate, preparing myself for the loss of the security one father provides and the unconditional love, sometimes taken for granted. I cannot seem to mentally and emotionally start the process of facing this reality.

    This message comes at the perfect time for me to deal with this situation.

    Thank you Mahanta

  10. Franziska Leinung says:

    It doesen’t need words to give love, just an open heart ?

  11. Lisa W says:

    Its interesting that losing a loved one is a common human experience. And its something society (us) seldom address. Maybe its a good thing, I really don’t know. I am leaning toward people coming together and trying to make sense of it. I lost loved ones over twenty years ago and I am just beginning to recover from it. The Mahanta was there from the beginning to the end. And that part has been a very beautiful blessing. I love you Mahanta and thank you very kindly.

  12. Seyi Ajibade says:

    Thank you for this reinvigorating and reassuring insight about how more helpful being there to listen and serve from the heart is.

  13. Nnenna says:

    Words alone are not enough, though they help, only time and trust in ECK, the Holy Spirit, the only essence of God can heal. I lost my husband when I least expected it. It was draining, I lost interest in life, even as an Eckist it was difficult for me. We were so close, it was realy painfull. It is just about a year now but I still feel as it was yesterday. With help of the very strong trust I have in ECK, am trying to cope, the Mahanta’s writings are all part of the ECK works and they are helping me and my family to endure.

    Thanks Wah Z.

  14. Bi Veronica Ngwa says:

    We make ourself a magnet for love. We do so by letting love enter our heart, without compromise or hindrance.
    Thank you Mahanta for these words.
    May The Blessings be.

  15. Peter Akpokodje says:

    “Only love—and time—can make things right.”

    Sometimes the ache of the heart is troubled with the thought of the mind that many more will come. And it wonders, why live to love, if only to have a heart be broken. Why open your heart, if only to feel more pain.

    It has been 3 months since our younger brother translated. Gradually, we are moving on here. Grateful for the inner experiences too. In a way, we had been prepared for more than four years. A new birth two months ago has brought light and hope to all. Yes more pain will come, but there is also much more joy and gratitude for the gift of life, the gift of the moment. And the gift of consciousness to recognize the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master of our times. The Mahanta is always with all Souls, always.

  16. Zacchaeus Akighir says:

    Surviving the loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult thing to go through; and like the Master has said, words of compassion do not help the bereaved in most cases. If the bereaved is an Eckist, it makes it easier just to remind ourselves where Soul goes after translation; but most of the times it is never the case. Sometimes, letting them grieve with an understanding help you can offer is the best one can do. Even then, we are only humans.
    Thank you Mahanta; for being the all-understanding that you are.

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