A Timeless Love

A Timeless LoveBy Bonnie, New Mexico

I was going through a marriage breakup and wondered if I would ever find someone to love. It isn’t always easy to find the right person.

One day I went to an ECK event. When I arrived, there were already more than twenty people there. Looking around the room, I noticed a young man. There seemed to be a golden light around him. Although I hadn’t met him before, I felt we knew each other. Then I heard the voice of the Mahanta, the Inner Master.

“There he is!” he said.

I was surprised by the Mahanta’s words. Was this my true love? I could still see a bright light shining around the young man. I took a seat and wondered, What now?

After the event was over, the young man and I began to get to know each other better. A short time later, we were married.

In a later contemplation, I discovered why I had felt drawn to my new husband so quickly. We had been together in past lives.

I’d already learned through the ECK teachings that we are Soul and have experienced many past lives, each one bringing us new spiritual lessons.

Now the Mahanta showed me that my husband and I had been together in the past. Our bond of love reached back over 350 years to our first meeting in Africa.

At that time, we were both part of the Yoruba tribe. We were planning to be married, when we were kidnapped and sold into slavery. We never saw each other again in that lifetime.

Over the years, we both reincarnated and met again. But each time something prevented us from being together as husband and wife.

This explained my instant recognition of my husband. Now, after hundreds of years, we finally realized our dream of marriage.

For me, this was a gift of divine love. It was a confirmation that all the stories and spiritual teachings I hear from the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master are true and miracles can happen to me!


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