Spiritual Exercise: Show Me Love

show-me-loveBy Harold Klemp

If you don’t know anything about ECK, the main tool you have to work with at this point may be prayer—your communication with God. If you are sincerely interested in truth, in knowing who you are and why you belong here, ask God in your prayers: “Show me truth.”

If your heart is pure, the Lord will bring truth into your life. But don’t expect it to come in a way that fits your expectations; it may come in a different way. It may come through the gift of a book or by way of a person telling you one small step that you need to take before you can go to the next step.

And so you can pray to God. Just say, “I want truth,” or “Dear Lord, give me knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.” But the greatest thing you could ask is: “Dear Lord, give me love.”

Knowledge, wisdom, and understanding are only the attributes of God. But when you have love, you have the whole thing. We seek first the highest, most divine, most sacred part of something which is nothing other than our own inner being. And with this come the attributes of God and the spiritual liberation, which is something no baptism can ever bring.

When you ask for truth with a pure heart, Divine Spirit will take you one step closer to coming home to God.

Excerpted from The Spiritual Exercises of ECK, where more than 130 spiritual exercises like this can be found. Learn more about spiritual exercises.


11 Responses to Spiritual Exercise: Show Me Love

  1. Akpan says:

    God is love divine if you pray to God to give you love you are inviting God to come to you. love is the Golden key into all the plane of God.

  2. KAPITENI Fata Augustin says:

    How to love?
    and which kind of love must i give to the world?
    what must do in front of the biggest difficult?
    what would in thinking to the ECK master?
    what is the best position to take in sing HU?
    how should know that my exercises done are true and exact as long as there is no effect to all that you need to bee done?

  3. ugorji mary onyinyechi says:

    Love is all there is to give. With love, you open your heart to divine love and a heart full of gratitude. Am grateful for the love of the Mahanta.

  4. Samuel Onuorah says:

    Simple but beautiful and effective!
    One of the MANY reasons why I love ECKANKAR

  5. Paul Ako says:

    Love, the tool for survival. Love, the key to Spiritual Freedom. Thank you Z !

  6. AdemolaShote says:

    Spiritual Exercises of ECK are our own daily prayer points if we actually need any prayer point at all. But because of our background where we so much rely on calling on God for intercession through prayers, I have come to realization that the Spiritual Exercises of ECK is all in all. My friends marvel at times how calm I remain in the face of serious challenge and my response to them is “Thank God I am an ECKist, and I have the HU” mimicly they sing HU to always welcome me into their fold.

  7. Nnenna says:

    There is something majority of us overlook in this excerpt. Mahanta repeated that we should not when we ask, expect the answer to be exactly how we want it, the understanding here is that it is always in the way of the Eck. It could be in subtle way while we expect it exactly the way we want it. Just ask, give me love, and leave it for Divine Spirit to fill the blank spaces.

    May we have the patience to follow the Master’s footsteps.

  8. Akpobome Ogbon says:

    We seek first the highest, most divine and most sacred part of something which is nothing other than our inner self. We are indeed made of love, made from love and made to love. Therefore all we are and should be is love.
    Thank you Mahanta for your love.

  9. Bi Veronica Ngwa says:

    “But the greatest thing you could ask is: “Dear Lord, give me Love.”
    The moment I saw the tittle of this article, I was so excited and even without reading through, I made a request for the Mahanta to show me love this day.

    It´s been quite a busy schedule at work for sometime now. I have to leave home for work much earlier, without breakfast and usually closing and reaching home quite late and so exhausted to take dinner. It was about 10:30 AM, still much time before lunch and I was already feeling very hungry and weak. Thinking on how to play with time until the seemingly far lunch time comes, I kept turning pages of books on my table, clicking open and close reading material in my computer though not reading any thing. I was just restless.

    Then i heard a knock on the door, and there came in this female colleague we have suddenly become fun of each other. Holding a small pack in her hand she said, “I have come so we can together share this sandwich…….” I looked at her sharply without saying a word, but my thoughts went back to the tittle of the article and the request I have made that morning. Isn’t this prove that when a request is made with pure heart the Lord will give us?

    I least expected a gift of this nature when I made the request. With most of my colleagues, I have always been on the giving end, not receiving. This was a big surprise and from a junior colleague more so. MUCH GRATITUDE TO YOU MAHANTA.

    As soul, we are here to learn how to give and receive Love. With pure hearts and cleanse lips, our requests would be fulfilled in God´s own way and in God´s time. Thank you Lord for showing me your love the most common way.

  10. Peter Akpokodje says:

    My first ever ECK Wedding I attended at the Temple of ECK, Chanhassen, showed me love. It showed me love as does the Mahanta always. Beautiful image for a deserving Spiritual Exercise. Thanks Sri Harold Klemp.

  11. Zacchaeus Akighir says:

    “But don’t expect it (Truth) to come in a way that fits your expectations;………………”. This is one of the difficulties most of us – particularly if we arrived here from Christianity – encounter while carrying out Spiritual Exercises of ECK. We have been taught to “ask, and it shall be given unto you…”; and so, when we ask to be shown Truth, we still wish to sculpture the kind of truth our hearts desire to be shown.
    Thank you Mahanta for this excerpt, as a reminder of how to ask in contemplation.

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