Did I Help My Daughter Enough?

By Stephen, Ontario, Canada

I was driving home from seeing my sixteen-year-old daughter. She lives with her mother now, about an hour and a half south of me by highway. She was troubled and worried about some things and not able, she thought, to talk to her mother about them.

My heart went out to her as I tried to come up with some solutions for her. Try as I might, I just felt I wasn’t helping her much. I wanted to make her problems go away, as all parents do, but knew realistically these were all part of her learning lessons and balancing out her karma with others—especially her mother! I was frustrated and disappointed in myself for not being able to help her more than just listening  and being accepting and loving.

On the way home, I was still wondering how I could have helped her more, how I could have been a better dad to her. As I was sort of getting down on myself a car moved in front of me on the highway. I saw it but didn’t pay much attention to it as I was immersed in self-criticism. Finally, I noticed its license plate. It read GR8PAPA. Once I absorbed this, the car sped off ahead, as if knowing I got the message.

I felt myself choke up and tears form as I realized it was an amazing gift from the Mahanta! You see, my daughter is half Spanish and has always called me “papa” instead of daddy, dad, or father. The ECK was saying to me that I was a “Great Papa!”

I was so touched and grateful and humbled that I meant enough to the Mahanta, the Inner Master, that he wanted to cheer me up and reassure me that I did fine with her.


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  1. Sheila Marlene Dixon says:

    Twenty years ago, I was walking toward the hospital where my son was in the ICU after breaking his neck. We were in the third week of this experience and I was still in shock, just trying to proceed moment to moment. A small blue car was parked near the entrance, its license plate said “HU”. The Mahanta was with me; I had the love and support of all of creation at my side and I was so grateful for this sign of His Love. There have been many occasions since then that the Mahanta has helped my family as we continue through this challenging experience day by day. He knows how much we love our children, have deep karmic connections to them and always strive to bring more love and understanding to our challenges of parenting. I give thanks often for the wonderful perspective that this glorious path of Eckankar has given me with the constant love of the Mahanta’s guidance. May the Blessings Be.

  2. M christopher says:

    Hi, I can relate to this story on many levels and emphasize with his experience, as a father of a daughter myself who is the apple/diamond of my eye.

  3. Karen says:

    Thank you for a wonderful story. Thanks too to everyone for sharing their experiences and opinions. I am always learning from you all.
    May the Blessings be!

  4. Cat Valluzzo says:

    We parents go through this self-criticism all the time when our child is in trouble or we watch them seemingly going the wrong. I have learned to be accepting of my children in anyway they want to be and be supportive through the teachings of ECK and The Mahanta’s guidance. Good job GR8PAPA! The Mahanta always, always shows the way. #GR8PAPA

  5. Lovedales Kumah, Ghana says:

    As I was reading, all I told myself was that a parent that listens is a great parent. So, I was not surprised when you said you saw the number plate. A lot of parents do not have the time to listen to their children and that is worrying. Great Dad, thanks for sharing. It will help other parents too.

  6. Mary says:

    The MAHANTA is always with you in all life and his love for you never diminishes, never forget that. Beautiful story.

  7. Chukwuemeka Ozukwe says:

    ECKANKAR is a practical path.. You see things happening always. Thank you for sharing a beautiful story.

  8. Tony Nwadialo says:

    Yes you did, enough, and let the rest help come from the source. I too am learning to do just enough and leave the rest in the hands of love, God.

  9. Bonnie Barraclough says:

    I am a mother and grandmother. The importance of listening and giving space, allows them to express themselves and find their own answer. It is beautiful to see the connection between the inner dream and the waking dream. I’m grateful for this share!

  10. Pampam says:

    Thank you so much for your wonderful story. It demonstrates the beauty and simplicity of the ECK teachings most especially the ever present love of the Mahanta! Thank you Mahanta!

  11. Richard Berling says:

    Yes, we are told many times that if we do our best and trust the Eck to do the rest things will work out. Nonetheless, each Soul must do it’s best by itself. We cannot substitute for another Soul’s state of consciousness. Each must have their own experience, thus the individualization of unfoldment.

  12. Oscar Yagazie Okoro says:

    So lovely.

  13. Patrick Joyce says:

    My mother translated recently. She was in rapid onset dementia. The day her body was put in the ground. I was to meet my brother and his wife for this simple ceremony, I was cutting a vegetable from my garden. It was early and I was by myself. As I was kneeling down thinking of my mother. I heard her speak to me. I was surprised since I was by myself and she didn’t recognise anyone in the family. At the gravesite I was asked if I wanted to say any words. No I really don’t I said. My brother made the comment that she was really here in that casket. I said that she really wasn’t, that she was residing in eternity as we speak. This of course brought no comments from my brother and his wife. I said she had had the desire for many years to go home from that nursing home. And now her wish can be fulfilled!

  14. ThomaS says:

    Thanks, brother, that you remind me that I do what I can for my daughter – and want to do more. What I often can’t and shouldn’t. But my love for her will never fade.

  15. Christin Georg says:

    Brought me to tears, so nice.

  16. Nan Strassburger says:

    Beautiful thank you. My daughter and I have been going thru things, I wonder too what else can I do. It is always such a blessing to have confirmation that one is on track from the Mahanta ***

  17. Jo Anna says:

    Thank you so much for your story. It helped me tremendously. The Mahanta spoke to me through It reassuring me that I too am a great mama.
    A lot is going on right now with my daughter’s health. And I feel sad that her suffering may be the result of health care choices we made for her in the effort to protect her. She may be experiencing side effects as a result. I’m scared. It is heart breaking to watch her suffer.
    Nonetheless, the exercises, my secret word and the HU help me to be more accepting, non judgemental and trusting.
    I am grateful for the individual and unique path that Eckankar affords me. Without it, I could not be strong and a channel for the Eck. I still feel sad as I do now-tired and heart sick, but I have my lessons and resources to help me. I am truly blessed.

  18. Zacchaeus Akighir says:

    Stephen: We are grateful to the Mahanta for coming to give you assurance of your performance through the golden tongue wisdom. But not all may be that lucky; or even you, maybe not all the time. You said you tried to help her with solutions. You also said you listened to her tell you her problem. For the rest of us that may face similar situations with our loved ones: we can make suggestions by way of advice, but sometimes just listening is good enough. The Mahanta is there for everybody; and when your loved ones are telling you their problem, they are actually telling the Mahanta their problem. The relief, or solution, finally comes from the Mahanta.
    Thank you for sharing; and we thank the Mahanta for always being there for us.

  19. Peter Akpokodje says:

    As a father, I sometimes get this feeling too. Thank you Stephen (aka Gr8Papa) for sharing.
    This is how the ECK helps me. I was seeing our kids playing and I remembered I got a gift for my daughter on her birthday and it was a colorful school bag. So I looked and presented it to her. She liked it so much though it was not the particular bag she wanted. I knew. I was also surprised that it was not the particular bag I bought. And then I awoke. Now, I am more than 400km apart and I would be seeing her today. Just before blogging this, I have carefully kept the bag in full view. Thanks Wah Z for the reminder and helping to strike the mental screen.

  20. George christopher says:

    I very much appreciate your story and the spiritual insights you recognized through this experience. I can relate very much so as I have a daughter too, realizing her life is unique as well as her trials and tribulations, she is not lost, she is not without spirit.

  21. Cordelia says:

    We are constantly being reminded of the presence of the Inner Master in everyday events of our lives. It is a Divine gift from God. We are grateful for this special gift.
    Thank you for sharing this story.

  22. Aselemi Egbono says:

    Many ways the Mahanta teaches his chelas—the Golden Tongue Wisdom. Thank you Mahanta.

  23. Nnenna says:

    Thank you Stephen. I have come to the realisation that in spiritual matters you don’t judge yourself. The parameter for measuring is in the hands of the Eck. From your story you were very careful not to invade her space, and that is what a caring parent should do. In Eckankar we are lucky we have sources of informations from the Holy Spirit and as serious Eck student, you were able to tap your reply immediately—Eck is awesome. Thank you for being conscious spiritual student of the Mahanta.

  24. Janice says:

    Lovely thank you for sharing this 💙

  25. Bamidele osanyinlusi says:

    May the blessings be. When the heart is open it is easy to hear God speaking..

  26. Laurence Cruz says:

    Beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

  27. Bi Veronica Ngwa says:

    What a GR8 (great) way of passing on the message…..A ´´Waking Dream´´, one of the many ways God speaks to us.
    Thank you for sharing your experience.

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