Granny’s Spiritual Eye Is Opening

inner_worlds_36_color_hiBy Harold Klemp

An eighty-five-year-old woman didn’t understand the way of ECK and often argued with her ECKist daughter, trying to get her to return to what the older woman held was the true way back to God. One day while she was talking in this way, she fell and cracked a vertebra and was no longer able to walk. So, the daughter took her mother into her home to care for her.

Over the following six months, the mother began to have spiritual experiences. She began to see ECK Masters coming into her room, showing her that relatives and loved ones, who had departed before her, were waiting for her to join them. Many things were explained to her.

The ECKist was curious and asked her mother what the Masters had said to her.

“They told me not to tell,” the mother answered.

One night the mother met the Inner Master. The daughter then asked questions about this Master and showed her mother a photograph of Wah Z.

“That’s him!” the mother confirmed.

This knowledge was a comfort to the daughter. She realized that her mother was close to going across to the other side and had come under the protection of the Mahanta.

As the time of translation (death) drew closer, the mother’s awareness of the inner planes grew. She would wake up in the morning and tell her daughter that she had been up all night, moving about the room. “Tie me down tonight, will you?” she’d say. “I’m not supposed to be out walking because I’m hurt, you know.” She complained that every night she walked the house, and wondered why she couldn’t walk in the morning.

The daughter tried to explain to her mother that she had been moving about in Soul body and not in her physical body.

Sometime later the mother passed on. The ECKist said she had learned more about her mother in those last six months than in the whole of her life.

Those who have been with elderly people at the time of translation realize that as the time nears, they begin to see into the other worlds. Unfortunately, many don’t realize the change in consciousness that comes about with older people. Instead of realizing that Granny’s Spiritual Eye is opening so that she can see into the other worlds, they say that Granny is losing her mind, when it is not true.

Excerpted from The Book of ECK Parables, Volume 2.


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