Spiritual Exercise: Listening for the Sacred Sounds

love-song-to-god_rita-maupinBy Harold Klemp

When you go to bed, listen in a gentle, calm way to the night sounds. Sometimes you’ll hear the night birds, the hum of air conditioning, the traffic outside, a helicopter flying overhead, or the soft rumble of voices. Just lie in bed and listen. You hear these different sounds so often that you unconsciously erase them from your mind. Put some attention on them now.

While you listen to these physical sounds, sing HU, and then listen for the sacred sounds of ECK. They come in many forms, sometimes as the ringing or tinkling of bells or the sound of musical instruments.

Try to identify as many different physical sounds as you can. Go to sleep with these sounds in your consciousness, all the while knowing they are part of the HU, the universal Sound which embodies all others.

Listen carefully, because in these sounds you will find the secret name of God.

Excerpted from The Spiritual Exercises of ECK, where more than 130 spiritual exercises like this can be found. Learn more about spiritual exercises.


9 Responses to Spiritual Exercise: Listening for the Sacred Sounds

  1. N Odje says:

    There is always Sound (even in silence) and Light (even in darkness). In some cases the sound you hear depends on the direction or level of attention/interest about a particular thing or (in the case of ‘spiritual’ noise) the level of your consciousness. So sounds of different ‘complexions’ and ‘complexities’ exist at all times but every person can only what he/she ‘CAN’ hear. Hence several people (even) within the same location could hear different sounds at any particular time.

    Blessings Be!

  2. John Ebadan says:

    It is amazing to notice that Mahanta is the true teacher of the living word the ECK.
    A helicopter just flew over my home as I was just about reading this piece on the
    Eckanker blog about all this sounds that are part of the Eck the living word.

    Thank you Mahanta for the many oppurtunities you grant us every day to realise the (ECK)
    and thus live in the presence of God.

  3. Ntomchukwu Ukachukwu says:

    I just finished a spiritual exercise before opening this blog. Its like communing with all life. In this act life also recognises our position in the scheme of things. It’s like reporting for an assignment in an office and clocking in. Once we do the system aligns our presence to the overall program of the organisation. Am so grateful to be.

  4. Lover of Eck says:

    Seize the Moment seize the day and Embrace life with joy and Wonder in Eck Love.

  5. M says:

    I hear the sound of the cricket. They really sing HU .
    Mahanta always with us .
    May the blessing be.

  6. Nnenna says:

    The different sounds are inter woven with the HU at different levels of awareness. It’s amazing listening to specific sounds of the universe’s of God, all co working with the Sugmad. The spiritual exercise is unique in that it creates awareness to Soul to pay attention to these specifics that are often neglected but which forms part of the whole.

    Greetings with love to Wah Z.

  7. okpotu Gabriel says:

    It a wonderful experience to learn in the feet of the Mahanta. Thank you Wah Z.

  8. Bi Veronica Ngwa says:

    It´s so amazing the different sounds of God´s voice.
    Thank you Mahanta for this awareness.

  9. Kirk Williams says:

    As I read this I am enlightened and I remember to drink in the ECK, every moment.
    May the blessings be!

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