Spiritual Exercise: How to Get to the Front of the Line

ECKANKAR_Spiritual Exercies of ECK BookBy Harold Klemp

Visualize yourself where you are right now, then chant HU and imagine yourself where you want to be. Do this spiritual exercise for a few minutes, putting all your attention on it. Then relax and release the situation to the Holy Spirit, the ECK.

A man in Africa used this technique when the clinic where he brought his very ill son was completely full. After four hours of waiting, he began to wonder if he’d ever get to see the doctor. His son was getting worse by the hour.

When he tried this technique, he saw himself walking with his son to the front of the long line to see the doctor. He even imagined going through the doors into the room where the doctor treated his patients.

Not long after the man began the exercise, a new doctor came into the waiting room from outside. He saw the ECKist’s son lying on the sofa. The boy had just begun to sweat heavily.

Walking over to the boy, the doctor asked, “Whose son is this?” “He’s my son,” said the ECKist. “I’ll see him right away,” said the doctor. “He may be very sick.”

When you do this technique with purity in your heart and release the outcome of the situation to the ECK, you can bring about great changes in your life.

Excerpted from The Spiritual Exercises of ECK, where more than 130 spiritual exercises like this can be found. Learn more about spiritual exercises.


10 Responses to Spiritual Exercise: How to Get to the Front of the Line

  1. Chukwuemeka Ozukwe says:

    Am so ever grateful for the guidance and direction always….

    Love you always MAHANTA

  2. Franca Udenezue Onwuzulike says:

    One of many things I am grateful for in my life is the gift of Spiritual Exercises of ECK.
    I wonder and marvel at the pure love with which WAH Z evolves new ones each day for our own good.
    It is not in doubt that Harji’s love for his Chelas is of the highest.
    Only authentic Master can do all these beautiful
    things for his Chelas.
    Thank you MAHANTA. We love you.

  3. Bi Veronica Ngwa says:

    Thank you Wah Z for doing all to facilitate living in the school ground of Earth for us. Thanks for all the tools and techniques. I also thank everyone for the rich contributions made to this topic.
    Importantly I appreciate and wish to draw every one’s attention to the Master´s advice at the last paragragh:
    “When you do this technique with PURITY IN YOUR HEART and RELEASE THE OUTCOME OF THE SITUATION TO THE ECK, you can bring about great changes in your life.”
    We should be very careful not to use the exercise in a pushy manner or to control others. Otherwise we would incur karma- the law of cause and effect, which is very juste. Remember that no one is ignorant before the law.

  4. OKOME Évelyne says:

    Merci Mahanta pour ce bel exercice et pour tes paroles de sagesse, car tes conseils tombent comme toujours à pic .

  5. Agu Ekene says:

    I gave up after a long try but, Mahanta came to my aid.

    After my ND program, I applied for clearance so I can apply for HND with the ND result; I was frustrated after trying for about 3months but to no avail.

    I gave up, packed my bags so I could return to Lagos the following morning. I had an Intense discussion with granny and told her I will leave IMO State for Lagos before sun set by dawn.

    In my bed I sang the HU, I slept off, I was taken by the hand by Mahanta to the same office that had delayed my clearance and the officers in charge where ordered to attend to me immediately.

    I woke up in awe, got my files, ignored my Lagos trip and told granny I will be back shortly. I got to school, entered the office and low and behold, I was treated like a king.

    I was attended to quickly; and that magic by the Mahanta made me a graduate serving now in Zamfara Maradun.


  6. Kokoette Bassey says:

    Thank you Z for giving us inspiring spiritual tools.
    I once had to resolve a long quarrel with a friend who kept ignoring my phone calls because of an impending misunderstanding between us.
    At a certain time I became so worried, I decided to surrender the situation to Divine Spirit and imagined myself normalizing the relationship with greater love in my heart, with a HU chant asking the inner Master to take control of the situation. Later that day, I repeated a phone call and it was answered. We began to settle our differences and normalized our friendship.

  7. Sara says:

    Thank you so much Mahanta ❤️
    I was waiting for a espacialis appointment
    Yesterday I read the blog & did the exercise
    Today I got the call.
    All we need to trust Sugmad, ECK & Mahanta .
    Then everything falls in the place.

  8. Moses Nduekhe says:

    When ever you find someone grab a copy of “The Spiritual Exercises Of ECK”, don’t look too far away, cos life must have been a little bit hard on him. Some wise ECKists would make a copy of The Spiritual Exercises of ECK a close companion. Some may actually forget that they own a copy until something very touching strikes, then they reach out to the book shelf and dust off a copy. The spiritual exercises are described as a door way to wisdom, freedom and love.

    If you are going through hardship of any kind or uncertainty, why not try a spiritual exercise today.
    It works. It does really work.
    It could be as simple as just singing HU.
    Isn’t kind enough that The MAHANTA, The Living ECK Master, Sri Harold Klemp put together different spiritual exercises in a book to help us live a more spiritually rich life?
    When our lives are in its lowest ebb, our creative techniques for survival appear to be sharpened.
    Very many thanks Wah Z.

    Back in the days working in Seminar services in charge of publicity, we hard an event in the city of Lagos. We were all picked up from the airport. Driving along the streets of Lagos at certain times of the day could be sickening to even imagine cos of heavy traffic. One of the ECKist closed his eyes and imagined that the roads we took were traffic-free until we would get to our hotel.
    Surprisingly, very unlike Lagos going through the route we took, we made it in just twenty minutes. When the ECKist opened his eyes, we were very close to the hotel. During contemplation, while still in traffic, the ECKist said he saw that the entire route from airport to hotel was free. We made it in no time.
    Thanks very much Wah Z for all that you are teaching us.

  9. Bassey nsini says:

    The Love of God is every where, May the Blessings Be.

  10. Harmony Mark-Ewa says:

    Wow, what a beautiful reminder. I had similar experience May 2017, I was due for National youth service but at my alma mater my name was having some errors during upload to the NYSC site. The officials in charge requested for some documents and I had them delivered to me right in the campus then my challenge was going into the upload room because of crowd. I tried my own little way of going in but it wasn’t successful. I was almost crying then I leaned to the wall and started rolling the HU and Wah Z simultaneously, and I pictured myself walking through the crowd to the upload room and submitting my documents to the officers in the room. I also imagined one of the officials coming out and taking me by my hand inside the room. After a while I said loudly, “MAHANTA PLEASE COME TO MY AID.” And as I raised my head up one of the officials was there—a lady she was addressing the crowd, then we stared at each other for some seconds and she said to me “come on girl, what’s your problem. You are not meant to be standing here” and I smiled to her and replied “upload error ma.” Then she took me by the hand and led me into the office and that was how the upload issue was resolved. I was overwhelmed with joy and I shared my experience to my friends on how the Spiritual Exercises of ECK and the Inner Master works in our daily life. If only we tune in and always remember to do it.

    Lots of love ❤️ from me to you, thank you.

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