What Is a Lamb’s Life Purpose?

Photo by: Kristy WalkerBy Jenny, Minnesota

Bella, a lamb, was born on a cold March day in Minnesota. While her twin brother was large and robust, Bella was small and frail. The next morning, mother and son were doing well, but Bella was weak and cold. I carried her into the house, wrapped a blanket around her, then held her in my arms while telling her I loved her and that Sugmad loved her too. When she was nice and warm I returned her to her mother, because if a lamb is away for too long the mother will reject it. That evening I found Bella lying motionless beneath the manger. I thought she was dead. She was so weak she could barely raise her head. I rushed her back into the house, where I used an eyedropper to feed her colostrum every fifteen minutes for the next three hours. By midnight she was strong enough to raise her head, and by morning she was standing on her own.

Now I faced a dilemma. A big snowstorm that would last for two days had begun. If I returned Bella to her mother, it would be very difficult for me to check on her as often as I needed to be sure she was nursing. She would thrive if I kept her in the house with me, but then her mother would reject her.

I decided to keep her in the house.

Her mother subsequently rejected her.

I fed her milk from a baby bottle, and she slept in a cardboard box for a few weeks. When she outgrew that, a “baby gate” was employed to keep her in the kitchen until the weather became warm enough for her to go outside.

But now Bella didn’t want to go outside! She liked living in the house with people. Two months of being a house pet caused her to have an identity crisis. Bella didn’t know she was a sheep. She didn’t even like the other sheep and wanted nothing to do with them. The other lambs were much larger than her and enjoyed butting her with their heads and knocking her down. She avoided them. Lambs lay down with their mothers when they sleep, so it was heartbreaking to always see Bella sleeping alone under a bush and grazing by herself far away from the others.

In midsummer I realized that another lamb was on its way. A beautiful July afternoon saw the arrival of a lamb so soft and white I promptly named her Cotton. Unlike Bella, who was very timid, Cotton was confident and bold. The two lambs quickly became friends, and Cotton began spending as much time with little Bella as she did with her own mother. She would run to wherever Bella was, graze with her, and then run back to her mother when it was time to nurse or nap. Since Cotton was younger and smaller than Bella, she couldn’t knock her down when she butted her with her head, and Bella began to playfully butt Cotton in return. Soon they were playing together, running and leaping into the air just for the fun of it, the way lambs do. Cotton was teaching Bella how to be a sheep!

By November it was time for Bella to go to her new home. She, along with her mother and two others, went to live with a nice young couple who wanted to keep a few sheep as pets. It was soon after this that Cotton’s health suddenly deteriorated, for Cotton had been born with a deformity that made it extremely difficult for her to relieve herself. She became weak and stopped eating. I tried feeding her by hand, but it was no use. She was dying. When I found her near death one night, I carried her into the house and placed her on a soft towel in the kitchen where Bella had been raised. This beautiful little Soul had brightened the world, and it filled me with grief to see her life end so soon. I felt she deserved a long and happy life. I turned on the HU CD for us to hear. I sat with her, crying, petting her, and telling her how much I loved her, until 3:00 a.m. After she translated (died), I fell asleep and immediately had a dream about her. In the dream the two of us were walking together along a beautiful, quiet, two-lane road lined with lush green grass and colorful wildflowers. Cotton walked just ahead of me, happily sampling grass and flowers along the way. When we reached an intersection she suddenly darted into a left-turn lane and walked along a different road. I could only stand in the turn lane and watch her go, but I could see her continuing to graze as she quickly went on her way. Cotton knew exactly where she was going, and she was fine!

When I awoke I understood that this had been the plan all along. Little Bella, who began life as a house pet, was supposed to live this life as a sheep, but she didn’t know how. Bella’s good friend Cotton then came along to help her learn what she needed to know—how to be a sheep. With this accomplished, Cotton had fulfilled her mission and was free to return home. I was grateful for seeing this and helping these two friends as much as I could. Cotton helped me, too, because she reminded me to see how easy it is for us to believe that a life has been wasted, or has ended too soon. Sometimes a life’s full purpose is achieved in a very short time.

Not long after that I happened to run into the young couple who adopted Bella and her family. They assured me that the sheep had a very good home, and the man shook his head and added, “Especially that Bella!”


37 Responses to What Is a Lamb’s Life Purpose?

  1. kikpoye Christian Olokirika says:

    Every soul has its own mission in any life form…

    Thanks for sharing. …

  2. Elizabeth, Germany says:

    What a beautiful and uplifting experience.
    All has purpose. All has meaning.
    What a gift – from Soul to Soul.
    Just through love. All is love in expression.

  3. Elke Hughes says:

    Delightful, thank you!

  4. Lovedales says:

    That is a beautiful story Jenny. Thank you for sharing. Most of the time, we forget the purpose of Soul in the physical world and that is why we grieve soo much. Such stories help each and everyone to come back on track to remember Soul’s purpose in this life. A great message in this story. Thank you once again.

  5. Peter S. says:

    I’m discovering that Love is the Most Precious Thing. Everything else is an illusion!

  6. Stacie says:

    Animals are soul, too, with their own paths. Many times our paths cross in life and it is frequently I who is here to learn from them.
    After my “girlfriend” Bini translated, or died, I grieved since the death was so sudden. Bini was a mini macaw who lived with me over 19 years. A real sweetheart and gentle soul, she brought lots of joy into my life and others. Bini was a kisser and very affectionate. But she could also sing songs “in the key of bird” which would make people laugh. She brightened many who needed a laugh.
    After her passing, I did a contemplation and was so surprised to see her sitting on Wah Z’s shoulder. Tears again filled my eyes but I knew her journey was in the best of hands. Bini came into my life when I needed her love. I felt blessed to help her at the time of tranlation. She taught me so much.

  7. M Jaganathan. says:

    Thank you, it is beautifull story. As we in ECK should give spiritual love for all living things such as plant, animals, and humans.

  8. Peter Akpokodje says:

    Thank you Jenny for sharing such a remarkable and lovely story. We are here to learn to give and receive love. It is all for the accepting.
    The sound in your story touches the heart and reveals that love has to be demonstrated in a detached way.
    I love the way your treated the lamb as Soul (l’Âme).

  9. Elena Ramia says:

    Thank you Jenny. There is a lot of things to learn behind this truthful story.

  10. Anna says:

    very sweet and touching. Animals are Souls too and sometimes they come into our lives for a short or long period of time and can change our lives!

  11. Vesta Tobin says:

    Just beautiful and such a wonderful reminder that animals are soul too, even bugs like roaches and ants. Yup.

  12. Jacques lavariere says:

    Merci pour cette belle leçon d’Amour d’âme à âme.

  13. Patrick... says:

    je remercie beaucoup pour l´epreuve qui me fait commprendre l´importance des toutes les ame qui soit …


    Tears blurred much of the narrative as I read this narrative because I know the feeling several times over. My Comforter is still with me though, the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master. Thank you, Jenny.

  15. Holly says:

    Thank you Jenny!!!
    This story is such a gift to all of us that shows ALL HAS MEANING. And what a gift dreams are to show us the bigger picture.

  16. N says:

    A very precious, and insightful reminder about time and/or duration, in relation to Soul; and that what matters, is Soul’s mission. Thank you indeed.

  17. Shannon Logie says:

    Thank you so much for such a beautiful story! <3 It opened my eyes to the reality of Soul from home coming here and fulfilling it's mission rather than the other way around, so thank you so much for this gift!

    Love in ECK <3

  18. Komolafe Adeyinka says:

    The experience helped me appreciate that ALL souls in form have a mission and we always have to tune in to be conscious of that.

  19. Amaka Osakwe says:

    Great illustration of the nature of soul. Soul is boundless and here on a mission; as soon as the mission is accomplished, it’s time to move on!

    • Peter Akpokodje says: move on! With no regrets… just love. This love spurs one to find that spiritual mission with patience, grace, understanding and zeal. In doing so, we discover who we really are and our relationship with the Mahanta. It gives more purpose to existence here as well.

  20. Tammy Attama says:

    Such a beautiful, touching, heart felt story! Thank you for sharing this story of love and the beauty of Soul!

  21. Antoinette says:

    I loved you story Jenny, thank you for sharing. You were a magnet of love for the ECK.

    Very precious, your story touched me deeply.

  22. Chioma Hosanna says:

    Everything in our life has a purpose but require great attitude to see these hand writings on the walls. Thank you for your reminder.

  23. Charles Okafor says:

    Thank for sharing this wonderful experience. This adds to greater awareness. Mtbb

  24. Monima Abbey says:

    Beautiful story. We are Soul, we are one. So Cotton’s sole mission in this particular life time was to teach Bella how to be a Sheep, and that mission accomplished she left. So moving. Thanks.

  25. Ernest Edukere says:

    “to see how easy it is for us to believe that a life has been wasted, or has ended too soon. Sometimes a life’s full purpose is achieved in a very short time.”

    It’s truly a gift to serve in life.

  26. AdemolaShote says:

    When Soul’s mission is accomplished it’s time to return home. Thanks for this spiritually uplifting story.

  27. Aline says:

    What a beutiful story. I just went through a similar experience. I just suddeny lost my three months lovely kitty and I was reminded that animals are souls too and when they accomplish their mission here, they too decide to leave their bodies and continue their mission else where. Thank you for sharing and may the blessings be!

  28. Nnenna says:

    Thank you very much Jenny for your beautiful but chilling story. Animals are souls too.
    I did loose one of my puppies that was very dear to me. It was devastating, but I took condolence in the fact that it has accomplished its mission and must return to its creator. This beautiful Soul came and accomplished its mission in a very short time. As an Eckist you took your time and studied the lives of these two beautiful Souls that came to compliment each other and equally learned the lessons they thought you and your friend Cotton continued with you even when she left here. This goes to confirm what Eckankar has taught us, ‘That animals are Souls too’.

  29. Laurence Cruz says:

    Just beautiful. Thank you.

  30. Kemi says:

    What a beautiful story. Jenny followed her heart in taking care of Bella and Cotton and they gave so much love in return. What a gift to see Cotton in the dream and know she was where she was supposed to be, still a vehicle for love. Every comment is also a gift of love, I learn so much from everyone here. We are indeed one big family, connected in Sugmad’s love. Thank you Mahanta.

  31. monique says:

    J’ai trouve cette histoire très touchante et pleine d’amour et de vérité Quelle leçon!!

  32. Moses Nduekhe says:

    Great story, I must say.
    Its pretty much a demonstration of love and understanding. Jenny, Bella and Cotton were the Souls caught in the web.
    Interesting, Bella didn’t want to be sheep any more. What a short life for Cotton just to show love.
    We are one big Family.
    Lots of lessons from the story. Thanks for sharing.

  33. okpotu Gabriel says:

    Thank you for this beautiful story. It makes me to realise that our love ones, our family and friends are always here to teach us how to live fully as Soul.

  34. michael best says:

    My impressions came at the end of this story. The message to me was learning to be ‘soul’. We come here, a veil of forgefulness is laid over our minds, and we forget that we are not this body, we are ‘soul’, but we forget we are soul and have to learn to be’soul’. so the lessons we get help us to remember who we really are, ‘Soul’

  35. Bi Veronica Ngwa says:

    Wao! A beautiful story. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the love you gave to these two souls and for helping Cotton gain its way back home to God.

  36. Richard says:

    very nice story of souls with special missions. Fun to read. Thanks.

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